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Using Drupal to Build the VA App Store

Session Description: Donna Rodriguez is a Web Manager at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She will discuss the trials and tribulations of building the public VA App Store. The year-long process began with exploring commercially available enterprise App stores and moved on to partnering with the DoD's National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to use its App store as a rapid prototype. In the end, VA settled on building its App Store in Drupal – the same CMS platform that was used to launch VA’s first Drupal-built website – http://mobilehealth.va.gov – in May 2013. The goal of the VA App Store is to create a seamless, online user experience for Veterans, their Caregivers and VA Providers to drive adoption of VA Mobile Apps. The session covers VA’s App Store journey, the Drupal modules used and the lessons learned along the way.

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Using Drupal to Build the VA App Store

  1. 1. CAPITAL CAMP AND GOV DAYS 2014: Using Drupal to Build the VA App Store Donna Rodriguez, Web Manager mobile.va.gov | mobilehealth.va.gov | connectedhealth.va.gov
  2. 2. The goal of the VA App Store is to create a seamless, online user experience for Veterans, their Caregivers and VA Providers to drive adoption of VA Mobile Apps. The session covers: 1.VA’s App Store journey, 2.the Drupal modules used, and 3.the lessons learned along the way.
  3. 3. Tasked with researching an enterprise mobile App store to publish/distribute VA mobile Apps 1. Build our own VA enterprise App store in-house 2. Research procurement options Outreach to Drupal4Gov Forum for ideas for App store Drupal distro for managing App catalogs called OpenCivic: Andrew Hoppin (NuCivic) DoD Version of App Store that can be given to federal agencies: Ben Hosmer (NGA now Mediacurrent):
  4. 4. Procurement Option Demos 1. Apperian: www.apperian.com 2. App47: www.app47.com 3. Airwatch: (VA already owned for Mobile Device Management) MDM 4. Good (AppCentral) 5. Others?
  5. 5. Apperian Enterprise App Store
  6. 6. App47 Enterprise App Store
  7. 7. Airwatch Enterprise App Store
  8. 8. Drupal Distro - OpenCivic See it live: Demo site at http://demo.openc ivic.nuamsdev.co m/ Live site at http://europecom mons.org Other live sites that use OpenCivic as its basis: http://EuropeCom mons.org http://commons.c odeforamerica.org http://hackforchan ge.org
  9. 9. Drupal Distro - OpenCivic
  10. 10. Procurement no longer an option due to cost Demo DoD App Store; Web team approves Fill out paperwork required to obtain sponsor to use DoD App Store DoD transfers the code to Amazon cloud and helps VA set up the infrastructure and provides developer assistance Begin development in November 2013 Need to remove required fields and logins Meet weekly until all changes are completed to DoD Mobile App Store Additional changes are required and completed to DoD Mobile App Store
  11. 11. For Veterans: An online portal through which Apps are made available in two ways: 1.For download by Veterans and their Caregivers by linking to consumer-oriented App stores, such as Apple's App Store and Google Play. 2.By linking to VA developed Apps that require secure logins required to access Electronic Health Record (EHR). For Clinicians: An enterprise App Store: 1.An OIT-controlled portal that makes specific, approved business Apps available only to staff users. OIT can manage desktop, mobile, and Web App software licenses (EULAs) and maintain a level of control over security.
  12. 12. DoD Mobile App Store: Background Geoint was built 3 years ago in-house by Dr. Tuttle, R&D Department of Defense/National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (DoD/NGA). His vision included: Partnering with other agencies building App Stores and sharing App stores across the federal space Releasing the App Store as Open Source for collaborating and jointly developing with other agencies VA Benefits of installing and using the Geoint App Store on VA servers: Allows VA to pilot and understand what requirements are needed for VA App store before acquisition or building in-house Meets the needs of the VA in terms of cost [FREE] Meets the needs of the VA in terms of timing [syncs with launch of the VA Apps scheduled for release in Fall of Fiscal Year (FY) 2014]
  13. 13. DoD Mobile App Store - Architecture
  14. 14. DoD Mobile App Store See it live: https://apps.nga.mil Architecture: Ruby/Rails based and required PostgreSQL as opposed to Drupal/MS SQL
  15. 15. App details screen
  16. 16. as DoD for the App Store Need to be clear by what we App Store is unique? 1 2 3
  17. 17. Learn to love the command line using Secure Shell (SSH) to modify the DoD Mobile App Store to fit Store use case DoD Mobile App Store VA Branded
  18. 18. App details screen
  19. 19. In March 2014, abandon the VA-branded DoD Mobile App Store Not All DoD Technologies used in architecture diagram are approved on One-VA Technical Reference Model (TRM) Rebuild with what we learned from DoD App Store in Drupal DoD Mobile App Store serves as Rapid prototype for VA Make plans to move from Moderate FISMA to High FISMA more secure environment in VA MAE (Mobile App Environment)
  20. 20. Filters
  21. 21. Disclose that some Apps will require credentials
  22. 22. Download (iOS/Android) vs. Launch (HTML)
  23. 23. VA App Store Feedback “VA is way ahead of the curve – 95% on the App store concept”
  24. 24. Fivestar Galleria Token Views Voting API Webform Drupal Modules used to Build the VA App Store
  25. 25. App Content Type
  26. 26. Production & Performance Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) scans Performance Testing Target: 10k to 20k users Need to re-architect hardware configuration for redundancy and high availability Our store must be able to handle large scale traffic when Apps are released Apache vs IIS or MySQL vs MS SQL Approved for WISP (Windows/IIS/SQL Server/PHP) vs LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PH P) stack MySQL is currently approved for use for Intranet only. Will changing to MySQL provide us with better module support and a more optimal experience?
  27. 27. App Store Server Windows / IIS 7.5 Web Storefront SQL Server 2008 R2 VA Mobile App Store - Architecture Web Storefront Drupal Port 443
  28. 28. Environment
  29. 29. App Store/Dev Portal www.mobile.va.gov mobile.va.gov www.appstore.va.gov appstore.va.gov Provider Portal/Pilots www.mobilehealth.va.gov mobilehealth.va.gov Program Office www.connectedhealth.va.gov connectedhealth.va.gov Separate Drupal Instances / Content & Communication Strategy
  30. 30. Launch Burn Pit 2 URLs One for Veterans One for Providers Where do we launch App For Provider? Not the Veteran facing App Store Native apps (e.g., Apple or Android store apps), HTML 5 Apps » Airwatch Store only for iOS and Android Apps » Burn Pit is HTML5 App Apps for internal staff with GFE and require VistA logon Apps for clinical staff informational in nature for Providers
  31. 31. 1. Apps for external users (Veterans) 2. Apps for internal users (VA employees) requires VistA logon 3. Apps for external users (Providers) Informational Apps does not require VistA logon 4. Apps being Tested How to plan, launch, and maintain App stores that serve these constituencies Separate App stores for separate constituencies, or one App store to serve all? Different use cases
  32. 32. Built with Drupal App Catalog Buenos Aires City Gov See it live: http://www.buenosair es.gob.ar/aplicaciones moviles
  33. 33. Built with Drupal App Catalog Buenos Aires City Gov See it live: http://www.buenosai res.gob.ar/aplicacion esmoviles
  34. 34. HHS-sponsored Mobile Apps See it live: http://www.hhs.gov/ digitalstrategy/mobil e/mobile-apps.html
  35. 35. USA.gov Mobile Apps Gallery See it live: http://apps.usa.gov/
  36. 36. Speaker Information Donna Rodriguez Web Manager Web and Mobile Solutions Connected Health Office Office of Informatics and Analytics U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Been working with Drupal 7 since Jan. 2013 Launched 1st Drupal Internet Site in VA May 2013 Donna.Rodriguez@va.gov https://www.linkedin.com/donnaadori anrodriguez https://twitter.com/donnaador Drupal Sites http://mobile.va.gov http://mobilehealth.va.gov http://connectedhealth.va.gov