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Meetings Suck - A 10 Step Program to Better Meetings!

  1. A 10 Step Program to Better Meetings
  2. Meetings suck … They don’t have to
  3. Why 10 steps? Because 8 is not enough and 12 is too many So raise your right hand and repeat after me …
  4. Have a purpose1
  5. Pur•pose noun noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes 1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. "the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee” Why do you even need a meeting?
  6. 2 Have an agenda
  7. Take the time to plan List your agenda topics in order Number of topics should not exceed your meeting length Align all of the topics to the meeting purpose Send the agenda and all pre-work in the invitation
  8. 3Invite the right people
  9. Think about the right meeting attendees Is this person part of the purpose? Will they contribute to the agenda? Can they provide a new or different perspective? Is this someone who has authority to make a decision? Will they read the pre-work and come prepared?
  10. 4Know the environment
  11. Have you been to the location before today? Is the room configured properly for a meeting? Will there be adequate seating? Are there potential distractions? Is there a phone line? How about internet? Projector? Screen? Whiteboard? Can you work the lights?
  12. 5 Start on time
  13. OK … so starting on time is not easy Not all people respect a clock Set the expectation that you are starting on time Then start on time … even if the exec is late You can brief the exec on stuff after the meeting
  14. 6Use the pre-work
  15. If you sent it … you must use it! Follow the agenda … follow the agenda Use the work you asked people to review Seek feedback from your reviewers as appropriate Make sure you have read your own pre-work If you are not using it … do not send it out Follow the agenda
  16. 7 End on time
  17. End the meeting when you said it would end You are obligated to respect the clock End at the conclusion of your agenda It’s OK to end early Ask permission to add time if you are running long Otherwise… end on time and schedule a follow-up
  18. 8Say thank you
  19. “A thank you goes a long way” Everybody has a busy schedule ... acknowledge them Everybody wants to be appreciated Everybody likes a little humility now and then Everybody works a little harder after a thank you
  20. 9Follow-up
  21. Follow-up on assignments and promises If you made a promise follow-up If you assigned a task follow-up If you could not answer all the questions follow-up If you aren’t sure they “got it” follow-up If you didn’t “get it” follow-up If in doubt follow-up
  22. 10Improve
  23. Never stop improving Practice your organizational skills for every meeting Ask people “how the meeting went” Learn from meetings you attend Focus on making your meeting different Learn multiple styles
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