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Newcastle disease (Ranikhet)

Rani Khet, Newcastle Disease, Gross lesions and histopathological lesions

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Newcastle disease (Ranikhet)

  1. 1. Newcastle Disease Gross And Histo-pathological Lesions
  2. 2. Newcastle Disease (ND) Paramyxoviridea APMV-1 characterized in chickens by high mortality, nervous signs and haemorrhagic and necrotic lesions in the gut mucosa. Lentogenic, Mesogenic and Valogenic strains.
  3. 3. ND Virus
  4. 4. Transmission
  5. 5. Reports of NDV OIE 1997-2000
  6. 6. Pathogenesis The virus replicates in the mucosa of the upper respiratory and intestinal tracts. Virus spreads via blood to spleen and bone marrow (viremia) causing infection of other organs: lung ,intestines & C.N.S.
  7. 7. Clinical Signs and Symptoms Respiratory symptoms. Nervous signs. Digestive symptoms. Drop in egg production with thin, rough-shelled eggs. Swelling of tissues around eyes and in the neck. Sudden death. In human;(Mild conjunctivitis, influenza-like symptoms and laryngitis).
  8. 8. Turning of head
  9. 9. Turning of head
  10. 10. Haemorrhages (E) and neuron degeneration, lesions observed in other organs included, air sacculitis and pneumonia.
  11. 11. Conjuctival Haemorrhages
  12. 12. Conjuctival Haemorrhages
  13. 13. Facial edema
  14. 14. Severe tracheitis
  15. 15. M is control while N and O: dropout and necrosis of mucous epithelial cells in the trachea (black arrow)
  16. 16. Diphtheritic Oro- pharyngo- esophagitis
  17. 17. Lungs
  18. 18. P is control while Q and R: congestion and haemorrhage in the lung
  19. 19. Proventricular Haemorrhages
  20. 20. Proventricular Haemorrhages
  21. 21. Pin point haemorrhages in Proventriculous
  22. 22. D is control while E and F: dropout and necrosis of the mucosal epithelia in the proventriculus (black arrow)
  23. 23. Necrosis and haemorrhage of small intestinal lymphoid patches (Peyer’s patches).
  24. 24. Intestinal Haemorrhages
  25. 25. Intestines focal ulceration
  26. 26. G is control while H and I: dropout of epithelium and numerous inflammatory cell infiltration in the small intestine (black arrow)
  27. 27. Intestinal Lesions Cecal tonsils necrosis Small intestine heamorrhages
  28. 28. the haemorrhages and congestion in the mucosa of The cecal tonsils as indicated by the arrows, C-1 and C- 2, necrosis and sloughing off of the lymphoid tissues (D)
  29. 29. Liver Congestion
  30. 30. The peri- vascular lymphocytic infiltration (N-1 & N-2) and congestion (O) in liver of a chicken that had ND.
  31. 31. Enlarged, mottled spleen with pinpoint areas of necrosis.
  32. 32. Spleen
  33. 33. Spleen
  34. 34. The necrosis and lymphocytes degeneration in the spleen, nuclear pyknosis (K-I & K-2) and macrophages infiltration in the spleen tissue (J)
  35. 35. A is control while B and C: amalgamation of collapsed cell and inflammatory exudates created the homogeneous and pink-staining appearance in the white pulps of spleens (black arrow)
  36. 36. Bursa
  37. 37. Embryo- Body as a whole: Severe acute hemorrhage and congestion
  38. 38. S is control while T and U: venous congestion in the cerebrum (black arrow)
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  41. 41. Author’s contact Dr. Aamir Farooq M. Phil. Pathology dr.aamrifarooq@hotmail.com Contact cell number: +92-334-6801514