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Introduction to Azure IoT Suite

  1. Introduction to Azure IoT Suite Dan Toomey Mexia Consulting
  2. Enabling the Digital Enterprise Who am I? • Senior Consultant / Integration Architect • MCT, MCPD, MCTS BizTalk & Azure • Pluralsight Author • • @daniel2me
  3. “The growth in IoT will far exceed that of other connected devices. By 2020, the number of smartphones tablets and PCs in use will reach about 7.3 billion units” Peter Middleton, Research Director, Gartner
  4. • Digital Nervous System • Eyes & EarsSensors • Inputs are digitized • Put onto networksConnectivity • Inputs combined into bi-directional systems • Integrate data, people, processes & systems • Better decision making People & Processes
  5. Why Microsoft for IoT? Three parts of an IoT solution 1 Device connectivity & management 2 Analytics & operationalized insights 3 Presentation & business connectivity Easy to provision, use and manage Pay as you go, scale as you need Global reach, hyper scale End to end security & privacy Azure IoT
  6. “Azure IoT Suite is an intelligent integration of all the exceptional features of cloud based platform Azure and the internet of everything” Algoworks Technologies
  7. “IoT Suite is an enterprise grade solution that allows you to get started quickly through a set of extensible pre-configured solutions for common IoT scenarios”
  8. Remote Monitoring • Connect and monitor your devices • Analyze untapped data • Improve business outcomes by automating processes Asset Management • Coming soon Predictive Maintenance • Anticipate maintenance needs • Avoid unscheduled downtime by connecting and monitoring your devices
  9. IoT Suite Features Event Hubs DocumentDB Stream Analytics Notification Hub Machine Learning HDInsight Power BI
  10. Getting Started
  11. Getting Started
  12. Getting Started
  13. Getting Started
  14. Getting Started
  15. Getting Started
  16. Getting Started
  17. With IoT Suite You Can… • Capture data from a broad range of device types and O/S – No need to rip & replace technology already owned – Connect entire business • Capitalise on device generated data using advanced analysis capabilities – Uncover new insights that weren't possible before • Leverage insights to transform business process • Intelligently automate operations • Quickly create a PoC • Easily deploy & quickly scale your IoT solution
  18. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite • things/getting-started.aspx
  19. Other Links • things.aspx • • • • • • • • • •
  20. Microsoft Ignite AU •
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Notes de l'éditeur

  1. IoT is a trend that has garnered a lot of buzz lately
  2. ….it’s SCARY.
  3. Clearly business will need to embrace IoT if they are to survive in the competitive world.
  4. The term IoT didn’t really exist back then. “Smart” devices – but still fairly isolated.
  5. Ubiquitous IoT is not just about collecting data; It’s about how you can use these data to gain value
  6. The important thing is the last one… improving some aspect of your life or your business thru the collection and analysis of this real-time data.
  7. Azure makes it easy to provision, scale, reach and secure your solutions. Provides features to address all aspects of an IoT solution.
  8. Provides features to address all necessary parts of an IoT solution.
  9. Announced at AzureCon – 27 Sept
  10. IoT Suite brings all the necessary components of a solution together.
  11. Helps to:   Connect your critical assets Gain powerful insights Transform your business
  12. Get off the ground fast by providing a set of templates for full-blown IoT solutions. End to End solutions Registering devices, gathering the data, analysing that data, and presenting it through Power BI.
  13. Three most common IoT patterns