Digital transformation

Head of Innovation à EFU Life Assurance Limited
1 Jul 2019

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Digital transformation

  1. Digital Transformation Ahmar Hasan
  2. What does digital transformation mean? It is about to change the way business is done.
  3. Altimeter Group Defines Digital Transformation The re-alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.
  4. Digital Transformation is a result of businesses seeking to adapt to disruptive technologies and how they affect customer and employee behavior.
  5. The goal of digital transformation is to make businesses relevant in a digital era while growing opportunities and profits, as well as scaling efficiently in the process.
  6. Elements for change
  7. World is Changing 81%of customers depend on social sites for purchasing advice. Social 62%of total workloads will be in the cloud by 2016. Cloud 1billion (plus) (plus) smart devices shipped in 2013 alone. Mobile 90%of the data created in the last two years alone. Big Data Internet of Things devices connected to the internet by 2020. 50billion API Economy in 2013 and forecast to rise to $120 billion by 2015 and an estimated $1 trillion by 2017 85billion Global m-commerce sales were
  8. Connected Life is everything that is connected and how they interact: cars, mobile devices, buildings, sensors and people Source: Top Ten in 2020 NY Times: A Messenger for the Internet of Things Wall Street Journal: IBM Tackles Machine to Machine Big Data Deluge 1 Connected Car $600 billion 2 Clinical Remote Monitoring $350 billion 3 Assisted Living $270 billion 4 Home and Building Security $250 billion 5 Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance $245 billion 6 New Business Models for Car Usage $225 billion 7 Smart Meters $105 billion 8 Traffic Management $100 billion 9 Electric Vehicle Charging $75 billion 10 Building Automation $40 billion
  9. Disruptors are reinventing business processes and leading their industries with digital transformations Personalized frontline decision making New mobile apps are consolidating decision making at the fingertips of people who need to act Real time insight driven processes Insight from nontraditional data sources is being infused in business processes to create new business moments Ecosystem-based Innovation New innovations are composed leveraging digital services from a broad ecosystem
  10. Barriers to digital transformation Organizational siloes and skill gaps Requires collaboration across LoB, IT and ecosystems like never before PEOPLEPROCESS Business processes and transactions span multiple environments Demands security, visibility and control at each touch point to mitigate new risks Fast, secure, controlled access to data Identifying, integrating, and analyzing the right data across diverse ecosystems Flexibility for the future To use any data, applications, services and devices TECHNOLOGY
  11. Will you disrupt or be disrupted by your industry?
  12. Top 5 activities health professionals want to use digital technologies to help better support them to deliver health services
  13. Citizens want digital access to health and care services
  14. Digital Transformation in Health Records
  15. Benefits of Digital Transformation in Health Records
  16. Remake your organization for the future  Optimize decisions with insight from your operations  Embrace agile to accelerate your transformation  Reinvent processes for ecosystem participation  Deliver adaptive personalized experiences Reshape the customer experience Reshapetheoperatingmodel Value proposition focus Valuedeliveryfocus
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