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Tools Of The Trade - Linklove Boston

Linkbuilding Tools of the Trade from Linklove Boston.

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Tools Of The Trade - Linklove Boston

  1. 1. Best in Show:Tools for Building Links AKA: Solving Problems with Tools JOHN DOHERTY DISTILLED NYC
  2. 2. @dohertyjf I have a confession to make
  3. 3. @dohertyjfThe reason I write posts like thishttp://www.seomoz.org/blog/linkbuilder-gmail-productivity-setup-and-outreach-examples http://www.seomoz.org/blog/linkbuilder-gmail-productivity-setup-and- outreach-examples
  4. 4. @dohertyjfAnd build tools like this http://www.johnfdoherty.com/category/excel-for-seo
  5. 5. @dohertyjfAnd have friends like @ipullrank http://ipullrank.com/tools/social-scrape/
  6. 6. @dohertyjfIs because I hate linkbuilding Ok ok, hate is a strong word. But linkbuilding is tough
  7. 7. @dohertyjf Tools speed up parts of linkbuilding so we can concentrate on the important and harder parts, like outreach (and there are tools for that too)
  8. 8. @dohertyjf There are a million and one tools out there on the Internet. Image Source
  9. 9. @dohertyjf We have to know when to use them. Otherwise, you can get overwhelmed quickly.
  10. 10. @dohertyjf Let’s talk about a linkbuilding campaign
  11. 11. @dohertyjf A linkbuilding campaign involves many stages of planning and execution, and takes two kinds of tools.
  12. 12. @dohertyjf Structuring a Linkbuilding Campaign
  13. 13. @dohertyjf What Track Why Who/Competitor Scale Research Outreach
  14. 14. @dohertyjf Two Types of Tools
  15. 15. @dohertyjf Paid tools
  16. 16. @dohertyjf Free tools, Excel templates, and a strong dose of HUSTLE
  17. 17. @dohertyjf Three Levels of Tools
  18. 18. @dohertyjfLevelsFree Tools Paid Tools Enterprise-Level Tools
  19. 19. @dohertyjfTools for Budget LevelsNo budget- $99 $100-$500 $501+
  20. 20. @dohertyjf
  21. 21. @dohertyjf Starting a campaign with a new client (or as a new in-house SEO)
  22. 22. @dohertyjf Problem: “What am I, or my competitors, ranking for or targeting already?”
  23. 23. @dohertyjfAnalytics + Rankerizer (Free) Rankerizer is a free tool to download (just provide your email address) that you can use to check rankings quickly. I have found it to be quite accurate and because it’s a free tool, very useful to people who need rankings quickly. http://www.rankerizer.com
  24. 24. @dohertyjfKeywordSpy (Free and Paid) KeywordSpy will give you the terms that the site is ranking for. This is useful both for your own site as well as competitor sites.http://www.keywordspy.com http://www.keywordspy.com
  25. 25. @dohertyjfKeywordSpy (Free and Paid)
  26. 26. @dohertyjfKeywordSpy + Excel Magic Spreadsheet - http://dis.tl/semrushpivot Excellent Analytics - http://excellentanalytics.com/
  27. 27. @dohertyjf http://www.distilled.net/excel-for-seo/
  28. 28. @dohertyjfSearchMetrics (Paid) SearchMetrics Essentials is a paid tool that we use at Distilled. This is where I go after Analytics to get a full picture of their SERP and keyword landscape. http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/
  29. 29. @dohertyjfSearchMetrics Essentials http://suite.searchmetrics.com/en/essentials
  30. 30. @dohertyjfSearchMetrics Essentials http://suite.searchmetrics.com/en/essentials
  31. 31. @dohertyjf Rank Checkers/Trackers
  32. 32. @dohertyjfAuthority Labs (Paid $24-99/month) http://authoritylabs.com/
  33. 33. @dohertyjfRaven Tools (Subscription) http://raventools.com
  34. 34. @dohertyjfSEOmoz (Subscription) http://pro.seomoz.org/campaigns or http://ranktracker.seomoz.org/
  35. 35. @dohertyjf Problem: “What links do I need?”
  36. 36. @dohertyjfLinkDetective (Free) + OSE (Subscription) Link Detective is a new tool that categorizes your backlinks into types. Take those competitors you found and plug them in here. http://www.linkdetective.com/
  37. 37. @dohertyjfLinkDetective
  38. 38. @dohertyjfRun backlink profiles of competitors (OSE)and check their anchor text in Excel. Once you can see what anchor text your competitors are targeting, you can better know what kind of content you should be creating in order to rank for those terms! You’ll need this: https://seogadget.co.uk/categorising-your-links/ from this guy - @richardbaxter (he’s frickin smart)
  39. 39. @dohertyjf Problem: “Where are my competitors getting links that I should as well?”
  40. 40. @dohertyjfLinkResearchTools Competitive Landscape http://www.linkresearchtools.com/
  41. 41. @dohertyjfSEOmoz Competitive Link Finder(Subscription)A Labs tool that returns you thesites that your competitors aregetting links from, but you are not. http://www.seomoz.org/labs/link-intersect
  42. 42. @dohertyjfMajesticSEO Clique Hunter(Subscription)Majestic’s Clique Hunter also doesa good job of showing you who islinking where within the comparedsites. http://www.majesticseo.com/reports/cliquehunter
  43. 43. @dohertyjf http://www.majesticseo.com/reports/cliquehunter
  44. 44. @dohertyjfOSE Export + ExcelExport your backlinks fromOpenSiteExplorer and put theminto this Excel sheet. With a littlePivot Table magic, you get theunique LRDs that are linking toyour competitors, but not you. http://dis.tl/exceltrifecta
  45. 45. @dohertyjf http://dis.tl/exceltrifecta
  46. 46. @dohertyjfStarting
  47. 47. @dohertyjf Who? Link Prospecting
  48. 48. @dohertyjf Problem: “I just need more contacts!”
  49. 49. @dohertyjfAdvanced Queries + LinkClump (Hustle)Use your advanced query skills(such as “rock climbing” “guestpost”, with an Advanced Search(50 results) and combine w/LinkClump (Chrome) orMultiLinks (Firefox). Dump intoExcel. Rinse, repeat. Geoff Kenyon wrote this post: http://www.distilled.net/blog/seo/finding-link- opportunities-with-advanced-search-queries/ Adjust search settings: https://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en
  50. 50. @dohertyjfCitation Labs (Free Trial, then Paid)Citation Labs, by Garrett French(@garrettfrench) lets you put inyour keywords and the type ofprospect you want, then it returnsyour prospects in a CSV file. http://linkprospector.citationlabs.com/
  51. 51. @dohertyjfCitation Labs (Free Trial, then Paid) Export the CSV to Excel and manipulate the data (sort by PR, etc) 
  52. 52. @dohertyjf Problem: “How do I find sites interested in content?”
  53. 53. @dohertyjfLet Ontolo make queries for youOntolo’s Linkbuilding QueryGenerator V2 (free tool) will buildyour queries for you. Simply put inyour keywords and type of content,download the CSV, and go!Pro tip: Advanced Search with 50results. http://ontolo.com/link-building-query-generator-V2
  54. 54. @dohertyjf Insert yourOntolo Results keywords and asset (aka content) type.
  55. 55. @dohertyjf Tool: http://dis.tl/Hd4OJi http://www.distilled.net/blog/seo/finding-link-opportunities-with-advanced-search- queries/
  56. 56. @dohertyjfBlogDash (Free)BlogDash is a free tool that helpsyou find bloggers. Add them toproject lists, see posts that you’vesent, and connect up Twitter.http://www.blogdash.com If I was building links for a website about outdoor leadership, I’d use BlogDash because it allows you to sort bloggers by keyword. Pro tip – You can sort by Google TBPR or Klout score.
  57. 57. @dohertyjf http://www.bloggerlinkup.com/
  58. 58. @dohertyjfSearch by AuthorI created a bookmarklet a fewmonths back that allows you tosearch for posts written by aspecific author. Use it to findwhere they have posted, thenreach out and get a post yourself! http://dis.tl/author-search-bkmrklt
  59. 59. @dohertyjfSearch ‘em, scrape ‘em, sort ‘emBy using Advanced search operators,plus Advanced Search (set to 50results), and Neils Bosma’s SEOTools, you can quickly find therelative strength of sites to reachout to.Combine w/ Citation Labs for #win. http://nielsbosma.se/projects/seotools/ https://seogadget.co.uk/amazing-seo-tools-for-excel/
  60. 60. @dohertyjfCopy to Excel, run =GooglePageRank()
  61. 61. @dohertyjf Problem: “How do I find influencers?”
  62. 62. @dohertyjfFollowerWonk (Paid and Free)Followerwonk is the best Twittersocial mining tool available. Bothpaid and free.You’re limited with afree account to how much datayou can pull. If you’re enterprise,the paid is worth it. If I was building links for a website with outdoors equipment, I’d go to Followerwonk and search by keyword (like [skier]). Pro tip – Sort by # of followers or influence.
  63. 63. @dohertyjfFollowerWonk (Paid and Free)Followerwonk will also help youfind the intersection between whopeople follow. If you identify a fewinfluencers in a space, then run theCompare Users report to seewho all of them follow. Pro tip – Especially look for “choosy” people, as they are more likely to follow high quality people.
  64. 64. @dohertyjf Basically, you should follow all these people.
  65. 65. @dohertyjfTwitter Scraping Then take the tool that I built, throw in a list of Twitter usernames, and pull out their websites, complete with Moz metrics (bring your own API key). http://www.johnfdoherty.com/link-prospecting-with-twitter-tools-and-apis/
  66. 66. @dohertyjf @rosshudgens Pro tip: When you find an influencer on Twitter, scroll to the bottom of who they are following. Those are the people they have been following the longest. Sometime earlier this year
  67. 67. @dohertyjfAlltop (Free)Alltop has topics for manydifferent categories. These blogscan be a good place to start tofind pretty reputable sites. http://alltop.com/
  68. 68. @dohertyjfTopsy Experts (Beta)Topsy has an awesome beta toolthat lets you search by keyword. Itthen returns you the Twitterusernames of the influentialpeople.You might be surprisedwho you find! http://topsy.com/experts
  69. 69. @dohertyjfLists + LinkClumpAnother good way to findinfluencers is to use high poweredGoogle queries, and then scrapethem.Like: "influential" "cycling""blogger" "list" http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-power-of-using-lists-for-link-building
  70. 70. @dohertyjfLists + LinkClumpBrought me this post:http://extanz.com/2011/08/26/top-50-most-influential-cycling-bloggers-celebrating-the-cycle-chic-movement/ with 50 cyclists.Linkclump and dump. Boom. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-power-of-using-lists-for-link-building
  71. 71. @dohertyjf Problem: “I have way too many contacts! Help me sort them?”
  72. 72. @dohertyjfOntolo http://ontolo.com/link-building-search-prospects
  73. 73. @dohertyjfExcel SpreadsheetI built out an Excel spreadsheetthat allows you to put in yourprospect sites and theirinformation. Then, it divides yourprospects into DA “buckets”. http://www.johnfdoherty.com/segmented-link-outreach/
  74. 74. @dohertyjf http://www.johnfdoherty.com/segmented-link-outreach/
  75. 75. @dohertyjf http://www.johnfdoherty.com/segmented-link-outreach/
  76. 76. @dohertyjf Problem: “Contact details are hard to find! Can I do it faster?”
  77. 77. @dohertyjfCitation Labs (Paid)Input a list of URLs (keep it under1,000 for best results). The ContactFinder returns you emails or thepage where you can find the email.Combine with ToutApp formaximum efficiency. http://citationlabs.com/tools/
  78. 78. @dohertyjfBuzzstream Contact Finder (Free)Enter the person’s first and lastnames, as well as their companyand website, and search.You will receive results like:“fred wilson” “@avc.com” http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-email-research
  79. 79. @dohertyjfProspecting
  80. 80. @dohertyjf Why? People don’t just link. They have to have a reason.
  81. 81. @dohertyjfFind the content being createdSo use this SEOgadget tool tocreate the content that peopleare asking about, according tothe keywords you want totarget. https://seogadget.co.uk/content-strategy-generator-tool-v2-update/ via @dbseo
  82. 82. @dohertyjfAnswer the questions they’re askingOh hello Quora scraper.Find your keyword’s URL onQuora, plug that into the RSS URLin the tool, and this tool returnsyou the most recent 20 questionsabout that topic. http://dis.tl/quorascraper Quora RSS URL: http://www.quora.com/(keyword)/rss
  83. 83. @dohertyjfQuora Scraper http://dis.tl/quorascraper
  84. 84. @dohertyjfOntolo Content Idea Generator http://ontolo.com/content-marketing-research-successful-content
  85. 85. @dohertyjfOntolo Content Idea Generator 55 linking root domains! You should have these links, not them! Brought me up this article with 55 backlinks: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/twitter- use-it-productively.html
  86. 86. @dohertyjfSalesforce Should Have These Links http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/social-media/
  87. 87. @dohertyjfContent
  88. 88. @dohertyjf How? Outreach
  89. 89. @dohertyjf Problem: “How do I connect with new link prospects?”
  90. 90. @dohertyjfNEW TOOL ALERT: ENGAG.IO (Free)Engag.io is your inbox for yoursocial media conversations.Connect up Twitter and Facebookand track your conversations. http://www.engag.io/welcome
  91. 91. @dohertyjf  These people love Engag.io http://www.engag.io/welcome
  92. 92. @dohertyjfRapportive A Gmail plugin that allows you to connect broader socially with your contacts. Also useful for finding email addresses if you know the domain. Or check when they last tweeted. http://rapportive.com/ http://www.johnfdoherty.com/rapportive-linkbuilding-tool/
  93. 93. @dohertyjf Give them something.
  94. 94. @dohertyjfCoffee (a couple bucks)We sometimes forget that our best linkbuildingtactic is building relationships. Try taking a bloggerout for a cup of coffee. Or send them a customflash drive. If you’re not making the connectionvia email, get in front of them in real life. Brought to you by: your friend, “hustle”.
  95. 95. @dohertyjf Problem: “Need more links, have no time. ” Aka how do I achieve scale?
  96. 96. @dohertyjfNone of this
  97. 97. @dohertyjfBuzzstream (Paid) Buzzstream makes your life as a linkbuilder so much easier. When you find a prospect, buzzmark it. They’ll find the contact details for you if they can. It will also pull in other important metrics. And you can keep track of the relationship as you go to verify if they are linking or not. And it integrates with Gmail/Google Apps. http://www.buzzstream.com
  98. 98. @dohertyjf Keep your prospects organized, assign prospects to other team members, verify the status of links, get an email when links drop off so you can reach back out to recover links.
  99. 99. @dohertyjf Canned Responses + Buzzstream = WIN
  100. 100. @dohertyjfStreak (Free Beta)Streak is a new in-your-GmailCRM that you can adjust to helpyou track your linkbuilding effortsusing custom states. http://www.streak.com/ Use it for linkbuilding: http://www.maplenorth.com/2012/03/27/link-outreach-tracking-gmail/ via @maplenorth and @pointblankseo
  101. 101. @dohertyjfToutApp (Paid)ToutApp allows you to template emailsand email people from your own emailaddress and directly from the page.You also receive statistics around openrates.$30/month (for serious linkbuilders,worth it!) http://www1.toutapp.com Justin mentioned it here: http://justinbriggs.org/18-tools-to-speed-up-link-building
  102. 102. @dohertyjf If I was going to email Rand, I’d go to a profile page that might have his email. When an email is found, the Chrome extension lights up with a number. Click it, click the email address you want to use, and an email window pops up.
  103. 103. @dohertyjf “Can I scale passively as well?”
  104. 104. @dohertyjfZemanta (Paid andFree)Zemanta is an in-blog contentrecommendation that passivelyhelps you build links. It integrateswith Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr,TypePad, Posterous, Movable Type,and Drupal. http://www.zemanta.com/ And it’s whitehat! Rand wrote about it here: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/4-valuable- link-building-services
  105. 105. @dohertyjfBuzzstreamBuzzstream will send you a reportof your backlinks weekly withstatistics about them, such as howmany have fallen off, new, etc. Nomore worrying about losing goodbacklinks. http://www.buzzstream.com/
  106. 106. @dohertyjfOntoloWith Ontolo, you can markcertain links as your mostimportant. If anything changes(aka they drop off), you willreceive an alert.Reclaim those important links! http://ontolo.com/link-building-backlink-monitor
  107. 107. @dohertyjf Problem: “How do I remember to follow up?”
  108. 108. @dohertyjfFollowUp CC (Free to start)Pick when you want the email tobe returned to your inbox (9hours, a day, a week, etc). Bcc thatamount of time and don’t worryabout forgetting to follow up. http://www.followup.cc/ TheNextWeb loved it: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/07/19/in-depth-with-followup-cc- reminders-calendar-and-task-list-in-one/
  109. 109. @dohertyjfBoomerang (Free)Boomerang will return your emailto your inbox at the chosen timeso that you can follow up.Pro tip: Select “Only if nobodyresponds”. http://www.boomeranggmail.com/
  110. 110. @dohertyjfOutreach
  111. 111. @dohertyjf Tracking
  112. 112. @dohertyjfExcelIf you don’t have budget, you haveto organize yourself.You can trackyour progress and relationshipstage in Excel with thisspreadsheet (we use it internallyat Distilled). http://dis.tl/progresstracking
  113. 113. @dohertyjfGoogle Docs (Free)Or use Google Docs to do it.When I worked in-house, we useda similar sheet to the one in thepost below.You can use it to trackrelationship stages with multiplepeople working on the project.(Credit: @ethanlyon) http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2011/09/01/scale-linkbuilding-with-google-docs
  114. 114. @dohertyjfLinkstantEmails you every time you get anew link. For smaller clients thatwould be able/willing to install it,perfect solution. http://www.linkstant.com/
  115. 115. @dohertyjfOSE or MajesticIf you can report monthly, and noton individual links, useOpenSiteExplorer or Majestic foryour monthly numbers if you arebuilding at scale. http://www.opensiteexplorer.com or http://www.majesticseo.com
  116. 116. @dohertyjf Sometimes, we need to sit back and think about what we need and not rely on others to build tools for us. Sometimes tracking IS as simple as writing down EVERY link you get.
  117. 117. @dohertyjfTracking
  118. 118. @dohertyjfJohn DohertySEO Consultant – Distilled john.doherty@distilled.net http://twitter.com/#!/dohertyjfSEO Consultant at Distilled NYC.Traveler.Rock climber.Company Blog: http://www.distilled.net/blog/Personal Blog: http://www.johnfdoherty.com/
  119. 119. Thank You Questions?JOHN DOHERTY