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6 Tips to Market your Brand via Pinterest

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Pinterest is an excellent platform to promote your business and make your brand's online presence strongly felt. The slides in this presentation explain the top 6 tips to market your brand on Pinterest.

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6 Tips to Market your Brand via Pinterest

  1. 1. 6 Tips to Market your Brand Vla dci www. dotcominfoway. com
  2. 2. tiff‘l': §ii£'! .!. §:. :l7(: ;.. !.9_l Pinterest has over 70 million users out of which more than 500,000 are business accounts. 80% of the user-base of the social platform are women. 3:“? G 63% of customers visiting Pinterest have an objective of buying products. 81% of U. S. 6 online customers say that they trust information and advice on Pinterest. From the stats, it is quite evident that Pinterest is an excellent platform to promote your business and make your brand's online presence strongly felt. The following 6 slides explain the top 6 tips to market your brand on Pinterest. «: iix: :i «~= .wltezvrtgtgsterelatratftsvmgztteat
  3. 3. OVERVIEW Create interesting boards Add a "Pin It" button Employ rich pins Display attractive images Follow influential brands Pin at the optimal frequency dci www. dotcominfoway. com
  4. 4. CREATE INTERESTING BOARDS T 2 T Instead of restricting the number of boards to one or two or to even five, use an array of boards so that users can browse your content in an easier way. i’ 4 T Research the popular topics and create An innovative and attractive Pinterest board is one of the key factors to make your brand reach a large audience. Make your board classification simple and . _ boards accordingly. For example, the most clear with popular boards on the top of . . . popular topics for women on Pinterest include the row. . , . food and drink, women s fashion and crafts. dc www. dotcominfoway. com
  5. 5. CREATE INTERESTING BOARDS T 67°/ o of Pinterest users are interested in the latest trending topics. So, having boards that display your recent and new products will greatly enhance the reach of your brand. 6 7 Inviting followers to contribute to your boards is a good way to keep customers engaged with your business. dc www. dotcominfoway. com
  6. 6. EMPLOY RICH PINS Rich pins give more relevant information about your pins and If a product's price is reduced, customers who repinned your product will receive an email notifying them about the reduction in price. This may make them buy your product. are listed in Pinterests oiwn curated categories. This helps in boosting your brand's visibility. Pinterest pins with prices got more likes than those without prices. I Businesses with rich pin integration saw an 8 2 % increase in repin/ pin ratio. d C| www. dotcominfoway. com
  7. 7. ADD A “PIN IT" BUTTON V 4. buttons are key components that increase your website's traffic I I substantially. 62% of brands have a 9”-U? ‘ button on their product pages. 8 out of 10 top retail Pinterest brands have prominently displayed 9”"“ buttons. Adding “on Hover Pin lt” buttons to your images makes it easy for customers to pin images from your website. mint; Sharing or posting your pins in social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will also improve your business’ online presence. V 0111!? !‘ CI C | www. dotcominfoway. com
  8. 8. FOLLOW INFLUENTIAL BRANDS Maintaining constant communication with people in other Pinterest communities is highly necessary to enhance the reach of your business. Analyze the most popular brands on Pinterest and follow them. ’C Leave comments, offer likes or repin the pins of other brands. These activities generate email notifications to users, thereby " creating awareness of your brand. I If you repin contents of other brands, it will encourage them to reciprocate the same for your brand. fig Contribute to popular group boards which have a good number of followers. -/ /, : dC www. dotcominfoway. com
  9. 9. DISPLAY ATTRACTIVE IMAGES Being an image-based social media platform, sharing eye-catching images of high quality is indeed essential for establishing a strong presence of your brand. An image is 23% more likely to be repinned if the picture does not contain human faces. Pictures with medium lightness are 20 times more likely to be repinned compared to dark, mainly black images. Images with red, orange and brown shades are 2 times more likely to be repinned than blue images. Pictures with multiple dominant colors get 3.25 times more pins compared to pictures with a single dominant color. d C | www. dotcominfoway. com
  10. 10. PIN AT THE OPTIMAL FREQUENCY Pinning images at the right frequency: neither too often nor too rarely, is an important thing to maintain a good relationship with the followers. Excessive posting may annoy your customers and hence it is better to have two or three posting sessions on a weekly basis. You can make use of a scheduling tool to post your pins at the right time. Besides posting with the right frequency, the time you post your pin is also a vital factor. dc] www. dotcominfoway. com
  11. 11. Contact Us Today! dci www. dotcominfoway. com https: //www. faoebook. comldotoominfoway https: //www. twitter. comldotcominfoway https: l/plus. goog| e.coml+Dotcominfoway Resources: pinterestcom, socialmediaexaminercom, blog. bufferapp. com, thenextwebcom, oakcreektrailcom, socialmediatodaycom, tintup. com, marketinglandcorn, socialmouthscom, bIog. storeya_com, authorI'tyhaI: ker. com_, tastcornpanyoom, entrepreneurcom, visually, bIog. viraltag. com, Iikeablemm, docs. shopify. oom_ socialmediastrategiessummitcom, mediabistrocom, business2convnunity. com