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Zipabox Brochure

Zipabox Brochure and datasheet

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Zipabox Brochure

  2. 2. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controllerZIPABOX - SMART HOMECONTROLLERMAKES EVERY HOME SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND ENERGY EFFICIENTMakes every home smartEveryone likes the idea to control their home and capabilities on demand. Moreover, it allowsfrom anywhere and automate routine home service providers to remotely diagnose andactivities. Home protection, conserving energy troubleshoot issues—meaning faster, betterand making life easier are clear benefits, but the support and less hassle for all.real challenge is how to do it easily and costeffective. How Zipabox Makes every home smartZipabox Gateway uses advanced technology to The Zipabox Gateway has the capability tohide the complexity of home networking - communicate through a variety of standardsdelivering a simple smart home. It plugs into any including Z-WAVE, ZIGBEE, KNX, ONVIF, andoutlet in the home and automatically talks to all UPnP, DLNA.the connected devices in the house, connectingthem to the cloud so that consumers can control Additionally, the Zipabox Gateway’s capabilitiesthem using tablets, smart phones, computers or can easily be expanded through easy “snap-in”TVs— at home or on the go. extension modules that add support for new interfaces and functionalities, communicationSimple to install and easy use, Zipabox is far standards and protocols, etc.more cost-effective and feature-rich thantraditional custom-install alternatives. Zipabox is Once configured the gateway works stand-alone,the new brains of the smart and connected but also features cloud support for advancedhome. monitoring, messaging and programing services.The Zipabox brings real value to consumers and Intuitive graphical user interface allowsservice providers. It represents a platform to customers to program their own home rulesconnected services and service support. without any previous programing experience.Consumers use it to manage their homes, andservice providers use it to activate new services
  3. 3. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controller Security and safety • easily create unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) • unlimited number of virtual alarms • multizone humidity control by using standard (partitions) humidifiers and dehumidifiers • up to 233 two-way, wireless zones • use Internet weather feeds to program your • trigger alarms in case of: home climate conditions o intruder (motion sensors and • create advanced event based rules to door/window sensors), automate home climate based on other o fire (smoke sensors), environmental and home events o flood (water leakage sensors), • include climate control in automation scenes o gas (CO sensors) together with alarm, lighting, shades, etc button, o panic button • notification and automated actions in case of o duress (if someone force you to over-temperature events, power outages, disarm your system) and other incidents… o health care (in case of missing actions during particular time e.g. motion, door opening, laying on Sun shading bed...) • control blinds, roller-shutters, curtains and • remote arm/disarm and status-info with any pergolas using any smartphone smartphone • automate motors by using fun and easy • vandal proof - zipabox is 24/7 monitored by programing tool online central station which triggers alarm in case • add your sun shading commands into home of connection loss scenarios together with lights, climate, • include arm/disarm commands in alarms... automation scenes and rules • automate your shades to react to outside • easy integration with existing alarm systems weather conditions (DSC, Honeywell...) • easy installation using pre-configured • easy online setup and configuration through wireless modules web based interface • use of same sensors for security and automation purposes Irrigation • control unlimited number of irrigation zones • use advanced programing options online toLighting setup perfect irrigation process • automate irrigation system based on Internet • easy installation of wireless modules weather forecast • Z-Wave and ZigBee lighting modules pre- • integrate your irrigation scheme together configured for even easier setup with your complete home automation • support remote dimming and on/off scenarios switching with any smartphone • automatically turn lights on at sunset and off at sunrise • Access • unlimited number of scenes supported • remotely lock/unlock your door with any • turn lights on during emergencies smartphone • advanced event based rules configuration • remotely open/close your garage door or • auto-pilot lighting programs to discourage gate over any smartphone intruders while home is empty • get video notification when door is open • use RFID tags to open doors and get detailed statistics about exits/entriesClimate • automate doors/locks using scenarios and • multiroom heating and cooling control with event based programing tool any smartphone • trigger automation events when door lock • advanced programing scheduler online, user codes are entered accessible over web browser • automatically unlock doors in the event of an emergency For more information: www. zipato.com Tri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11
  4. 4. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controller Multimedia • remotely adjust pan-tilt cameras • remotely control your audio/video • create advanced event based recording and equipment with any smartphone video notification rules • automatically turn on favorite shows when they air and get alerts • automatically turn off A/V equipment at • Energy Metering pre-set time or when room is unoccupied • real-time monitoring energy consumption • automatically turn on equipment to and notification right on smartphone discourage intruders • compare energy usage and cost with others in the area • automatically turn on/off your appliances in accordance with electricity prices Video monitoring • see detailed analysis of your energy • access live and recorded video via the consumption web and from any smartphone • save energy by automating lights, • support for most of the available IP thermostats, sun shades... cameras – ONVIF support • get email and SMS notifications with pictures and live video attachedTECHNICALSPECIFICATIONPotential Applications I/O & LEDsHome Automation 2 programmable buttonsEnergy Monitoring 2 programmable green LEDsHome remote control 1 programmable RGB LEDsVideo surveillance and more… Power, Status, Ethernet, WLAN & ZWave LEDsSystem208MHz processor Accessories32MB RAM CAT5e UTP patch LAN Cable128MB Flash Antenna Z-wave Antenna Zigbee (option)NetworkEthernet Regulatory Compliance (pending)ZWave (US or EU) Safety: ULZigBee (802.15.4) (option) EMC: FCC, CE RoHSOperating SystemLinux 2.6 Kernel Automation option Remote automation softwarePower Online remote control interfacePower input: 9-12VDC WarrantyPower supply input: 100-240VAC, Environmental 1 year standard50/60Hz Temperature Range:Power usage: Idle: 1.2W, Max: 2.4W • Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) Specifications are subject to changePhysical Dimension • Storage: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to without prior notice86 (L) x 8 (W) x 4 (H) millimeters 158°F)34in(L)x34(W)x19(H) inches Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensingFor more information: www. zipato.comTri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11
  5. 5. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controllerMOBILE APP for ZIPABOXCutting edge home control, from anywhere in the world. September 2012:For more information: www. zipato.comTri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11
  6. 6. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controllerZIPATO RULE CREATORWordls easiest tool for automating anything. Installing smart security and remote control system will allow customers to remotely arm/disarm their system and turn on/off their lights and appliances. Some systems also have schedulers and timers to allow customers some form of automation. Only Zipato rule creator allows customers to unleash the full potential of their connected device. Inspired by MIT “Scratch” project, we developed a graphical tool for easy and fun online automation programing. Using Zipato Rule Creator customers can easily create or change any automation process in their home without any previous programming or automation experience. • Intuitive graphical programming tool eliminates the need for complex programming or cryptic computer code. • Online tool so you can add or change something in you configuration whenever you want to and from anywhere in the world. • No programing skills required.Events can be triggered by: • Conditions (many) • Status change of any device • Absolute time • Sunrise/sunset (with offset) • By email received • Security panel events • By matched infrared codes • Recurring at regular second/minute intervals • Event ActionsIn response to event triggers, any available action may be performed, such as: • Send lighting control signals • Send email • Run a script • Trigger another event • Media Player functions • Web Camera functionsFor more information: www. zipato.comTri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11
  7. 7. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controllerSECURITY EXPANSION MODULEFOR ZIPABOXConvert Zipabox to virtualy undefeatable home security securitystationMost important benefit of a connectedhome is increased home security. Mainissue with any home security system ispower autonomy in case of poweroutage and backup Internet connectionin case main connection is cut off.Security expansion module ensuresZipabox stays powered on in case ofpower outage and provide customerswith convenient way to setup a 3Gbackup connection by just plugging in3G USB stick. As most operators offerspecial discounts for M2M service, thisis considered as most cost-effectiveway to setup security backupconnection.Features: Environmental• uninterruptible power supply / battery • Temperature Range: backup for Zipabox* o Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to• connect external horn/siren directly to 104°F) Zipabox o Storage: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to• add GPRS/3G connectivity to Zipabox ** 158°F)• integrated tamper sensor detects shock and • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing vibration• integrated temperature sensor Regulatory Compliance (pending) • Safety: ULI/O & LEDs • EMC: FCC, CE• 2 status LEDs • RoHSPhysical Dimension Warranty• 86mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 48mm (H) • 1 year standardAccessories *provides up to 24h autonomy• USB 3G module (optional) **with optional USB 3G stick• USB extension cable (optional) Specifications are subject to change without prior noticeFor more information: www. zipato.comTri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11
  8. 8. DATA SHEET ZipaBox – smart home controllerZIGBEE EXPANSION MODULE FORZIPABOXConnect automated home with smart meters and other Zigbeeenabled devicesZigBee is a low-cost, low-power, wirelessmesh network standard. The low costallows the technology to be widelydeployed in wireless control andmonitoring applications. Low power-usage allows longer life with smallerbatteries. Mesh networking provides highcommunication reliability and moreextensive range. ZigBee expansionmodule allowes Zipabox to communicatewith all ZigBee enabled devices andintegrate them into one unified homeautomation network. Since majority ofsmart energy meters supports ZigBee,Zipabox becomes even more interestedfor consumers, telcos and utilities tointegrate smart metering applicationswithin connected home.Features:• ZigBee network connectivity• HA profilePhysical Dimension• 86mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 48mm (H) Regulatory Compliance (pending)Accessories • Safety: UL• Zigbee swivel antenna • EMC: FCC, CE• antena extension cable (optional) • RoHSEnvironmental Warranty• Temperature Range: • 1 year standard o Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) o Storage: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to Specifications are subject to change without 158°F) prior notice• Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensingFor more information: www. zipato.comTri plus grupa doo., Croatia, 10000 Zagreb, Banjavciceva 11