Channel Marketing Programs That Deliver ROI

31 Jul 2014

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Channel Marketing Programs That Deliver ROI

  1. A blueprint for measuring and improving performance Channel Marketing Programs that Deliver ROI
  2. Our Presenters Michael Coscetta StructuredWeb Michael is the VP of Sales and Marketing for StructuredWeb, a leading provider of channel marketing software and services to global tech companies such as Cisco, TIBCO, VMware, GE, EMC, and many others. Simply put, StructuredWeb helps companies leverage their partners’ digital connections to reach, influence and drive more end customers to buy their products. Michael has extensive experience with sales, B2B sales training, SaaS sales training and channel marketing. Learn more about him on LinkedIn. Juliann Grant eCoast Marketing Juliann is the Vice President of Marketing for eCoast, with 25+ years of experience developing marketing strategies for high technology and industrial companies that build consumer demand, revenue streams, and customer communities. Recent client work includes Fortune 500 companies such as Siemens, Rogers Corporation, Cognos, Progress Software, and venture-backed companies such as Sustainable Minds and NaviNet. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.
  3. Essential Components to a Successful Channel Marketing Program that Drives ROI Expedite Program Creation Increase Partner Adoption Simplify Marketing Execution Lead Mgmt & Conver- sion Channel Data & Analytics 1 2 3 4 5
  4. Channel Programs Are Needed Source: Bloomberg • Capital spending down 30% below average • “Whether it’s a computer or a forklift, workers are stuck using outdated machines” • Average age of equipment in the US is 7.4 years, the highest in 20 years
  5. Channel Marketing’s Contribution Scrutinized • Return on investment • Participation • MDF Funds Used • MQLs/AQLs/TQLs
  6. Channel Marketing is Evolving 1st Generation Customized Lots of marketing headcount 2nd Generation Co-Branded Early marketing platforms 3rd Generation Turnkey Load it and push campaigns 4th Generation Structured Using specialized concierge services
  7. What Channel Marketing Needs Closed loop processes Measureable outcomes Systems for scalability Flexibility and simplicity
  8. Blueprint Step One: Expediting Marketing Campaign Creation
  9. What’s Working: Integrated Marketing
  10. Structuring Integrated Channel Marketing Programs Inbound Marketing •Paid SEO •Natural SEO •Social Media Outbound Marketing •Email Marketing •Direct Marketing •Tele- Prospecting Content Marketing •Web Site Dev •Content Creation Lists and Data •Better Data Quality •Expanded Data Sources
  11. Example of an Inbound Marketing Package Package Deliverables Keyword Analysis On Page Web Site Optimization AdWords/Google Display/ Paid Ads Landing Page, A/B Testing Social Profile Profile Updating SM Content Curation/ Postings/Engagement Social Media Training Package Could Include: • Natural Search Optimization • Google AdWords/PPC • Social Media • 3 Month Duration
  12. Example of an Outbound Marketing Package Package Deliverables Webinar for Up to 100 Attendees Co-Branded HTML Email Invite 4-6 Email Sends Reporting 72 Hours After Each Send Co-Branded Registration Page 4 Registration Follow Up Emails 40 Hours Tele-Prospecting Package Could Include: •Webinar campaign •6-8 weeks duration •Email promotion •Data/List Services •Tele-prospecting
  13. Blueprint Step Two: Increasing Partner Adoption
  14. The Partner Landscape 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier More resources No resources Some resources High touch Low touch Medium touch
  15. What’s Working: Concierge Programs 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier Optional Needs some Hand holding Needs heavy hand holding 80/20 Rule Applies
  16. What’s Working: Partner Assessments
  17. Blueprint Step 3: Simplifying Marketing Execution
  18. B2B Marketing – 2014 Style
  19. Essential Components to a Successful Channel Marketing Program that Drives ROI Expedite Program Creation Increase Partner Adoption Simplify Marketing Execution Lead Management & Conversion Channel Data & Analytics
  20. Vendors Distributors Indirect Sales Partners Concierge Agencies Creative Agencies Full Service Agencies Telemarketing Lead QualificationList Management MDF Agencies Traditional Media Online Media Print Providers
  21. Enterprise Partner Marketing Ecosystem Setup and Manage Marketing Assets Full Service Marketing Vendors Setup Events & Webinars Manage and Publish Marketing Libraries Partner Self-service Marketing Portal Full Service Vendor Marketing Portal Partner Marketing Concierge Vendor Led Marketing Onboarding Planning Execution Tracking and Reporting
  22. Each Buyer Role Has A Button To Push Champions Influencers CXOs Evaluators; individuals or groups that will be impacted by a purchase on a day-to-day basis Users Ratifiers What is the business value? Will it help me do my job better? What are there alternatives? Is it stable, reliant and efficient? Will the solution meet our needs? Business Value Performance ROI Customer Experience TCO Slide courtesy of SiriusDecisions
  23. Nurture Prospects and assign to groups and nurture journey Content Syndication Partners' in- house List Event Leads Field Events Import Contacts Nurture Prospects Score Prospects based on activities and prediction algorithm 10 Email Engage and Qualify Telemarketing Call Convert to SQL Continue Nurturing Secure Customer PO Acquire Nurtur e Score Engage Qualify CloseImport Secure OrderConvert to SQL Nurture Qualified Prospects Email Nurtur e Other Sources Example Marketing Customer Journey Flow
  24. Blueprint Step Four: Lead Measurement and Conversion
  25. Lead Follow Up: Lost Opportunity • 50% of Leads Distributed are not followed up • 27% Closed Sales for those who did follow up • 36% of Leads who did not get followed up on bought something anyway Lesson: Incorporate nurture marketing options in program!
  26. Generate More Leads with Multi-Touch Marketing Email Direct Mail Telemarketing Direct Marketing Webinars Events Video Content Marketing AdWords Display Retargeting Online Advertising LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Social Marketing Microsites Catalogs Documents Content Syndication
  27. Inbound / Social: Today 37% to 50% of marketing program spend is digital and designed for inbound marketing. This will increase to 50% to 65% over the next five years, with a mobile device being the “first screen” they see. Implication: Social media, digital marketing and mobile marketing will be critical competencies. And how do we measure this?? Trend: Rise in Inbound Marketing to Support Pipeline Growth Source: SiriusDecisions Mobile Marketing Survey, Morgan Stanley Mobile Study
  28. Blueprint Step Five: Channel Data and Analytics
  29. Reporting Example
  30. Reporting Example
  31. Social Media Reporting
  32. Social Media Reporting
  33. Social Media Reporting
  34. Social Media Reporting
  35. Social Media Reporting
  36. Pipeline Visibility
  37. A customer ran a syndicated webinar with 60 partners • Together they drove 282 registrations • 130 attended the webinar • 48 converted to MQL with an expected $2.1 Million in pipeline revenue • Each webinar registration was worth an average of $7,446 in MQL value. Syndicated Webinar Success Story
  38. Expedite Program Creation • Create integrated marketing offers • Configuring workflow and recruiting of partners • Simple CMS • No HTML or Adobe skills required Increase Partner Adoption • Easy to access campaigns • Easy onboarding with Concierge services • Partner assessments start things off right Simplify Marketing Execution • Ready to execute campaigns • One Stop Shop for all partner marketing activities Lead Management & Conversion • Giving sophisticated lead management tools to partners • Visibility into partner-accepted leads • Add nurture offerings to avoid overlooked leads Channel Data & Analytics • Measure EVERYTHING! • Real-time reporting • Automated data collection Essential Components to a Successful Channel Marketing Program that Drives ROI
  39. Questions?
  40. We Thank You For Your TIme! Michael Coscetta StructuredWeb Juliann Grant eCoast Marketing 646-738-8044 LinkedIn: @michaelcoscetta 603-994-4316 LinkedIn: @julianng