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Designing for mobile. A UX perspective for developers

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In this presentation i talk about the design process for mobile. From knowing your user goals and preferences, to your business needs, and the different factors you need to consider before building an app.

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Designing for mobile. A UX perspective for developers

  1. Designing for mobile A UX perspective for developers
  2. Oscar González Duppy Oscar - UX Architect at Accenture/Avanade - UX / Front-end Consultant - Exa UDEM (LTI) Duppy Oscar @duppy_ocio duppy@chic-chic.mx
  3. Overview • Know your user • Know your goals • Evaluate the resources • Get inspiration • Design • Test
  4. Know your user People have different needs, goals, preferences and devices
  5. Needs & Goals - Is it for fun? Is it for business? - What is the user expected to do? - What is the app expected to do? - Why would this app be successful? It is useful to do Personas / Archetypes Business goals App goals User needs
  6. Choosing platforms - iOS - Android - Windows 8 - Blackberry - Handhelds Example: - Adoption of Windows Phone in Argentina - Banorte
  7. Available Resources - Accelerometer - GPS - Camera - NFC - Internet connection …
  8. App context How and where is our app is going to be used? - Portrait / Landscape - Lighting / Contrast - How is the device going to be held - Is people driving? Flying? Laying on bed? - Is people in an emergency? - Do we need voice commands?
  9. Get inspired Getting ideas from others
  10. How to get inspired? - Take a look to other ’s work - Look for patterns and conventions - Sketch - Ask for help - Practice
  11. Guidelines & Resources Different platforms, different experiences
  12. iOS Defer to content - Content is king - Take advantage of the whole screen - Reconsider visual indicators of physicality and realism. - Let translucent UI elements hint at the content behind them.
  13. iOS Provide clarity - Use of plenty negative space - Let color simplify the UI - Ensure legibility by using system fonts - Embrace borderless buttons - ….
  14. Android Enchant me - Delight me in surprising ways - Real objects are more fun than buttons and menus - Let me make it mine - Get to know me http://developer.android.com/design/get-started/ principles.html
  15. Android Simplify my life - Keep it brief - Pictures are faster than words - Decide for me but let me have the final say - Only show what I need when I need it - I should always know where I am - Never lose my stuff - If it looks the same, it should act the same - Only interrupt me is its important http://developer.android.com/design/get-started/ principles.html
  16. Android Make me amazing - Give me tricks that work everywhere - It's not my fault - Sprinkle encouragement - Do the heavy lifting for me - Make important things fast http://developer.android.com/design/get-started/ principles.html
  17. Windows 8 - Metro Modern Style - Pride in craftmanship - Do more with less: Content, not Chrome - Authentically digital - Win as One - Fast and fluid: be alive (motion)
  18. Think around the box Guidelines ≠ Template
  19. Sketch first Draw, erase, redraw
  20. There are plenty of tools available
  21. Interactions & Gestures Build for the fingers • Swipe • Press • Press & Hold • Drag to refresh • Pinch • Tap • ….
  22. Create engagement with interactions For example: • Flipboard • Jobr • Tinder • Paper • Infinite scroll
  23. Building your idea Native / Responsive / Web app
  24. Which way to go? • Native • Responsive • Jquery mobile • Xamarin • Titanium • Phonegap • … Choose wisely: They all have pros and cons. Evaluate their strengths Evaluate time and effort User tolerance Performance
  25. Don’t forget middle tiers Web services are your friends
  26. Common mistakes • Rollovers • Big data loading • Unreachable Buttons • Tactile area • Resolutions • Missing guidelines • Can’t be developed
  27. Testing & Prototyping You don’t need expensive tools for ptototyping: • Paper Prototyping • Power point (seriously) • Axure • Omnigraffle • UXPIN
  28. Thank you