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Enabling Business and Reducing Costs Through IT Innovation

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Enabling Business and Reducing Costs Through IT Innovation

  1. 1. Enabling Business and Reducing Costs through IT Innovation Chris Stierle Senior Manager – Global Network Services March 10, 20131 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  2. 2. Red Hat Introduction● Worlds leading provider of open source solutions ● Services and Support ● Linux Distribution – Red Hat Enterprise Linux ● Cloud and Virtualization – OpenShift/Cloudforms/ Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization ● Storage – Gluster ● Middleware - JBoss● Spectrum of internal customers > very technical to non-technical● Large remote/work from home population2 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  3. 3. What is the Role of Corporate IT?Perceptions about the role played by corporate IT fall into one or more of three categories 1) IT services are critical and need to be implemented regardless of cost2) IT services are commodity business expenses and they need to be cheaper 3) IT services are part of a forward- looking, innovative business strategy that creates new opportunities3 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  4. 4. Innovation – Whats That?Many IT organizations believe they spend at least some time on being innovative. Most do not. ● Doing the same thing you have always done but doing it with a new product or in a slightly different way most likely is not innovative ● Some sort of half-baked tie-in to Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter is NOT a forward-looking, innovative business strategy ● Innovation for the sake of innovation is as bad or worse than no innovation at all4 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  5. 5. Are We Doing Enough?● Do the services we are offering enable the business and create new opportunities?● Do our customers get value from us beyond solutions that meet their most basic needs?● Are we continuously challenging ourselves to do more?● If the answer to all of these questions is “no,” are we really adding any significant value to the organization?5 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  6. 6. Red Hat Voice Infrastructure Status Circa 2010-2011● Five independent global voice clusters● 95%+/- SIP based● 3500+ registered users● 5000+ registered end user agents● Limited to dialtone+VM● Remote dialtone+VM services via Softphone across VPN● Limited video integration6 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  7. 7. What Were Doing: Three Ideas in Parallel Implement a better voice solution for remote workers●Allow for SOHO handsets along with softphone●Make solution available outside of VPN Reduce costs for basic voice services●Find solutions with sane licensing models●Start avoiding costly regular forced upgrades Implement an open, standards based SIP core●Support SIP-based collaboration features on SIP-compliant clients●Identical look an feel independent of location 7 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  8. 8. Evolution of an Open, Standards Based SIP Core8 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  9. 9. Reducing Costs Through Innovation CapEx IT Supported Solution Overview ● openUC Enterprise 4.4/4.6 Current Solution CapEx ● Polycom handsets OpenUC+H/M CC CapEx ● Lifesize VC Units ● Community-based softphone client FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 support is community based ●All major OS platforms supportedDirect Benefits ● Hosted/Managed Contact Center ●openACD a future option● Reduce per user licensing costs● Reduce per user hardware costs OpEx● Reduce back-end infrastructure hardware costs● No additional spend for new featuresIndirect Benefits Current Solution OpEx OpenUC+H/M CC OpEx● Clear, simple licensing● Reduced back-end infrastructure footprint; 33 servers reduced to 5 servers globally FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17● Control support staff growth rate 9 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE
  10. 10. Innovation in IT: Recommendations and Advice● Innovation is never easy● Most of your energy will be spent on non-technical issues● Get at least one other colleague on-board with your vision quickly● When other colleagues start to see your vision, you wont be able to move quickly enough to keep up with demand●There are always reasons not to moveforward and plenty of people readyto point them out●When done correctly,innovation in IT is alwaysworth the challenges10 RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | CHRIS STIERLE