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Realizing the Potential of Change

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Change and Transition are not the same

Change = a shift in the external situation

Transition = the psychological reorientation
in response to change

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Realizing the Potential of Change

  1. 1. REALIZING THE POTENTIAL OF CHANGE …The Art of Resiliency Dr. Maynard Brusman
  2. 2. THE FORCES THAT CREATE CHANGE l Change today happens rapidly l Ongoing ambiguity and uncertainty l Continual whitewater l Being aware of the forces shaping the new workplace l Changes at Heald Colleges
  3. 3. CHANGE VS. TRANSITION Change and Transition are not the same Change = a shift in the external situation Transition = the psychological reorientation in response to change
  4. 4. Phases of Transition l Ending A loss Letting go of the old way and the old self Closure l Neutral Zone In-between time Chaos The wilderness l Beginning The new chapter Renewal
  5. 5. STAGES OF TRANSITION l Denial – “This can’t be happening” l Resistance – Anger, Loss, Blaming l Exploration – Seeing Possibilities l Commitment – Focus, Vision, Action
  6. 6. The Functions of Transition l Reorientation: Adjusting to the new situation l Renewal: Coming out of the transition with a new direction and a new energy l Development: Becoming a different person because of the transition
  7. 7. People in Transition l Lose their focus on the work they are supposed to be doing l Blame the organization for what they are feeling l Develop stress-related symptoms
  8. 8. MOTIVATION FOR CHANGE l What motivates a person to change? - WINFM - Fear, no alternative, keep the peace - Pressure, persuasion, shared vision
  9. 9. COMMON CAUSES OF RESISTANCE l No explanation or information unclear l No say in it l Nothing in it for me l No help, no support
  10. 10. RESISTANCE l It’s the transition not the change that people often resist. - Loss of their identity and their world - Disorientation of the neutral zone - Risk of failing in a new beginning
  11. 11. FOUR FEARS l Fear of failure l Fear of commitment l Fear of disapproval l Fear of success
  12. 12. QUOTE “I’m not afraid of death.. It’s just that I don’t want to be there when it happens.” __Woody Allen
  13. 13. QUOTE l “It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear… It’s like being between trapezes. It’s Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There’s nothing to hold on to.” __Marilyn Ferguson
  14. 14. TRANSITION COPING SKILLS l Acknowledge endings and feelings of loss l Communicate l Regain a sense of Control, Understanding, Support, and Purpose
  15. 15. QUOTE “Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof.” __John Kenneth Galbraith
  16. 16. SELF- SELF-MANAGEMENT l New behaviors and attitudes are necessary to make the changes work
  17. 17. EMPOWERING BELIEFS l I can make a difference l There can always be a better way. l There is always a solution. l Change is normal. l I’ve succeeded in the past, and I’ll succeed now
  20. 20. RESILIENCE l The ability to bounce back after disappointment or set backs, to be adaptable and flexible and to renew your sense of vitality.
  21. 21. CHANGE RESILIENCY SURVEY l Find out how resilient you are.
  22. 22. Change Resiliency 9 C’s l Control l Connection l Commitment l Confidence l Creativity l Competence l Compassion l Communication l Collaboration
  23. 23. CHANGE MASTERY TIPS l Life is a series of transitions l Change is easier to deal with when you know what to expect l Shift beliefs in line with reality l People need to communicate their feelings l Get resistance to change out in the open
  24. 24. CHANGE MASTERY TIPS l Who are you – values, mission and vision l Empower and self-manage…create You, Inc. l Develop skills in goal-setting, getting support, recognizing opportunities, creating action plans l Focus on competencies, personal strengths, and resources
  25. 25. CHANGE MASTERY TIPS l A sense of humor reduces job stress l See change as a challenge or an opportunity l Develop an optimistic attitude
  26. 26. KEYS FOR SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL CHANGE 1. Listen to yourself. 2. Focus on a few actions at a time. 3. Give yourself time. 4. Review your action ideas daily.
  27. 27. QUOTE Change comes as an enemy only to those who have lost the art of accepting it as a friend - Tagore
  28. 28. QUOTE No matter how overwhelming change may feel…it cannot compare to the incredible power and resilience of the human spirit
  29. 29. Dr. Maynard Brusman Consulting Psychologist & Executive Coach Working Resources P .O. Box 471525 San Francisco, California 94147 T el: 415-546-1252 E-mail: mbrusman@workingresources.com Web Site: http://www.workingresources.com Subscribe to Working Resources Newsletter: http://www.workingresources.com Visit Maynard's Blog: http://www.workingresourcesblog.com