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AccessCity outline

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AccessCity outline

  1. 1. flickr.com: gwdexter
  2. 2. the Olympic challenge "The fantastic achievements of our Paralympic team at the Beijing Games have surpassed the country's wildest expectations, adding to the pride we all felt watching Team GB reel in their haul of medals last month. They have delivered for us - now we must deliver for them, and for all disabled Londoners and visitors. "I want everyone who comes to London to enjoy every aspect of their stay, including Paralympians, disabled spectators and anyone who may have difficulty moving around the capital. That means ensuring a wide choice of accommodation and places to visit. "So I urge all London businesses, including shops, restaurants and hotels, to start thinking now about how they can make their services as accessible as possible in time for the 2012 Games.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
  3. 3. accesscity: initial concept/prototype to provide a focus for the purpose of the Social Yo yo Innovation Camp weekend, the initial prototype focused entirely on … •  Testing testing bringing London’s mass transit to the masses flickr.com: Candy
  4. 4. accesscity: background •  Initial concept – to create a user generated map of ‘accessible London’, for people with disabilities, parents with prams and a variety of groups and individuals with different abilities •  Idea generated out of work with Enabled by Design, with co-founder Denise and EbD community articulating clear need for user generated accessible transport planning in and around London •  Idea taken through Social Innovation Camp process 2009 •  Initial project team remains in place partnering with MarkThreeMedia •  Enabled by Design and MarkThreeMedia both run by people with disabilities with strong networks across key individuals and organisations
  5. 5. accesscity: the prototype http://beta.accesscity.co.uk
  6. 6. full scope/roadmap museums bus stops public offices toilets nightlife shops restaurants
  7. 7. a partnership approach •  The accesscity project team are keen to form useful partnerships and collaborate to build on existing work in this area •  We believe there are a number of organisations that can help make this project a success (the list here is not exhaustive) OpenStreetMap
  8. 8. scoping accesscity v.2
  9. 9. adding in augmented reality •  Since original concept of AccessCity, augmented reality technology has taken off and provides an ideal platform for the development of AccessCity rapidly and cost effectively •  AccessCity to develop augmented reality iPhone app based on existing proven app ‘WorkSnug’ aimed at helping mobile workers navigate cities and find appropriate touchdown spaces to work
  10. 10. search: find accessible… •  Search user generated reviews of venues, hotels and other points of interest in and around London from ‘people like me’ •  Strong starting point based on existing London data sets – Transport for London (tube station locations and access information), Visit London (venue information) and DirectGov’s “Blue Badge Map”
  11. 11. way finder: most accessible routes “how do I get from A to B via the most accessible route?”
  12. 12. what’s going on right now? •  Live buzz on what’s happening at a given moment in time •  Alerts to problems/changes of service/events to attend •  User generated content providing context to ‘formal’ data from London government and other organisations
  13. 13. accesscity: getting the word out •  Ensure ease of engagement with site through web, mobile and alternate communication channels •  Leverage accesscity project team’s network to reach out to active members of the community to become involved •  Look to build in fun and gaming options flickr.com: Steve Oliver