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Seda 10 dot nov 2014

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Presentation at the Staff and Education Development Association conference at Nottingham, Nov 2014. Chris Rowell of RUL and I shared our experiences of running Ten Days of Twitter

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Seda 10 dot nov 2014

  1. 1. Dr Helen Webster @scholastic_rat Chris Rowell @chri5rowell
  2. 2.  Understand the possibilities of using Twitter to build a personal learning network (PNL) for continuing professional development  Appreciate the growing significance and value of PNL’s and value of online Communities of practice  Reflect on the challenges inherent in engaging staff in online training.  Analyse the different approaches needed when teaching social media to different professional groups (including support staff, academics and students)  Run and evaluate the effectiveness of a #10DoT course at their own institution or context.
  3. 3. Helen Webster Chris Rowell How we met…….
  4. 4. Blog Twitter
  5. 5.  Online  Situated  Participative and discursive  Authentic and tailored  Real time  Bitesize and Just In Time
  6. 6. The schedule of topics over the ten days is as follows:  Day One: Set up a profile  Day Two: What to tweet  Day Three: Following people  Day Four: @messages  Day Five: Embedding and shortening URLs  Day Six: Retweeting  Day Seven: Hashtags  Day Eight: Managing people (apps to create lists)  Day Nine: Managing information (apps to curate links)  Day Ten: Past and Future: Twitter archiving and scheduling tweets
  7. 7. Each post contains:  A need arising in the context of academic practice  Instructions for a small element of Twitter  Examples or suggestions of use in the context of academic practice  A small task to complete
  8. 8.  #STEM10DoT STEM researchers at Cambridge University (the original) http://stemdigital.wordpress.com/ten-days-of-twitter/  #LD10DoT Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (simultaneous) http://ld5d.wordpress.com/ten-days-of-twitter/  #ARU10DoT http://aru10dot.wordpress.com/  Anglia Ruskin Librarians and Student Services  Anglia Ruskin Academics (x2)
  9. 9.  Regents University London And….  York St John  Sussex University  the iMature student  Cambridge University librarians  University of Toronto  University College Dublin Audiences:  Early Career Researchers  Librarians  Education and Learning Developers  Student Services  Academics
  10. 10. #RUL10DoT http://regents10dot.wordpress.com/
  11. 11.  How might you adapt #10DoT?  Who would you run it for, how might you tailor it for them?  What else might this format be transferred to?  How might you evaluate it?
  12. 12. Helen:  Enlist experienced tweeters to cheerlead  Get them tweeting early, to you and each other  Discuss strategies and tips for integrating Twitter into their workflow  Capture discussions with Storify  Run a Twitter chat 2 weeks later Chris:  Make Time  Develop a Team  Motivation  Value of face to face
  13. 13.  Consolidate, update (and prune!)  New audiences  New tools  New research?
  14. 14. #10DoT is freely available under a Creative Commons License to be adapted and reused CC BY-NC-SA http://10daysoftwitter.wordpress.com/ Website contains  What you need to set up  What you need to do throughout  Annotated materials  Links to various iterations
  15. 15.  Helen Webster @scholastic_rat Helen.webster@newcastle.ac.uk  Chris Rowell: @chri5rowell rowellc@regents.ac.uk http://totallyrewired.wordpress.com