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[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding the Value of Mobile-First WordPress Theme

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Research shows that 80% of users are accessing Internet via their smartphones. Almost 50% of users are using tablets and 9% are using smartwatches.

Never to be the one to lag behind trends, in late 2014 Google introduced the latest addition to its search engine results pages - mobile friendly labels. As a result, mobile-friendly websites will be labeled as such on Google search results and will be assigned a higher ranking.

However, having your websites optimized for mobile is not enough. It’s time to flip the process on its head. Instead of starting with a “full-size” site and working your way down, go mobile first and then adapt for other devices.

Why flip the process?

Your sparkling desktop website usually has features that cannot be scaled down to mobile and the end version ends up looking like leftovers. Instead, what people advocate is something dubbed “progressive enhancement” – giving it your best when building a mobile platform and gradually enhancing the product when scaling up. It requires going from a desktop-centric approach to a mobile-first approach.

When a team designs mobile first, the end result is an experience focused on the key tasks users want to accomplish without the extraneous detours and general interface debris that litter today's desktop-accessed Web sites. - Luke Wroblewski

While the latter can be a challenging process, WordPress community is here to help with its mobile-first WP themes. Check out our infographic to learn more about them.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding the Value of Mobile-First WordPress Theme

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