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David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe

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David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe

  1. 1. 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | http://eComm.ec
  2. 2. Wave Federation Building An Open Network (by David Wang)
  3. 3. Google Wave is a product Wave is a technology wave is to Google Wave email is to Gmail
  4. 4. What is Wave Federation? Enables independent wave providers to interoperate Draft Federation Protocol Spec: http://waveprotocol.org/ The spec is iterating: it's developing in the open
  5. 5. Why Wave Federation? Encourage adoption of wave and ensure users have a choice in their wave provider The internet is built on open APIs and standard protocols We don't want wave to be a silo'ed communication tool Pick a solution based on price or features or .... Avoid different organisations building Wave like systems that don't interoperate
  6. 6. Any organisation can be a wave provider Similar to how anyone can put up an SMTP server and host their own email today
  7. 7. Some technical background...
  8. 8. Wave Data Model Wave collection of wavelets Wavelet collection of participants and documents unit of concurrency unit of wave federation
  9. 9. Wave Federation: Sharing Wavelets Wave servers run OT/CC Wave servers share updates to wavelets Still only one server owns a wavelet The wavelet id determines which domain owns it domain: “initech-corp.com" id: "conv+3sG7”
  10. 10. When to Federate? An AddParticpant operation contains an address from another wave provider e.g address david@googlewave.com, hannon@acmewave.com A participant’s domain determines where to send ops
  11. 11. Example: Bob on Acmewave wants to talk to Milton at Initech Corp. Bob's client sends AddParticipant(“milton@initech-corp. com”) acmewave.com looks up initech-corp.com's waveserver acmewave.com pushes the AddParticipant operation initech-corp.com requests the wavelet history For future ops on that wavelet, acmewave.com will: accepts ops from initech-corp.com transmits ops to initech-corp.com initech-corp.com "passively" accepts ops from acmewave The result: Bob and Milton are happily waving each other
  12. 12. Wave Federation Architecture - Delta Flow
  13. 13. Data stays in your network On-premise solution If you don't add anyone from the outside the data stays in your network Scenario: confidential chat between colleagues in a company
  14. 14. Where we've come so far... Published the (draft) protocol spec Google Wave Federation Protocol Google Wave Conversation Model (incl. Blip model) Open sourced ~40K lines of code http://code.google.com/p/wave-protocol/ Java, Apache 2.0 Effectively 2 Components: Wave Model + Operational Transformation FedOne: Basic Prototype Client/Server With an early crypto library
  15. 15. FedOne Executable spec for the wire protocol NOT the beginning of a reference impl Hello, World “simple” implementation
  16. 16. FedOne
  17. 17. What we're doing now... Opening up a federation port on WaveSandbox.com This port is still highly experimental Updating the FedOne client/server The client does a better job displaying OT The server understands the new protocol manifest Published a Google Wave Contributors Licensing Agreement Encourages community-based development for open source patches
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Where we're headed... Iterating towards a reasonable stable set of specifications Gain more experience running an open federation port Ship an open federation port on wave.google.com Open source the lion's share of Google's client & server Develop a production quality reference implementation Google can't do this alone!
  20. 20. Bottom Line We’d like to work with you. http://www.waveprotocol.org/ http://groups.google.com/group/wave-protocol/
  21. 21. Q&A
  22. 22. Headline Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | http://eComm.ec