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Gemfire Sqlfire - La Marmite NoSql

  1. 1. No/New SQLOlivier Mallassi,@omallassiSr. Systems Engineer, vFabric, Cloud Application Platform © 2011 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Big, Fast and Flexible Data – VMware’s Platform Big Fast Flexible Data Data Data Big Data Developer Analytics Frameworks OSS Relational In-Memory Data Fabric Big Data vPostgres Processing NewSQL DBs GemFire Serengeti
  3. 3. NoSQL and NewSQL: GemFire and SQLFire GemFireRegion.put / get (key, object) CREATE TABLE FLIGHTAVAILABILITY (Region.query(…) Java / .Net / C/C++ FLIGHT_ID CHAR(6) NOT NULL , …) PARTITION BY COLUMN (FLIGHT_ID)Region.read / write / through & behind REDUNDANCY 1Grid.ParallelExecute (….) COLOCATE WITH (FLIGHTS); Low latency SQL distributed memory Automatic dynamic shards Parallel query Parallel compute Parallel stored procedure Frontend to legacy DB and mainframe Map/Reduce Flights Flights Flights FlightsR FlightsR FlightsR WAN FlightAvailability FlightAvailability FlightAvailability replication FlightAvailabilityR FlightAvailabilityR FlightAvailabilityR Airlines Airlines Airlines Elastic capacity Optional shared nothing async disk writes / overflow with runtime rebalancing
  4. 4. How vFabric GemFire/SQLFire is Typically Deployed HTTP Session State App Data Cache, Global Data Backbone Management and L2 Cache In-memory DB Client Client Client Client Client Client Application Servers GemFire GemFire Shopping cart state Shared data grid populated by High performance OLTP management multiple data feeds and serving many clients
  5. 5. Ressources / benchmark SQLFire • http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-15958 Gemfire • http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vmware-vfabric-gemfire-distributed-main- memory-platform-WP-EN.pdf