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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 15 667

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 15 667

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! This is Chapter 15.667: Dream a Little Dream of Me. Last time, Xander and Rizzo were born and aged to Child, Archie and Tolly aged to Teen, Spider Jerusalem revealed Malcolm and Coco's relationship to Sycamore, and Helen and Tom died, providing the Reaper an opportunity to ask Raven to help Spider Jerusalem. This also marks the one-year anniversary of the Vetinari Dualegacy! *throws confetti*
  2. 2. Tolly continues to be Mr. Popularity. Random Teen Townie Angel Something follows him home from school, and he puts six generations of finger-gunning hotness to good use.
  3. 3. It's Spring, which explains some of the ease with which he gets Crush-hearts from Angel Whatever. I was determined to get him his First Kiss, seeing as how he'd actually rolled the Want for it, and Spring wouldn't come around again before he's off to college, making it unlikely that Fortune Sim Tolly would Want a First Kiss again. After this, he rolled the Want for a Toymaking Bench, and when I got that for him, he rolled the Want to get his Bronze Toymaking Badge. In his spare moments, he camps out next to the snapdragon and makes Sir Bricks-a-lots.
  4. 4. In a completely unscientific experiment, I decided to see if a relationship of 100/45 and double- Crush was enough to score a First Kiss. It was. I'm pretty sure that's around what Rocky was with Former Minion Girlfriend last generation when he scored his when she followed him home from school. Not sure what Melody Tinker's problem was, except for her inherent Melody Tinker-ness.
  5. 5. "Oh no! I'm in jail!" "And you'd jolly well better stay there, you fiend!" "You're so much fun, Xander! You wanna go play catch?" "...Are you gonna throw the ball as hard as you can at my face?" "Why would I do that?" "...No reason."
  6. 6. Raven may not appreciate Tolly's sloppiness, but she doesn't mind his nine outgoing points. They spent an entertaining hour trading dirty jokes. Tolly. Dude. That's your GRANDMA. Dora couldn't manage to get a dirty joke in edgewise, so she did the next best thing...
  7. 7. ...went and found Rizzo for a dance. Rizzo and Tolly are Best Friends with everyone in the house now, and Tolly's got quite the list of friends outside the house, if not necessarily outside the family.
  8. 8. "Fortune Sim, huh? That's cool, I guess. I mean, we both Want to earn a Toymaking Badge. That's like father-son bonding, right?"
  9. 9. "I'd sort of like Rizzo to finish up that painting he's been working on. I mean, it's only worth a few bucks, but every little helps." "I didn't think you Wanted to Earn $100,000." "I don't, but I sure as heck wouldn't pass it up!"
  10. 10. Topher tops Law Enforcement for me. At least this one's easy to identify based on the uniform! No shots of him in Captain Hero Spandex, though.
  11. 11. It's Rizzo's birthday soon enough. ...Yeah, he ended up growing up the same night Tom died, which is why everybody's got the floaty Inheritance Tombstones. I didn't have room to fit the shots of cute Rizzo being cute into the last chapter. Sue me. At least he got an audience when he grew up. An audience of sweet, sweet finger-gunners.
  12. 12. "Sho ska, Great-Uncle Wren!" "Bloo bagoo, Tolly!"
  13. 13. "Yay! Sparklies!" *sigh* "Michelle's not here!" *sigh*
  14. 14. "Grrrr...." *sniffle* "Dad's dead! Waaaah!" "Grandpa was a Popularity Sim."
  15. 15. And in grand Prettacy tradition, a major family event is celebrated by trying to burn the house down. This time, Topher was at fault, instead of Raven.
  16. 16. Here's Eratosthenes all grown up. Rizzo's a Sagittarius 2/3/9/10/5 Romance Sim. His LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef. Which means that Rizzo is the heir and Tolly's the spare, since I'd rather have a Romance heir than a Romance spouse. Too bad Rizzo inherited the same cheekbone oddness that Chad got.
  17. 17. The Prettacy boys getting their groove on! I know Topher's features are either "love 'em or hate 'em," but I lean towards "love 'em" myself, and I think these two rock them. Meanwhile, we still have one main-household Gen 6 who's still a child...
  18. 18. Xander is a total oddball, and doesn't care one bit. He plays with the little toy robots Larch bought for Kest and Cory, and mostly tries stay under Archie's radar.
  19. 19. Cory and Xander like to play, and they easily make Best Friends. Cory wasn't a bad father, and has proven to be a good grandpa as well. I mean, even Archie likes him, and Archie doesn't like ANYONE.
  20. 20. "Coco, listen, there's something I have to tell you." " 'Kay." "It's going to sound crazy. At least, it did when Dad told it to me, and he said that's the same thing he said when Grandpa told him, so you'll probably say the same thing when I tell you." "Focus, Dad. What do you need to tell me?"
  21. 21. "Dad said Grandpa told him and I had to tell my heir, and you have to tell yours, and he'll have to tell his, and--" "I get the idea. So what's the message?" " 'When the time is right, let the rain wash away the sins of the past'."
  22. 22. "Dad, that's..." "Crazy, right?" "Yeah, kinda. What did Grandpa say it meant?" "He didn't know. Neither do I. Dad said Grandpa told him it'd make sense when the time was right. And the time would be right when the message makes sense." "Are you sure they weren't losing it?" "Grandpa was as sharp as an Eeevil tack when he died, and Dad was as coherent as he ever was with anything that wasn't WooHoo-related." "So I get to have this conversation with my heir before I die?" "Uh-huh. Enjoy!"
  23. 23. Cory Wanted his Gold Restocking Badge, and I figured he'd earned the right to get it, so I sent him back to Finn's Fins with Archie and Coco. Chad's wife Michelle is smart enough to choose a juicer. MichelleFobbs writes a Planetary Apocalypse and the Not-Quite-A-Vacation Asylum.
  24. 24. "You need that fish. It was in my great-grandpa's pants." "I don't know..." "How's that Tombstone Garden working for you?" "Yummy pants-fish!"
  25. 25. Actually, Archie mostly runs the register. Given his natural inclinations towards interpersonal relationships, it's safer if he doesn't actually have to interact with others without a counter between him and them.
  26. 26. Case in point: "But my aunts or whoever were here earlier and spent all our money on juicers and pants-fish, and now I don't have any money to buy juicers and pants-fish!" "Then GTFO, you brokeass loser! Does this look like a charity to you? Did you see 'Salvation Army' over the door when you walked in?" "...No..." "No! You didn't! Because this is a business and not a swap meet." "...But doesn't $800 for a fish seem a little steep?" "You want a free fish, go catch your own! Now get out, and don't let me see you back here again!" "...But..." "OUT!"
  27. 27. "I don't suppose you have a sexy robot, hmmm?" "Just buy the juicer, you weirdo." "My sexy robot boyfriend LOVES juicers!" "You might wanna keep that to yourself."
  28. 28. Archie takes a break from the register to play with Coco. She and Cory are really the only two people he will willingly be nice to.
  29. 29. Topher's a bit of a sucker for the Dazzle. Oh well, something else for him to put in the oven and forget about, thus setting the kitchen on fire.
  30. 30. Cory finally gets his Gold Restocking Badge. They stuck around a few minutes longer, for Archie to get his Gold Register Badge, and then they headed back to the Uglacy, where Cory had a just over a day left.
  31. 31. "You want Finn's Fins, Coco? And a couple hundred pants-fish?" "I sort of have to, right?" "Yeah; that really wasn't a question. Just sell 'em, don't eat 'em." "Ick. Wasn't planning on it."
  32. 32. "Xander! Turn your head to the left!" "Okay!"
  33. 33. This is Archie's "cheating at chess" face. Have I mentioned yet how much Archie rules? He's made of so much deliciously nasty win.
  34. 34. I invited Malcolm, Eddie, and Mal over the night Cory was going to die. For moral support, I guess. I got Xander some new clothes, so he's not dressed like Simon anymore. Xander starts a water balloon fight with Mal, Malcolm gives Eddie a hug, and Archie's standing there with "Give Eddie a Noogie" in his queue.
  35. 35. "Archie, will you stop tormenting Eddie? He doesn't really want to be here in the first place." "I will if you let me go, Dad. I'm not really a hugger."
  36. 36. "Hey, Cory! Haven't seen you in a while! It was nice when you called me up out of the blue like that!" "Kest, I'm dying in, like, two hours." "We should get together later this week and do lunch or something!" "I'm gonna die soon." "I heard nice things about that new Thai place!" "...This is like when Mom died, isn't it?" "What are you talking about? Mom's fine!"
  37. 37. "This is it, huh, Dad?" "Yup." "Coco's boyfriend's here. How come I don't get to have my boyfriend here?" "The lag, son. The lag."
  38. 38. "Ahahaha, Dad's not in the room and can't see me doing this to you!" "Get off me, you creep!" "Make me, sissy!"
  39. 39. "Pew pew pew! I shot you and now you're dead!" "...Are you gonna kick me?" "Probably." "Awwww."
  40. 40. And then the clock ticked over to 6pm. I expected Coco and Rocky to be upset, but I didn't expect Archie to start bawling.
  41. 41. "C'mon, brah, time to go! We got plenty of... Wait, what is it you serious Pleasure Sims want in the afterlife again?" "Dates, skill points, and the occasional puppy." "Yah, like, we have plenty of that stuff, dude." "Okay."
  43. 43. Cormorant Vetinari, Gen 4 Uglacy heir. He originally went Permaplat in college off of a 50 First Dates LTW, and went Permaplat twice more after the rebuild from becoming a Game Designer and a Celebrity Chef. He married Loki Beaker-clone Helen, and has two children, Morocco and Monaco, and two grandchildren, Archimedes and Anaximander. Cory lived 75 days and left money to 18 people, including $10K to Coco, $2500 to Archie, $2450 to Xander, and $800 to Wren. Cory, yours was the first insane date-related LTW I ever actually achieved, and I was happy about that, because you were a serious Pleasure Sim and were therefore pretty miserable a lot of the time, until you went Permaplat. I'm glad I was able to keep your features in the Uglacy after the rebuild, because I'd have hated to lose... pretty much all of them. Thanks for the face, Cory. Couldn't have done it without you.
  44. 44. There's Cory's Pleasure Platstone next to Finn, Larch, and Orson's Platstones. At least I have some variety in my heirs here, instead of them all being Knowledge and Pleasure. I will eventually get the Founders' portraits repainted.
  45. 45. And here's me trying to recall which of these kids is the Knowledge Sim misanthrope with one nice point, and which one's the hug addict with seven nice points. Clearly, this would not do. Xander was eligible to grow up, and he was platinum, and if he wasn't going to cry about Cory being dead, then he clearly wouldn't mind growing to Teen the same day.
  46. 46. So, while everyone's still got the various "Cory's dead" thought-bubbles, I grew Xander up.
  47. 47. After a trip to the mirror and a makeover of the argyle kind, Xander and his squiffy face are ready to show themselves off. Anaximander's a Taurus 7/7/5/10/7; the neatest and nicest of Gen 6. Xander rolls Family, with the LTW to Have 6 Grandchildren. I think that Aspiration sort of fits him, and at least his LTW is not pet-related like Helen's was. Of course, since he rolled Family...
  48. 48. ...He started taking Cory's death a LOT harder. But he's got maxed playful, so...
  49. 49. ...bathtub piracy eases the pain of losing his loved one. It basically went, cry, tub pirate, cry, tub pirate, cry, break the toilet, cry, unclog the toilet, cry, go to bed.
  50. 50. "Mom and Dad are dead, Coco." "I know." "I really wish my boyfriend were here to cuddle away my pain." "Hey, you're both in limbo, it's not like time's passing for either of you." "Are you gonna begrudge me boyfriend-cuddling?" "I guess not."
  51. 51. "Grandpa died." "It's okay, Archie." "But he was one of the only people I actually liked." "You're allowed to like more than two people at a time." "How does that work?" "...You'll figure it out, I'm sure." And now to someone who actually Wants to be friends with Archie...
  52. 52. "Uh, Tolly...?" "Yeah, Dad?" "...Never mind."
  53. 53. "Ow! Grandma!" "Take it like a man!"
  54. 54. Tolly Wanted to Sneak Out. He ended up being brought home in the back of a squad car. Three guesses who he was Sneaking Out with. Yup--Archie is trying to corrupt my Prettacy.
  55. 55. "Waaaah! I Snuck Out with Archie and got arrested! I didn't know the ID was fake!"
  56. 56. "Omnomnomnom. You smell cheesy." "Duh." "Is it wrong that that's a turnon now?" "It better be, mister!"
  57. 57. "Hahaha, I can give you a noogie!" "Not funny, Rizzo!" "I could fart on you instead." "...I'll take the noogie."
  58. 58. "All right, Dora. I've passed along all the Connections Perks, so here's the deed to Swings 'n' Things, and all the assorted stuff from my inventory that might be useful to you." "A bunch of juicers, a couple of fish--which I'm not eating, an Energizer with two charges left, a Weathernaught, and two Smart Milk dispensers?" "Hey, don't knock it."
  59. 59. Topher tops Politics for me, and it'll be the last job he tops, since he's turning Elder soon. Still, though, he cranked through six of them, so well done Topher.
  60. 60. "Dora, there's one thing left I have to do. This is goodbye; make sure to invite your brothers and your uncles and Gerry over this afternoon." "Why?" "Because they'd like to be here, I'm sure." "No, I mean why can't you do it? What's with the cryptic?"
  61. 61. "I don't think I could ever explain it so you'd understand. Everything I've done has been to protect this family, and this is the very last thing I can do. And it might be the most important. Time will tell, I suppose." "You're right, Mom; I don't understand." "If it helps, I'm not sure I do, either." "That doesn't help."
  62. 62. "Just tell everyone I love them, Dora."
  63. 63. "I will. I guess this means the family's on me now, huh? I hope I'm up to the job." "You are. I know it." "Bye, Mom." "Goodbye, Dora."
  64. 64. All right. Let's see what you've got...
  65. 65. Spider Jerusalem dreams...
  66. 66. It is a dream like no other. He feels as though he is moving through a heavy fog in some unearthly landscape. A voice that is both familiar and unfamiliar cuts through the mist.
  67. 67. "Hello, Spider Jerusalem."
  68. 68. "I know you. You're Raven. What is this place? It doesn't feel like a dream." "It isn't. It's something more than a dream. Something that can only exist on the edges of reality, on the borderlines--at least for someone like me." "Why do I feel a connection to you?" "We've both been touched by death. You are a Reaper Child, and my mother was killed while she was pregnant with me." "That's not the same thing. Your parents were both human; the case could be made that neither of mine is." "But I was dead for a time." "So that links the two of us? I don't understand."
  69. 69. "You have yet to come into your true powers, Spider Jerusalem. Because of what happened to me before I was even born, I've always had mine. Even so, my abilities pale in comparison to what you could achieve." "But I don't have powers, unless you mean this link I have with you! I've been trying to do things for ages and nothing ever comes of it, except for that one gray-out that was related to you! I'm just a normal person with an abnormal family tree." "Are you?" "Look, I know I'm not exactly human, but that doesn't make me a monster."
  70. 70. "You are human, Spider Jerusalem. You're the most human of any of us."
  71. 71. "I don't want to be. It's easier to do the things I've done, to see the things I've seen, to know the things I know, if I'm not." "You should learn to embrace what you are and what you could be." "Like you have?" "I accept my fate, and greet it with open arms. You fight so hard to keep what you have that you never stop to think about what you could have if only you yielded. I can only tell you that you can be more than what you are, but that you let your fears blind you to your true potential." "The only potential I have is to be a murderer or a corpse. I'm trying to avoid both of those, thanks." "You have so much anger in you."
  72. 72. "What the hell do you expect? What the hell does anyone expect? You tell me not to fight, but if I don't fight, I'll end up like my father! Yeah, I'm mad! I'm trapped and all I can do is hurt the people who care about me and I can't help the only person who really needs it! This was my choice and I get that maybe that means I don't have the right to complain about it, but that doesn't mean I can't wish there was another choice I could have made, and I'm frustrated because I want to be able to make things right but I don't have the power to fix what's wrong, and I know that I can't give up because if I quit I'm dead, and all I get from the one person who could maybe, possibly, have an inkling of what it's like to be different, is gibberish."
  73. 73. "You are the last person who should fear death." "Why? Because Spider Has Two Daddies, and one of them is the Grim Reaper? That doesn't mean I want to die! My life isn't great, far from it, but it's all I've got." "Someday, perhaps, you will open your eyes and look upon a very different world than the one you see before you now."
  74. 74. "Fantastic. Could you possibly be more vague?" "Haven't you read your ancient mythology? Oracles always speak in riddles." "Is that what you are? An Oracle?"
  75. 75. "I am many things. I am a daughter, a sister, a lover, a wife, a mother, a friend, a prophet. The real question is..."
  76. 76. "...what are you?" "...I don't know." "Do you take comfort in your ignorance?" "No, of course not." "Then why do you persist?"
  77. 77. "What if I didn't take any comfort in knowing, either? What if I'm really everything he says I am? I try so hard not to be, I'm scared that I'll become him, and if that's the truth, I'd rather not know it at all. I'm not like the rest of you. The last time I felt like the world was an okay place to live, I was in diapers and my world was my brother. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm not going to be what you are. I can't be. And if the only alternative is ending up like my father, I'd rather stick with ignorance, even if it is just a lie. I've had enough harsh truth to last a lifetime. I'm willing to accept a pretty lie if it makes things even the slightest bit easier."
  78. 78. "I'm sorry you've always had to live in fear. I wish I could have helped you. I hope you realize what I've told you before it's too late." "Why can't you make me understand now?" "Because you don't want to." "But--" "I have to go."
  79. 79. "Goodbye, Spider Jerusalem." "But I don't understand! Please, you have to--" "I am glad to have met you." "Please, Raven. Tell me what I'm supposed to do. Please." "I did."
  80. 80. Raven fades into the distance. She looks back, and through the mist, he sees something that might be wings. He does not understand everything, but he understands this.
  81. 81. As the clouds thicken, he feels... ...peace...
  82. 82. The feeling does not last.
  83. 83. Well, kid, that was the best I could do. Good luck. You're gonna need it.
  84. 84. "All right, Betty, we got loads of bubbles and skilling equipment and people to finger-gun and--" "Can it, Spicoli. Just take a message to your counterpart for me." "But I had a whole speech, like, all planned out."
  85. 85. "Tell him I did what he asked. Tell him I did everything I could do, and it's up to him now." "There's a lot of 'hims' there." "He'll know what I mean. Now let's blow this joint; I've done my bit, and now I get to spend some time on a beach with my sweetie."
  86. 86. Everybody showed up, and her family members were fairly broken up about it. SimNerd was a walkby and had the decency to sigh, as did Baz, the half-naked teenager with the fauxhawk. Baz is from the Completely Hypothetical Spider Jerusalem Bachelor Challenge; he's the son of Larch and Orikes's SimSelf. The not-Cam-and-Jordan kids from that challenge were Townified here at the rebuild. Orikes writes the Pseudo Legacy.
  87. 87. Raven Vetinari, Gen 4 Prettacy heir. Raven went Permaplat as a Teen off of Max 7 Skills, and again as an adult by becoming a Space Pirate. Her creepy-eyed prophecies may have told of things to come, but always benefited her family. Raven had three children, India, Chad, and Andorra, and six grandchildren, Fiona, Simon, Bianca, Rebecca, Ptolemaeus, and Eratosthenes. Raven lived 81 days and left money to 20 people, including $9700 to Dora, $2500 to Rizzo, and $2100 to Tolly. Raven, I thought I was going to have a heart attack when Jeannie died when she was pregnant with you. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I'm sure glad I figured it out. The thing with you and the prophecies wasn't something I'd planned on, but now I can't imagine having done it any other way. You were my Living Dead Girl, and you are missed.
  88. 88. Raven's Platstone at the Memorial Wall. Pleasure and Knowledge. Lots and lots of Pleasure and Knowledge. And this generation, where any of the four potential heirs would have been THRILLED with a Pleasure roll, no one does. My die is fail.
  89. 89. "Raven's dead." "What?" "Raven's dead." "How do you know?" "Because I'm Spider Jerusalem, King of All Freaks. That's how I know. She's dead. What difference does it make?" "And you think that whatever protection she had over the Prettacy is gone?" "I don't know." "Will we be able to hurt them?"
  90. 90. "Dad? You know that thing we do where you ask me a bunch of questions and I tell you I don't know the answers, and then you get annoyed and I get frustrated, and then I say something sarcastic and you snap at me? I'm really, really not in the mood to do that right now, so can we just pretend like it's already happened, and you can go do whatever plotting you've got on your slate for today, and I can go take a nap or something?"
  91. 91. "You just got up."
  92. 92. "Didn't sleep well. Bad dream."
  93. 93. Back at the Prettacy, as Rhea finger-guns his Uncle Gerry, Topher grows up. Sorry, Topher, but that's the way it landed. I moved Topher back to Riverblossom Hills a few days earlier than Dora and had him live with Rhea until Dora moved back home. I wanted him to be a little older than her. Didn't realize that meant he'd age to Elder the same day Raven died. Of course, birthdays on deathdays seem to be a theme this generation, so way to fit the pattern, Topher!
  94. 94. Indy: "Yikes! The nose ring no longer works!" Gerry: "Dude, neither do those shorts." Rhea: "Or the polo shirt." Wren: "Or the hair." Rizzo: "Grandma died and Dad's old! Waaaah!" Topher: "I have to pee."
  95. 95. Topher got a bit saggy. It worked in Cory's favor; I don't think it works in Topher's. Still, though, could be worse. *thinks about Helen and shudders* He cheered the makeover, so at least he's happy with it.
  96. 96. Baz tried to cheer Tolly up by Bragging about himself. It's such a "Larch" thing to do, and Tolly was not in any way impressed. Or possibly Tolly's just bummed that I haven't managed to clear up his pimples yet. Well, if you weren't such slob, Tol... And checking in with the lone non-slob of Gen 6...
  97. 97. Xander has recovered from Cory's death well enough to start rolling Wants for Maggie. He teaches her to Sit Up and to Shake.
  98. 98. Archie goes Permaplat off of Max 7 Skills, and as soon as he gets to college, I'll stick his head in the Orb and switch him to Romance, because I think he'd be a very fun Romance Sim.
  99. 99. See what I mean? A Knowledge roll is wasted on this kid, seriously. He just looks so HAPPY to be torturing his brother.
  100. 100. "I've got to go. It's Mal's birthday, and I can't miss it." "Understood." "I'd invite you, but I don't think Eddie would appreciate it, and I don't want to cause all that grief on Mal's birthday. I'd love for you and Archie and Xander to be there. I hate that it's this complicated." "We knew it would be." "I didn't anticipate Eddie, though. He makes it harder." "It's okay, Malcolm. Go watch Mal grow up. And maybe Mal and I can go shopping for new clothes or something in a few days." "That'd be nice."
  101. 101. "I hate leaving, Coco." "I hate that you have to." "I love you." "I love you, too." "I'll call you later."
  102. 102. "Hooray! I finally get to grow up!"
  103. 103. "Wow, Mal. You look..."
  104. 104. "...You look like your mother."
  105. 105. "Still not dressing for private school, huh?" "At least I'm dressed." "But when I do get dressed, it'll be for school." "The uniform is stupid, Eddie." "I don't have a problem with it." "It's stupid!"
  106. 106. "You know Dad hates getting those phone calls that you're not dressed properly." "None of my naughtybits are on view. That's 'properly' enough for me." "But Dad--" "Has enough money to buy the school twice over, so all they're ever gonna do to me is give me a slap on the wrist." "Mal, seriously, just wear it."
  107. 107. "You know what, Eddie? If you like the uniform so well..."
  108. 108. "...you wear the skirt." "That's not--" "Then shut up about it and eat your framming Wheaties." "Yes'm." Mehehehehe... --------------------------------------------->
  109. 109. "So, yeah, it's about this time again. I miss this crowd. I was able to do so much with Tom and Raven, and Helen did a lot for me, and Cory was pretty easy despite being a serious Pleasure Sim... "Well, you know the drill. Another generation gone, another musical send-off!"
  110. 110. I close both locks below the window I close the blinds and turn away Sometimes solutions aren't so simple Sometimes goodbye's the only way
  111. 111. And the sun will set for you The sun will set for you And the shadow of the day Will embrace the world in gray And the sun will set for you
  112. 112. In cards and flowers on your window Your friends all plead for you to stay Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple Sometimes goodbye's the only way
  113. 113. And the sun will set for you The sun will set for you And the shadow of the day Will embrace the world in gray And the sun will set for you
  114. 114. And the sun will set for you And the shadow of the day Will embrace the world in gray
  115. 115. And the sun will set for you ~~Linkin Park, "Shadow of the Day" ------------------------------------------------------->
  116. 116. "Oh, what... Where's it written that Malcolm Landgraab V has to be a BOY, huh? Keep your stereotypical gender norms away from my spawn! I will thank you to note I never said Mal WASN'T a girl! "...and we'll pretend like it initially wasn't an accidental Save when I meant to just Exit to try for a boy, and then was sort of amused by the whole thing at the rebuild and left her a girl just because I could. "I mean, uh... girl power! "And now for some shots of the rest of the crew going to college this generation as teenagers."
  117. 117. Edward Landgraab. Scorpio 10/10/10/3/1 Fortune Sim. I think the face is starting to grow on me.
  118. 118. Malcolm Landgraab V. Virgo 10/2/9/3/3 Fortune Sim. She really does look a lot like Sycamore, except for the Landgraab schnoz. Mal won't be going to college with this generation, because, quite frankly, I have enough of them already, but she's worth a picture. And, OK, technically her name is Malcolm V Landgraab, but that's just because there's no other way to do suffixes in-game. Malcolm is technically Malcolm IV Landgraab; Malcolm Landgraab IV is in Melody Tinker's Tombstone Garden.
  119. 119. William Vetinari. Sagittarius 1/6/10/10/8 Pleasure Sim. With a personality like that, he's pretty much the poster child for Pleasure Sim. If you've forgotten or couldn't tell by the nose, Billy is Cypress's accidental abduction spawn. He's been raised by the SimSelf of GintasticNecat. He'll also be the Greek House placeholder for Gen 6. Gin writes The Science of a Legacy.
  120. 120. Chad and Michelle's daughter Fiona. Pisces 6/2/10/3/8 Family Sim. She got a hefty dose of The Cute.
  121. 121. And their son Simon. Sagittarius 6/1/10/7/4 Knowledge Sim. Simon got Chad's chin. Chad's adorable, dimpled chin. I freely admit to being a sucker for a cleft chin. This explains my unholy love for Bruce Campbell.
  122. 122. Indy and Di's daughter Bianca. Aries 9/10/9/4/1 Popularity Sim. So far, she likes to give people noogies and then try to hug them. Mean, outgoing Popularity Sims are fun! Dicreasy writes the Victorian Legacy and the Theodore Harrison Bachelor Challenge, which SimNerd is currently winning. Come to Nerd, nummy Theo...
  123. 123. And Indy and Di's daughter Rebecca. Aries 8/10/5/4/7 Romance Sim. I think that roll sort of suits her. There's just something about a naked hot-tubber with nice points that seems to scream "Romance."
  124. 124. Last but not least, Wren and Styx's youngest daughter Georgia. Aries 5/9/4/5/9 Family Sim. She's Cam and Jordan's sister. Styx should go Permaplat when Georgia graduates. And I'm betting she'll have at least one Stabby Death Nosed spawn. So, aside from Mal, these are the ones who'll be joining the main household kids at the Academie this time around. And that's all for this Anniversary Edition of the Vetinari Dualegacy! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!