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Behind every great idea is great data

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Often a neglected resource, quant and qual data and its combined power if harnessed correctly can be used to drive user experience. @dh_analytics discusses the role that data, more so insight, plays in daily UX processes making them more efficient and effective not just for the digital team but for the organisation.

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Behind every great idea is great data

  1. 1. Behind every great idea is a great data Dominic Hurst, digital services lead @LJMU dominichurst.com | @dh_analytics
  2. 2. So lets go back in time image cc blastr.com
  3. 3. Stakeholder wants image cc itcher.com
  4. 4. image cc moviefone.com IT build
  5. 5. image cc news.yahoo.com Output?
  6. 6. image cc simplydv.biz/ “And then what?”
  7. 7. @optimiseordie #Fail
  8. 8. Lets clear it up… What is data? image cc pageresource.com
  9. 9. Data isn’t… • (just) quantitative • opinions or assumptions • best practice
  10. 10. Data is… • insightful and actionable • a collaboration (what and why) • your best practice
  11. 11. Slowly, people are appreciating data
  12. 12. image cc ajr.org Data appreciation scale
  13. 13. image cc ohmymag.com Minion
  14. 14. image cc lifeandstylemag.com/ Kim Kardashian
  15. 15. image cc sport.gentside.com/ Arsenal
  16. 16. image cc pagesix.com Winning!
  17. 17. Where are you?
  18. 18. However, issues prevent us moving forward image cc Josephine Saikali
  19. 19. Legacy • mis-treated by “specialists” • marketing (or agency) destroyed reputation to SMT • aggregated, opinionated nonsense • certainly not insightful or actionable image cc ifuseinternetmarketing.com/
  20. 20. image cc ljmu.ac.uk Legacy - you know…
  21. 21. image cc ljmu.ac.uk Legacy - you know…
  22. 22. Language/ Format • terminology (too much, overlapping) • un-humanistic • incorrect (hit data merged with session data, 
 internal traffic…) • isolated (quant or qual) image cc doozydeal.in
  23. 23. Not empathic or 
 memorable • numbers • words • forgetful image cc huffingtonpost.co.uk
  24. 24. image cc crosstiestudios.com So lets change it
  25. 25. #Set goals early • takes time • focus • lean • tell people image cc listenandlearnusa.com
  26. 26. #Set goals early Business objectives - set by senior management Crisp goals - set by the owners of the system KPI’s - thats you (be consistent) Sound targets - back to senior management to set Segment - you again for true insights You now have a model that is bought into by all kaushik.net/avinash/digital-marketing-and-measurement-model/
  27. 27. interaction-design.org/literature/article/a-simple-introduction-to-lean-ux #Embed data into process
  28. 28. image cc ljmu.ac.uk Creates and sorts backlog
  29. 29. image cc boagworld.com Provides understanding
  30. 30. hollidazed.co.uk/2015/07/16/everything-is-hypothesis-driven-design/ Validates the hypothesis “Because we think [this] is true we think that doing [this] will mean [that this will happen]. We’ll know that this is true/false when we see this [key performance indicator change].” Ben Holliday
  31. 31. medium.com/@optimiseordie/hypothesis-kit-2-eff0446e09fc Validates the hypothesis “1. Because we saw (qual & quant data) 2. We expect that (change) for (population) will cause (impact(s)) 3. We expect to see (data metric(s) change) within (x business cycles)” Craig Sullivan
  32. 32. image cc nice.org.uk Validates experiments
  33. 33. image cc ospreyhomes.ae Aids the build
  34. 34. #Awareness • publicise (dashboards, personas, crib sheets) • in boardrooms, stand-ups • personalise, simple, visual, to the point, 
 actionable image cc historynewsnetwork.org
  35. 35. image cc gds research On the wall
  36. 36. image cc NICE In the board room
  37. 37. image cc geckoboard.com On the screen
  38. 38. image cc NICE Driving personas
  39. 39. #Team game • just like UX, its about the team • show “new” colleagues the potential in your data image cc theguardian.com
  40. 40. image cc news.toyark.com #Culture
  41. 41. image cc pistonheads.com Takeaways
  42. 42. This time, lets look to the future image cc eonline.com
  43. 43. Stakeholder wants User needs IT build outputs Team build outcomes
  44. 44. image cc en.memory-alpha.wikia.com 1. Data (always)
  45. 45. image cc wiseeconomy.com 2. Visualise
  46. 46. image cc userresearch.blog.gov.uk 3. Metrics that matter
  47. 47. Sanity not vanity • Top pages by £ value not top pages by pageviews • Completion rates not just completions • No of tests with uplift not No of tests (per month) • Affect on primary goal not just CTR on the page econsultancy.com/blog/66434-vanity-versus-sanity-metrics-in-conversion-optimisation/
  48. 48. image cc theurbanlist.com 4. Keep going
  49. 49. news.toyark.com 5. Data is your friend
  50. 50. Thank you Dominic Hurst, digital services lead @LJMU dominichurst.com | @dh_analytics