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Your digital footprint

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Your digital footprint

  1. 1. Lifes not about all the steps youve taken, or all the placesyou have been, its about the footprints you leave behind.
  2. 2. Your Footprint• Is the trail you leave behind in all of your online activities• Is created by TV, internet, cellular phones, banking data, scan cards, security cameras etc.• Some parts of your footprint are available publicly by searching the internet, others can be found using other, more difficult methods• Can affect your education, career, reputation, privacy and safety• Can be good or bad
  3. 3. Think about the Consequences
  4. 4. Take the test above to find out how big your footprint is. Read the informationalong the way, it will help you complete the activity in your student workbook.
  5. 5. Your Future at StakeRead and discuss this article together as a class. Howcan the actions of you and your friends online nowimpact your future education?
  6. 6. A True StoryAlexandra Wallace, a third-year political science student at UCLA, posted a video rant toYouTube about the Asian students she had encountered in the library during her examsweek. Underestimating the inappropriateness of her timing (the massively fatalearthquake and tsunami in Japan had occurred only days earlier), her handling of thesensitive subject matter and the size of her viewing audience, Alexandras reputationtanked overnight. Despite quickly deleting her video from YouTube after the onslaughtof comments and phone calls began, others had already copied and re-posted it fromtheir accounts in droves. Cyberbullies found her home address and sent hatemail anddeath threats. They called her so frequently that she had to change her numbermultiple times. They flooded her YouTube inbox with response videos and verbalattacks.Since then, shes had to withdraw from school, move back in with her parents and andgo into hiding. A simple Google search for "Alexandra Wallace" returns 11,800,000results, and unfortunately for her, theyre mostly negative. What should Alexandra havethought about before posting that video? How and to what extent has her future beenimpacted by her digital footprint?
  7. 7. Choice Smart Choice • “Following” desired employer or school • Bad language• Online trail of your dedication • No privacy or to causes or security settings charities • Liking or following • Accolades and negative Awards sites/applications
  8. 8. Everything you do with technology istracked, before you visit asite, post, upload, download or share think.Would you… …want your parents to see it …want your grandma to see …your teachers? …your school admission officer? …your boss? …your spouse? Once you put something out there, you can’t take it back.