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[BVHI] How does a hearing aid work?

  1. Wie funktioniert ein Hörgerät? Bundesverband der Hörsysteme- Industrie e.V.
  2. Who is BVHI? • The Federal Association of the Hearing Systems Industry e.V. (BVHI) represents the manufacturers of hearing systems on the German market. • It is the communication body for all topics related to hearing technology. • The association is committed to increasing the use of hearing aids and implants by people with hearing loss and educates about the performance of modern hearing systems. • In addition, it promotes cooperation with all groups involved in the provision of hearing systems. These include hearing care professionals, ENT physicians, health insurance companies, other associations and interest groups as well as politicians. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 2
  3. Continuous development • The hearing systems industry is a healthcare sector that produces innovative technologies in ever shorter development cycles - especially since digitalization has made its way into hearing aids. • So, it's not unusual for a new model to come onto the market every two years or so. • Nevertheless, the purpose of a hearing aid has not changed: Hearing aids improve your acoustic perception - and more. • The basic components therefore always remain the same. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 3
  4. Basic hearing aid components Traditionally, every hearing aid consists of three basic components in addition to a power source (battery or accumulator): • a microphone unit usually consisting of two microphones, which pick up sound and convert it into electrical signals. • an amplifier that amplifies relevant signals and filters out noise. • a miniature loudspeaker that converts electrical signals back into acoustic ones and brings them to the ear. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 4
  5. New Features • Digital hearing aids also have a small computer that modifies the signals according to the individual hearing loss. • The performance spectrum of modern hearing aids has expanded enormously in recent years. Numerous models today have the following functions, among others: • Noise and wind suppression • Feedback suppression • Impulse noise cancellation • Directional microphones with alignment to one or more speakers • Automatic volume adjustment • Situational awareness How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 5
  6. New Feature: Wind Suppression • Modern, dustproof and waterproof hearing aids are adjusted to different environmental influences. • For example, disruptive ambient noise, such as strong wind and reverberation, can be suppressed. • This improves speech comprehension in large rooms and noisy situations. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 6 by OpenClipart-Vectors at Pixabay
  7. New Feature: Feedback Cancellation • For a long time, whistling noises - so-called feedback - were a problem with hearing aids. These can occur when the shape of the earpiece does not quite fit the ear canal. The sound is thus picked up again and amplified by the microphone inside. • Whistling, which is not removed by an earpiece fitting, can be (almost) completely by the feedback suppression feature. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 7 By OpenClipart-Vectors at Pixabay
  8. New Feature: Impulse Noise Cancellation • Impulse sounds are sounds that contain sound events of short duration. This leads to a rapid increase in sound level. • An impulse noise can be caused by a slamming door, for example. • These noises are separately detected and attenuated by modern hearing aids. Inaudible high-pitched sounds, for example children's laughter, can be shifted accordingly to a lower, audible frequency range. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 8 By OpenClipart-Vectors at Pixabay
  9. New Feature: Directional Microphones • Background noise can make it difficult to participate in conversations when hearing loss is present, as the words of the person you are talking to no longer come across clearly and understandably. • The use of directional microphones can help here. These are microphones that pick up sound coming from the front, but attenuate sound coming from other directions more strongly. • State-of-the-art systems can not only pick up frontal sound, but also adaptively pick up multiple speakers from different directions in a 360° range. • Many models also have the ability to automatically amplify soft sounds and attenuate loud ones. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 9 by IO-Images at Pixabay
  10. And further beyond: Digitalization • Today, hearing aids are fully digital and equipped with miniature computers. • This makes them wearables - Internet-enabled assistants that are worn directly on or even inside the body, like computer glasses or a smartwatch. • They are networked with each other using wireless technologies such as Bluetooth connections, which are established by radio and therefore without cables. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 10 By geralt at Pixabay
  11. And further beyond: Digitalization • By pairing the right and left hearing aids, wearers not only hear as if they had two healthy ears and can easily locate sound sources spatially and orient themselves. • They can also pair their hearing aids with their smartphone, hi-fi system or TV, either directly or via an adapter. • Then they can leave their cell phone in their pocket when making a call and hear the person they are talking to clearly - directly in their ear. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 11 By JESHOOTS-com at Pixabay
  12. Where can I get a hearing aid? • Hearing aids are approved and tested medical devices. They are individually fitted by qualified hearing care professionals. • If you want to detect hearing loss in time, you should get a hearing test with an ear, nose and throat specialist. If the appropriate conditions are met, he or she will prescribe hearing aids. In some cases, a hearing implant is also a possibility. • In Germany, you can find an ENT doctor in your area, for example, by using the doctor search of Ihr- • Alternatively, you can also contact a hearing acoustician in your area, for example via the service of Ihr- Hörgerä How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 12
  13. Where can I find more information (in German)? • European Hearing Instruments Manufacturers Association – (English) • Bundesverband der Hörsysteme-Industrie e.V. – • Welttag des Hörens 2022 – • Info-Portal Ihr-Hörgerä mit Hörakustiker- und HNO-Arztsuche – • Initiative Hörgesundheit – https://www.initiative-hö • Der BVHI @ LinkedIn – • Der BVHI @ Instagram – • Der BVHI @ Twitter – • Der BVHI @ Facebook – • Der BVHI @ YouTube – How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 13
  14. How does a hearing aid work? | BVHI | 21.01.2022 THANKYOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! 14