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Whole-Person Approach of the Center for Counseling & Health Resources

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Whole-Person Approach of the Center for Counseling & Health Resources

  1. 1. By Dr. Gregg Jantz
  2. 2.  Dr. Gregg Jantz is the founder of the Center for Counseling & Health Resources, which emphasizes a “whole-person” approach to helping people with chemical dependencies and eating disorders. Dr. Gregg Jantz brings a recovery team to this endeavor made up of psychologists and licensed counselors as well as board-certified psychiatric and medical personnel. Social workers, fitness trainers, and ordained clergy are also on hand to assist in the healing and recovery process. The whole-person approach integrates diverse life aspects that include emotional, physical, and nutritional well-being.
  3. 3.  Life-affirming treatments also take into consideration relational happiness, intellectual growth, and spiritual connectedness. The psychotherapy and counseling focus on the root issues that reinforce destructive life patterns, with the intention of finding lasting ways of exerting a change in outlook and behavior. Recovery programs are designed to engage with people who have challenging issues, including bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating. The Center’s full range of offerings and client testimonials can be found at www.aplaceofhope.com.