cardiology dr md toufiqur rahman ecg ecg interpretation hypertension heart mitral stenosis nicvd cardiologist heart failure heart block diabetes rhd rheumatic fever rheumatic heart disease infective endocarditis toufiqur rahman asd vsd mitral regurgitation diabetes and ihd 6. gestational hypertension cardiovascular disease aortic stenosis bangla bangladesh complications chest pain pda congenital heart disease evaluation vf vt lvh vhd aortic regurgitation valsartan ffr dr md toufiqur rahman cardiology intervention coronary stenosis ischemic heart disease pulmonary hypertension pericardial effusion acute pericarditis interventional cardilogists management myocardial infarction arthritis oligoarthritis modified jones criteria cardiac arrest cpr mbbs question answer exercise training chd sars covid-2 covid-19 corona hypertensive emergency hypertensive urgency termination of pregnancy hbpm abpm q wave st segment qrs complex virus bradycardia lbbb case report vértigo white coat hypertension ccb resistant hypertension diabetes and syndrome x 9. hypertension and speci acs 8. hypertension rationale of use of drugs 7. hypertension rationale of use of arb and comparison of azilsar target organ damage 2. newly diagnosed stage-1 hy acei arb malignancy study on telmisartan efficacy safety of arbs-recall case history definition & incidence of hypertens arnigen entresto heart disease world heart day coronary block healthy life style heart friendly food in bengali language case based evidence based prophylaxis pci coronary angiogram angioplasty tricuspid stenosis catheter tracings cardiomegaly x ray angina stenting angiogram echo evaluation case scenario diovan renal failure exforge paralysis dhaka causes left main coronary treatment valvular heart disease health cardiac tamponade tof ihd cardiology teachers\ cardiology fellows md cardiology exam fcps exam cardiology short notes africa svt cardiac arrhythmias sore throat erythema marginatum acute rheumatic fever charts photography dissertation thesis microsoft excel sydenhams chorea the cardiovascular system applied anatomy cardiovascular system overview applied physiology (ppcm) peripartum cardiomyopathy হৃদ স্পন্দন ৫ম খন্ড সাক্ষাৎকার পর্ব ০১ হৃদ স্পন্দন ৬ষ্ঠ খন্ড heart patients দাম্পত্য জীবন হৃদরোগী awareness in heart disease সাক্ষাৎকার পর্ব হৃদ স্পন্দন নীরব ঘাতক উচ্চ রক্তচাপ rehabilitation program cardiac rehabilitation aed cardiac asystole cardio pulmonary resuscitation tobacco and alcohol control: policy advocacy: community engagement awareness campaigns: health screenings: empower yourself early detection saves lives healthy blo healthy lifestyle know your numbers world hypertension day 2023 special considerations monitoring and follow-up pharmacological management stress management and relaxati lifestyle modifications elderly respiratory arrest cardiac emergency breathing technique chest compression technique asystole stokes adam attack edema murmur jvp bp pulse precodium mbbs cardiology question face examination nail examination hand examination family history past history occupational history general examination mbbs question & answer multidisciplinary approach home-based programs technology integration personalized medicine quality of life functional capacity tobacco cessation medication management psychosocial support risk factor management medical evaluation use heart for you use heart for nature for a world of equity use heart for humanity for every heart use heart use heart for every heart whf hfref saccubitril atrial septal defect adult congenital heart disease guch warfarin heparin lmwh anti coagulants apixaban rivaroxaban dabigatran pradaxa oral anticoagulants doaç noac aerosol transmission diagnosis controversies guide line transmission ventilator hfnc oxygen carddiology rhythm heart rate electrophysiology j point j wave osborne wave epsilon wave u wave qtc t wave cardiac disease pr abnormality p pulmonalae p mitralae p wave undetermined axis extreme rad normal axis lad radio cardiac axis ecg machine renal artery stenosis ckd secondary hypertension headache antihypertensives sodium nitroprusside hydralazine intravenous nitrares hypertensive encephalopathy malignant hypertension delivary proteinuria nifedipine labetolol methyl dopa eclampsia preeclampsia gestational hypertension pregnancy masked hypertension rvh blood culture fungus bacteria pleural effusion tricuspid regurgitation tricuspid valvular heart disease sinus tachycardia rbbb valve avr cases tavi exercise salt alcohol dtenosis coronary artery disease rhematic heart disease cad cardiac cycle vessels anatomy applied heart artery vein capillary dizziness syncope chest x ray complete heart block pace maker bronchial asthma pneumonia pulmonary embolism psychogenic definition & incidence of hypertension classifica technique of hypertension measurement diagnosis/ confirmation of hypertension classification of hypertension definition & incidence of hypertension bb case ased problem based risk factors azilsartan azisan renata 1. resistant hypertension telmisartan khulna parameter paramount paragon paradigm-hf sabitar nasa spin-off space technology telemedicine tele echocardiography iscemic heart disease heart attack ganja meat chuadanga medinova malibag atherosclerosis ldl hdl fish pork chicken beef white meat red meat clinical class spotting cxr patient awareness drug treatment bad cholesterol good cholesterol high density lipoprotein low density lipoprotein margarine lard safflower oil olive oil avocado oil grapeseed oil healthy cooking oil sunflower oil indications blood supply of conduction tissue coronary views level of evidence classes of recommendations prevention duke criteria percutaneous coronary intervention optical coherence tomography ivus stenting. oct coronary guide wire coronary intervention eisenmenger syndrome hocm canon wave left atrium right atrium pericardial calcification case study assessment dm fcps frcp fesc faha fscai fapsic copd acs chest pain evaluation dr md toufiqur rahman dm fcp aortic dissection independence day 2016 novartis chamelibag medinova medical services life style changes complications. treatment awareness malibag awareness hypertension common questions of patients cvd drugs kidney failure reflux esophagitis acute coronary syndrome color doppler diastolic dysfunction defining diastole patterns of diastolic disease age-related changes methods to assess diastole echocardiogram right coronary artery left anterior descending artery left circumflex artery coronary anatomy classification clinical features investigations stages of heart failure definition patho physiology congenital complete heart block (chb)- normal or a av conduction block bradyarrhythmias electrolyte imbalances sick sinus syndrome suppression of ectopy permanent pacer malfunction drugs management of hypertension cb1 blockade antiplatelet therapy integration of cm risk factors management of dyslipidemia targeting obesity management of microalbuminuria introduction quinidine disopyramide procainamide b. lidocaine m flecainide procainamide quinidine myocardial disease implantable pacemakers or icds. arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities non-cardiac surgery perioperative cardiovascular evaluation sle hypothyroidism malignancy infections constrictive pericarditis medicine intensive care unit arterial blood gas analysis coronary care unit papvd ebstains anomaly jnc 7 arrhythmia question electrocardiography perioperative cardiovascular evaluation for no
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