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Smxl Milan 2017 Mobile-First / Data-First SEO

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What do SEOs need to understand in the mobile-first environment and how can then position their clients correctly in the data-first world to come. Understand open data, API and interaction between services is key.

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Smxl Milan 2017 Mobile-First / Data-First SEO

  1. 1. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan 13-14-15, NOVEMBER 2017 Know Your Mobile-First SEO Nick Wilsdon Lead SEO Vodafone Group
  2. 2. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Why should you listen to me? 18 years SEO experience Led agency departments at Havas and Dentsu Run the global SEO program at Vodafone group since 2014
  3. 3. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Mobile-first index – clear road ahead?
  4. 4. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Covering the technical mobile basics Performance Responsive Web Design (RWD) Started thinking mobile-first UX Blocking JS/CSS
  5. 5. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Technical SEO areas to cover immediately Mobile configuration Site architecture Performance/Speed HTTPS migration
  6. 6. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan AMPHTTP/2 First-mover advantages within mobile-first
  7. 7. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Monthly trend (before and after AMP launch) ‘iPhone 5s contract’ ranking position over time ‘iPhone 5s deals’ ranking position over time AMP submitted AMP submitted AMP increases page traffic & engagement
  8. 8. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Average +27% Mobile Traffic Early Vodafone UK results from AMP
  9. 9. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan AMP can be used for e-commerce For more information, make sure you read the AMP documentation https://goo.gl/QAdws1
  10. 10. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Mobile-first SEOs must become Data Superheroes
  11. 11. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan 11 JSON-LD • You can use GTM or Tealium to insert JSON- LD within HTML containers (http://schema.org/) Simple (non-technical) options • Google Data Highlighter in GSC Structured data frees your content
  12. 12. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Ensure the quality of your data Local search is a key part of data-first strategy for any business with multiple physical premises Google is experimenting in this area, i.e. UGC for questions and answers – pushing brands to clean this up this data
  13. 13. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan App indexation with the Firebase SDK https://goo.gl/UxFK4S
  14. 14. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan 14 Featured Snippets Featured snippets appeared on 9.28 percent of our one million SERPs. In 2017, they’re showing up on 23.25 percent of them. This makes a 54.99 percent increase [since] July 2016 and a whopping 150% increase [since] January. Position Zero is precursor to voice search https://goo.gl/DqJfy3 - The STAT Blog July 2017
  15. 15. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Voice search opportunities are now here • If you want to understand opportunities of voice search – experiment! • Echosim.io (testing) • Echo Dot (much preferred) https://goo.gl/icn58Z
  16. 16. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Alexa skills should reduce friction “Alexa, ask Vodafone how much is my bill?” “Alexa, ask Vodafone how do I enable data roaming?” ”Alexa, ask Vodafone why is my bill different to last month?”
  17. 17. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Voice search optimisation “Installed, linked account, does not work for any command or request” Keyword terms and phrases can be optimised for voice search
  18. 18. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Amazon Alexa owns 70% of US Market 71% 24% 5% US Voice-Enabled Speaker User Share by Player 2017 Amazon Alexa Google Home Other Source: eMarketer, April 2017 “75% of US households will have Smart Speakers by 2020” Growth rate is comparable to the early years of smartphone adoption Source: Gartner, Edison Research 2017
  19. 19. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan 19 Push API content into your own platforms
  20. 20. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan 20 Think data and API access Creating data services that can talk to each other, reducing friction and enhance the user experience What information or services could your business provide? And why? https://goo.gl/LNtBQR
  21. 21. @nickwilsdonwww.smxl.it #SMXLmilan Grazie Mille! Questions?