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Enterprise Instant Messaging

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Enterprise Instant Messaging

  1. 1. 1Enterprise Instant Messagingmoderator: jerry stabileMarch 10, 2013 / Bentley Univesity / Boston MA
  2. 2. Presenter Team Intro Slide 2 Jerry Stabile Alex Mateescu Mike Picher
  3. 3. WHY - Enterprise Instant Messaging The importance of messaging in the enterprise 3>EIM has been around for a long time – proprietary systems think IRC/Sametime>Consumer driven features flooding the enterprise>Increased productivity but…..>Regulation and corporate governance considerations>Mobility and accessability>The Millenium Generation!
  4. 4. Enterprise Scale and Resiliency Pre-requsites for Enterprise class IM 4> XMPP de facto standard today> Seamless integration with SIP> Highly available, resilient> Extensible to up 1 million users> Easy to configure and manage> Support multiple deployment modes> Support for monitoring> Flexible federation capabilities> Seamless integration with other services
  5. 5. EIM in sipXecs/openUCTM Release 4.6 Significant increase in availability and performance 5Today –> high availability out-of-the-box, using mongodb> integrated management through sipXecs/openuc console> phone call aware presence (through SQA plugin)> performance testing in processUnder development/planned> scheduled meetings aware presence (through calendar plugin)> geographical partitioning through mongodb sharding for improved performance
  6. 6. Globally Scalable EIM SolutionDistributed load-sharing system 6
  7. 7. Calendar Free/Busy integrationThird party calendar connectors 7
  8. 8. FederationXMPP based federation 8 > Enterprise IM requires federation B2B, B2C, internally > openUC provides pure xmpp federation without requirement for protocol conversion > Third party federation through third parties such as NextPlane > Develop new connectors
  9. 9. 9