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Secrets of Big Brand SEO - SearchBHM Birmingham

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Talk on big brand or enterprise SEO given at Search Birmingham. How to succeed at deploying SEO within a large organisation like Vodafone.

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Secrets of Big Brand SEO - SearchBHM Birmingham

  1. 1. Secrets of big brand SEO Presented by Nick Wilsdon Confidentiality Level in slide footer
  2. 2. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 2 2 May 2018 Why should you listen to me? 19 years SEO experience Search Product Owner, Vodafone Group since 2014 Manages search programs across 26 international markets
  3. 3. 26 Country Markets 48 Partner Country Markets 132,756 employees (incl. 24,485 contractors) 516 million mobile customers $47.6 billion Revenue Per Year Source: Vodafone Annual Report March 2017 @NickWilsdon
  4. 4. Research contacts and organisation @NickWilsdon
  5. 5. Align with organisation objectives • Understand what matters to the organisation • Speak the language @NickWilsdon
  6. 6. Procurement process & financial cycles @NickWilsdon • Understand how procurement work within your organisation • Make friends in accounts department • Time project proposals to financial cycles
  7. 7. Run complementary content projects @NickWilsdon @NickWilsdon
  8. 8. Gamification works @NickWilsdon
  9. 9. Automation superpowers @NickWilsdon
  10. 10. • Business forecasting – focus on specific business cases and use a tool • Audits without prioritisation or cost/reward assessments • Non-actionable strategic advice • SEO awareness training sessions • Vanity SEO requests Focus your time on what matters @NickWilsdon
  11. 11. Search news and insight is appreciated • Easy win to add value • Data is valuable and can be exchanged for favours @NickWilsdon • Make alliances with other teams to support their initiatives and achieve your objectives
  12. 12. Case studies should be done regularly • Allows stakeholders to engage in the SEO story • Reviewing activity is crucial step in improving the deployment process @NickWilsdon • Useful for awards and justification of activity
  13. 13. The art of the business case • Must be focused on stakeholder objectives • Pitched to your audience • Can be easily conveyed in an elevator pitch to senior management @NickWilsdon • Always tied back to financial KPIs • Understand you’ll never be 100% right – apply your experience and caveat your assumptions
  14. 14. In-house vs. agency @NickWilsdon • Enterprise clients will rarely bring capability inhouse • Internal champions will enable more challenging projects (content/technical) • Fit your team to the organisations requirements (i.e. balance strategy/hands- on)
  15. 15. Deploy don’t service • Learn from the consultants • Package strategy to make it easier to fit deploy approach • Run POCs to ever larger groups • Build trust through organisation to release budget and resources @NickWilsdon
  16. 16. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 16 2 May 2018 Why should you listen to me? Thank you for listening Questions? @nickwilsdon