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Net neuro-emotional technique

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NAET allergy elimination technique is highly effective and frees your immune system by making you healthier. It also used to identify and treat multiple allergies and conditions. Want to know, how it is beneficial for you? Dial (610) 277-3430 or visit drmitlyansky.com.

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Net neuro-emotional technique

  1. 1. NET-Neuro-Emotional Technique
  2. 2. Sometimes physical problems may have an emotional component; it may be the result of childhood trauma, which is any negative experience which our body has the ability to remember and store. When our body fails to let go of these negative emotions they will be manifested as fears, phobias, self-sabotaging behaviors, or chronic physical problems. We use Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to identify and release these unresolved emotional events. NET will bring an enhanced state of wellbeing and health - both physical and emotional. You will form the original mental picture of the event, your body will assume the same emotional state, and you will be guided through a series of steps to release the unresolved emotions. Your need for nutrition and homeopathic remedy for detoxification will be evaluated during treatment.
  3. 3. During the treatment doctor Mitlyansky will find meridian associated with the current problem that patient wants to resolve. Next she will find the specific emotion associated with this particular meridian and will help the patient to go back to the time of the original event (which they will find together). The patient will be leaded to recall and, most importantly to feel the original event so that the patient’s body will be in the same physiological state. After the treatment (which the doctor performs), the problem will be resolved. Different meridians are associated with specific emotions; Liver and Gall Bladder meridians are associated with anger and resentment, Lung meridian is associated with grief, and stomach meridian is associated with low self-esteem.