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Everwrite pitch deck

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Everwrite pitch deck

  1. 1. Data Driven Content#DEC 2011 | @everwrite
  2. 2. Equipe Diego Gomes Digital marketing specialist, co-founder at Webholic/RWWBR, Former product manager at SambaTech and Via6. site: webholic.com.br @dttg Edmar Ferreira Big data developer. Data mining, NLP, machine learning specialist. Lead developer and consultancy gigs for several startups: OmniLogic, Via6, Ushaidi, SwiftRiver. site: makeandthink.com @edmarferreira
  3. 3. Our Mission‣ Make the media industry more efficient.‣ Deliver tools that allow publishers to leverage their ROI by understanding demand information.
  4. 4. 3 Big Challenges‣ Publishers produce content without knowing what users want;‣ Publishers do not understand the competition for a particular topic;‣ Publishers do not know what topics will help them make more $$$;
  5. 5. Trend‣ Most Top50 media destinations in the U.S. use data mining to identify pieces of content that will perform better.
  6. 6. What if everybody else had access to this kind oftechnology?
  7. 7. That’s what we do!‣ We analyze millions of data points daily, to deliver the best opportunity to each publisher;‣ We offer information to publishers on how to improve their actual content;‣ We measure everything and give feedback to the publisher on every recommendation.‣ It’s a plug and play solution, integration in seconds using Google Analytics API!
  8. 8. Business Model‣ Software as a Service. Pro Vertical Portal Enterprise Blogger Domains 1 1 3 5 up to 1 up to 5 Pageviews up to 300k unlimited million million Hot 1 channel 3 channels 5 channels all channels Topics Pricing U$99 U$399 U$999 U$2499+
  9. 9. Market Size‣ 20 million bloggers in the U.S.;‣ 452k professional Bloggers;‣ Moving 33 billion in 2016 (Forrester);‣ The global online digital content market will cross the $150 billion mark by 2012 (Tavess);
  10. 10. Competitors DemandInformation OrganiccompetitionPersonalized Hot Topics Predictive analytics1 click setup
  11. 11. Case Study: COMOFAS.COMEhow Clone for Brazil
  12. 12. Results: COMOFAS.COM5 months - 1.3 mi Pageviews Last 15 days:
  13. 13. Where we are?‣ Private beta with selected publishers, more than 20 million pageviews/month;‣ Preparing a whitepaper about our precision with a big partner in Brazil;‣ Just finished automated billing/marketing.
  14. 14. Next Steps‣ Launch Self serving in the U.S. with our first module, EverGreen;‣ Get patents on our EverRank Technology;‣ Launch Real Time module, by aggregating structured trends on every topic;
  15. 15. Thanks! @everwrite contact@everwrite.com