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What you wish you didn’t know 
Sushi… FRESH!! 
Origin: JAPAN 

Its called Ikizukuri, this type of sushi is a bit 
rare because unlike regular sushi, this...
What you wish you didn't know
What you wish you didn't know
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What you wish you didn't know

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various things from around the worlds that are truly insane

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What you wish you didn't know

  1. 1. What you wish you didn’t know 
  2. 2. Sushi… FRESH!!  Origin: JAPAN  Its called Ikizukuri, this type of sushi is a bit  rare because unlike regular sushi, this fish is  sIll alive while you begin to eat it..  Ikizukuri means prepared alive, and you even  get to choose the fish from the tank..  Try to dine as your meal conInues to flop in  agony… mmm brutality!  In China they do something similar, except  they dump the live fish in boiling oil, with just  enough life to be served to you.