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OS Mapping and Industrial Location

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OS Mapping and Industrial Location

  1. 1. Can you define these and give an example? Industrialisation De-industrialisation Re-industrialisation
  2. 2. Explaining changes in industry and landscapes over time.
  3. 3. Using map evidence to identify features. Using map evidence to explain the location.
  4. 4. What’s the four figure grid reference? 3978
  5. 5. What’s the six figure grid reference? 396784
  6. 6. Can you write a set of rules for using grid references? Walk before you can fly Along the corridor then up the stairs Give the numbers of the lines that first hit the box you’re working with. Divide the space between the lines into 10 - and estimate where the point comes between 0 and 10.
  7. 7. Answer questions 1 (a-h) on p118. Extension: Using map evidence identify the advantages of the Honda factory for people living in Swindon. Employment Income Improved infrastructure Positive multipliers More demand Attract more businesses Using map evidence identify the disadvantages of the Honda factory for people living in Swindon. Higher land and house prices Using up greenfield sites Pollution Impact on habitats Increased congestion on transport network
  8. 8. Explain the building of the Honda factory might affect the people of Swindon. (5 marks) Advantages Point - It will bring more jobs and create more demand. Evidence - XXXXXX and XXXXXX Explain - The good transport links mean that … This could create positive multiplier effects because … Disadvantages Point Evidence Explain -
  9. 9. Manufacturing employment low - below average in Manchester average average in Swindon Decline in Manufacturing - above average in Manchester below average in Swindon Knowledge intensive industries are important - below average in Manchester, well below average in Swindon Knowledge intensive industries are important - unequal growth, but not enough to make up for loss in manufacturing.
  10. 10. Deindustrialisation - competition from other countries has seen manufacturing close down, except in some places. Re-industrialisation - investment from Multinationals and from abroad has seen growth in knowledge intensive industries. Different places have different advantages and disadvantages, companies select the best place for them to do business. Knowledge intensive industries want - good transport, a university, a large market, a good brand.