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12. Strategic Business Plan Outline

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12. Strategic Business Plan Outline

  1. 1. STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE This outline is from the same source as Strategic Plan Format #3 but is much more comprehensive and one could argue it is more of a business plan than a straight forward pithy strategic plan. Either way, if you complete this for your business you will be well on the way to a planned outcome, rather than being an accident going somewhere to happen! 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (a concise 1-2 page overview) 2. THE COMPANY A. Mission Statement B. Corporate Culture (Guiding Principles) C. Historical Direction & Results D. Management 3. SITUATIONAL (SWOT) ANALYSIS A. Strengths B. Weaknesses C. Opportunities D. Threats 4. MARKET RESEARCH A. Competition B. Clients C. Other 5. MARKETING GOALS (must be measurable) A. Consumer Awareness B. Market Share C. Diversification D. Channels of distribution (for your services & products) E. Other 6. SERVICE (PRODUCT) DEVELOPMENT A. Descriptions of Services & Products to be Offered C. Pricing D. Delivery Systems E. Delivery Capability F. Suppliers of Critical Elements 7. MARKETING PLAN A. Strategies & Tactics B. Client Segmentation C. Positioning
  2. 2. D. Advertising E. Public Relations F. Cross-Selling to Clients G Test Marketing H. Other 8. FINANCIAL PLAN A. Revenue Sources: Capital Requirements; Sources of Funds B. Financial Assumptions: Revenue; Expenses C. Proforma Financial Statements D. Financial Controls: Cash Flow Budget (monthly); Financial Statement Analysis (critical ratios); Budget Variance Analysis; Financial Reviews and Audits 9. RISK FACTORS (see SWOT analysis) & CONTINGENCIES A. Revenue Shortfall B. Negative Legislation (e.g.: flat tax) C. Economic Recession D. Competition E. Technology F. Adverse Publicity 10. ASSESSMENT AND REVIEW A. Tracking Systems B. Break-even Analysis of Each Campaign C. Client Satisfaction Survey D. Associate Input (Advisory Board) E. Market Share Analysis F. Market Survey 11. APPENDICES: A. Market Research Study – Clients B. Market Research Study – Competition C. Market Research Study – Environment D. Key Sources of Information Adapted from: quot;Strategic Business Planning: Developing Your Business Planquot; - http://www.zeromillion.com/business/writing-business-plan.html#ixzz0FCbbPrie&A