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How to Teach how to Code for kids

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香港城市大學創意媒體學院助理教授 朱克寧博士

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How to Teach how to Code for kids

  1. 1. <Design/> for Kids Coding Kening Zhu how to <Teach/> how to <Code/> Assistant Professor School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong Advisory Board Member Let’s Code (HK)
  2. 2. Kids Coding 少年程式設計 O Almost everyone is talking about it these days…
  3. 3. Kids Coding is hot, but… O What to teach? (教什麼) O How to teach? (如何教) ?
  4. 4. What to teach?
  5. 5. More importantly…
  6. 6. How to teach?
  7. 7. Something needs redesign.. 重新設計 O Curriculum 課程 O Classroom 課室 O Tool 工具 O Mindset 思考模式
  8. 8. How to redesign Kids Coding Design Thinking applies the tools and processes from the design disciplines (architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design, apparel design and others) to solve problems. An experienced design thinker maintains a mindset which instinctively reframes problems into opportunities by understanding users’ need. Design Thinking (設計思維)
  9. 9. Design Thinking in Nutshell
  10. 10. Iterative Design Process Discovery Interpretation Ideation Prototype Evaluation Evolution
  11. 11. Design Thinking for Kids Coding
  12. 12. Kids: a special type of “species”
  13. 13. Do we understand them well?
  14. 14. We need to consider all these while designing Kids Coding!
  15. 15. Redesign Curriculum O Less hard-core science O More fun and creative workshop
  16. 16. Redesign Classroom O Less boring desk-chair setup O More lively toys/props in the environment
  17. 17. Redesign Tools O Less traditional computing devices (yes!!!) O More toys with embedded technologies.
  18. 18. Redesign Mindset O Less as the role of adult/teacher. O More involved with children’s activities
  19. 19. Case Study: AutoGami O Kids enjoy paper-craft
  20. 20. Case Study: AutoGami
  21. 21. O “My kid learnt about physics and eletronics while playing with AutoGami”
  22. 22. Let’s code the future! Email: keninzhu@cityu.edu.hk