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Personal Branding with Social Media by @JoeyShepp

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Social media is perfect for discovering, creating and maintaining a personal brand. Learn the history of personal branding, then connect that to managing with social media including a personal website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Personal Branding with Social Media by @JoeyShepp

  1. 1. Personal Branding with Social Media School of Business and Leadership Dominican University of California
  2. 2. About MeJoey SheppEarthsiteFounder and PrincipleProfessional SpeakerGreenMBA AlumnusJoeyShepp.com
  3. 3. Presentation Roadmap1. Personal Branding2. Social Media3. Discover Your Brand4. Tell Your Story5. Create Your Brand6. Maintain Your Brand7. Advanced Sections
  4. 4. PersonalBranding A quick history
  5. 5. Personal Branding DefinedPersonal branding is the process wherebypeople and their careers are treated asbrands.While self-help management techniques areabout self-improvement, the personalbranding concept suggests instead thatsuccess comes from self-packaging.
  6. 6. Think and Grow Rich1937 motivationalpersonal developmentand self-help book writtenby Napoleon Hill.13 principles in the formof a philosophy ofpersonal achievement“Know very clearly whereyou want to go”
  7. 7. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind 1981 book by Al Ries and Jack Trout Positioning Yourself and Your Career - You can benefit by using positioning strategy to advance your own career Key principle: Don’t try to do everything yourself. Find a horse to ride".
  8. 8. Social Media isChanging the World
  9. 9. What is Social Media?Social NetworkingOnline VideoBlogging/MicrobloggingRatings/ReviewsSharing Content
  10. 10. Facebook Growth1 Billion Active Usersas of Oct 2012If it were a country itwould be the 3rdlargest in the world.81% outside of theUSA
  11. 11. Growth
  12. 12. Media Evolution
  13. 13. New Media Model
  14. 14. Social Media is Perfectfor Personal Branding Free and accessible tools to communicate Infinite niches to fit into Break down boundaries of space and time Rich media to express yourself Hyper networked Access to information
  15. 15. Personal BrandingMeets Social Media A Perfect Match
  16. 16. Me 2.0: Four Steps toBuilding Your FutureDan Schawbel, 2010Shows job seekers andestablished professionalsalike how to leverage thepower of online media forpersonal empowermentand career successDiscover your brand,create your brand,communicate your brandand maintain your brand
  17. 17. Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself Build an authentic storyline and online identity that gets you the right opportunities Choose the best social media tools for your personal goals Get new projects or jobs through your online friends and followers
  18. 18. Personal Branding For Dummies Distinguishing yourself from the competition is important in any facet of business. Creating a clear and concise image, reputation, and status in the professional world provides an edge, whether searching for a first job, exploring a change in career, or looking to be more viable and successful in your current career.
  19. 19. Discover Your Brand
  20. 20. The Value of Self-DiscoveryTake time off for selfdiscoveryWhat’s a year of yourlife used for self-discovery compared to adecade feeling out ofplace?Link your skill set andpassion with a paththat’s right for you
  21. 21. Your self-impression= How people perceive you ~Dan Schawbel
  22. 22. Telling Your Story Tip from the Experts
  23. 23. You’re Already Doing It "I dont care what business youre in, everybody today is in the branding and customer service business. Whether you know it or not, you already are." ~ Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Library TVSOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-2010-4?op=1
  24. 24. Leverage Who You Are "I injected my personality into as many aspects of my business as possible. This is evident from the cigar bands to the website design, to the all-inclusive packaging concept, and my moniker. Bow Tie Cigars is me, and I am Bow Tie Cigars." ~ Billie King Bow Tie CigarsSOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-2010-4?op=1
  25. 25. You Must Buy Into Your Own Brand "I am invested in the idea of respecting our bodies and treating them well," says Donenfeld, "And those leanings naturally come through in everything I do, especially within the brand. Its easy if you believe in it!" ~ Jill Donenfeld The Dishs DishSOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-2010-4?op=1
  26. 26. Use a Memorable Visual Hook Put simply, says Child, the dog sells. "Weve become the largest provider of our services in most of our markets in record time. Much of that success stems from simply being able to get in front of the customer and demonstrate the value of our services thanks to Olive." ~Jack ChildSOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-2010-4?op=1
  27. 27. Be Authentic "Something about sharing my entire being, putting myself out there in an imperfect, fun and unique way resonated with lots of other people. And its a helluva lot more fun!" ~ Sandy Garson, Sandy Grason UnlimitedSOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-ways-to-build-your-personal-brand-2010-4?op=1
  28. 28. Practice Your PitchPractice by gettingcomfortable meetingstrangersSocial media works thesame as in-personHave your story readyto go and Don’t missopportunities
  29. 29. Create Your Brand Basic Elements of Your Personal Brand
  30. 30. Business CardDesign Design Online with Templates Custom Design - IllustratorVendors MooCard - Mini Cards Vista Print - Free Cards! Greener Printer - Eco Cards PsPrint - Cheap Cards
  31. 31. ResumeCore Elements Resume Cover Letter ReferencesKeep current andmake relevant toeach opportunity
  32. 32. Your EmailBranded Domain best,like @YourName.comor @BusinessName.comIf a free account, best touse your real name, likefirstname.lastname@gmail.comHotmail and Yahoomay date you!
  33. 33. Blog/Personal WebsiteChoose a PlatformURL is importantAdd URL to all yourpersonal branding assetsAdd MediaIntegration Social Media
  34. 34. LinkedIn ProfileProfessional PhotoComplete ResumeMake Connectionswith all people youmeetCardmunch App toScan Business Cards
  35. 35. Facebook ProfileUnderstandingPermissions for Publicvs. PrivateSet Public ElementsPeople can “Subscribe”to Public
  36. 36. Twitter ProfileProfessionalPhotoKeyword RichBioReply toengagements
  37. 37. Grow Your Brand Maintaining your Digital Identity
  38. 38. Your Online Impression May Be Your First Impression Maintain your digital presence, stay current Share your social media links Explore other’s digital identities, get ideas
  39. 39. Document Your WorkBe diligent andbefore long you’llhave something toreference Blog Photos Video Notes Build a Timeline
  40. 40. Follow UpFollow up immediatelyafter networking eventsFollow up immediatelywhen opportunitiesariseFollow up even if youdon’t have anything todeliver, but set atimeline
  41. 41. Google YourselfTest your personalbranding by Googlingyour nameCan’t remove whatyou don’t wantBUT, you can addmore of what youwant
  42. 42. Maintain a Cohesive StoryKeep your contentproduction focused onyour career goalsFocus your history onhow it got you towhere you are todayand where you want togo tomorrow
  43. 43. Persistent ReputationYour digital reputationstays for lifeTreat your reputationas if it’s permanentUse it to build trustGo for the long term
  44. 44. Become a Thought LeaderProduce contentregularly and stay ontopicBlog, Tweet,Instagram, Pinterest,YouTubeBefore long, you’llhave proof of yourexpertise
  45. 45. AdvancedWorkshopAddendum This section goesinto greater detail on creating and maintaining your personal brand
  46. 46. Personal Website (Blogging Included)
  47. 47. PlatformsWordpress.comWordpress.orgBlogger/BlogspotTumblerJoomlaWebsGoDaddyGoogle SitesWix
  48. 48. Your URL is KeyMemorable and SearchableYourName.com is ideal Try .org, .net, .meFocus networking on yourURL: Use the URL on your paper resume Use the URL on all of your social networks Use the URL on your business cards and any other marketing materials
  49. 49. Format and DesignResume Style - OnePageBlog - ChronologicalPortfolio - GalleryLayoutCustom - AdvancedLayouts
  50. 50. Add MediaVideosInterviewsPresentationsGalleries
  51. 51. Integrate Social Media Easy links/icons to your Social Media Profiles Facebook Likebox Twitter Latest Tweets Make your content shareable: ShareThis, AddThis
  52. 52. BloggingPick TopicsLength - 2-3Paragraphs MinimumFrequency - 1/weekstarting goalKeywords - Use careerkeywordsShare you blog postwith social media
  53. 53. LinkedIn
  54. 54. Your ProfileProfessional PhotoKeep your ProfileCurrentWrite GoodSummary LineDon’t auto syncTwitter/FacebookCheck Grammar andSpelling
  55. 55. Your NetworkBuildingConnectionsCardmunch AppRapportive for gMailKnowing email iskey to makingconnectionsRecommendationsand Endorsements
  56. 56. MaintainingFollow UpOutreach “Asks”Target SegmentsGroups andDiscussionsNews reading andSharingPro Account
  57. 57. Twitter
  58. 58. Your ProfileProfessional PhotoShort Summary,KeywordsBackground ImageBuild Lists
  59. 59. Twitter AppsTwitter.com Desktopand Mobile SitesTwitter App for iOSand MacTweetBotTweetDeckHootsuiteBuffer
  60. 60. Building FollowersFollowInfluencers 2,000 LimitMentionsFollow Friday
  61. 61. ContentProduce regularcontent. Ideally afew a day.Links to NewsProvide your pointof view on populartopicsMentions/Credit
  62. 62. ListeningTrack terms/hashtagsFind new followersRetweetComment
  63. 63. Facebook
  64. 64. Your Public Search ListingTo preview your publicsearch listing: Go to Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Edit Settings. Scroll down to Public Search and click Edit Settings. Click the See preview link next to Public Search.
  65. 65. What Should People See?Your Profile Photo, ifprofessionalYour professionalwebsite link(s)Your eduction andprofessionalinformation
  66. 66. Friend vs. SubscribeFriends see your entireprofile, photos, etc.Subscribe sees justyour public postsFacebook movingmore public
  67. 67. PrivacyTurn off ability forothers to Tag you inPhotos … if you mighthave stuff to hideCarefully considerwhat to post private, tofriends or public
  68. 68. Questions?
  69. 69. Follow Me@JoeyShepp@Earthsite@SocialGoodMedia
  70. 70. This work is licensed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/or send a letter toCreative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.