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The Value of Vistage Membership for Idaho CEOs

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The Value of Vistage Membership for Idaho CEOs

  1. 1. In this time of unprecedented change,you may be faced with a new array ofchallenges and opportunities .
  2. 2. The financial crisis has changed the businessblueprint, pushing many successful businessleaders to innovate like never before.
  3. 3. Are you preparedfor whats next?
  4. 4. Think of the results you could you generateif you had direct, unbiased feedback fromCEOs who are dealing with similar issuesyou face every day.
  5. 5. Vistage International isthe world’s leadingchief executiveorganization with morethan 14,500 membersin 16 countries.
  6. 6. : Become Better LeadersVistage helps executives : Make Better Decisions : Achieve Better Results
  7. 7. Peer Advisory BoardWork On Your Business, Not In Your Business
  8. 8. 1-to-1 CoachingHold Your Feet to the Fire Through Assessment and Accountability.
  9. 9. Expert WorkshopsContinuing Education for You and Your Staff
  10. 10. Global NetworkDiverse Perspectives From More Than 14,000 Leaders
  11. 11. “Vistage is a gold mine of information and expertise. Last year, we grew 15percent by utilizing borrowing opportunities we had never considered beforeI joined.”Jill Talve, PrincipalFranklin Stainless Corp.Port Washington, N.Y.“Since I joined Vistage, about 25% of our profitscan be attributed to the knowledge and insightsIve gained. In a company our size, thats amajor impact.”Peter McNabb, President & CEOPBC Companies, Inc.Brea, CA
  12. 12. “My company has grown almost 400% sincejoining Vistage only 3 years ago. It was thebest business decision I ever made. My onlyregret: I didnt do it sooner.”Laura Herring, President & CEOImpact GroupSt. Louis, MO“Since I became a member, we’ve grown 50% eachyear, mostly because of the accountability and supportVistage provides me. Thanks to Vistage, I’ve increasedmy financial and business acumen quite a bit.”Randy Emelo, President & CEOTriple Creek AssociatesGreenwood Village, Calif.
  13. 13. Results. Impact. Growth. Vistage-member companies grow faster Member companies generate more than $300 billion in annual revenue and represent more than two million employees around the world. For internal use only. ©2009 Vistage International. All rights reserved. 14
  14. 14. Learn more at www.vistage.com