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11 solutions to your Startup Problems

In this PPT we will share Free and easy to use applications for Agile work environment that can help you in your Startups.

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11 solutions to your Startup Problems

  1. 1. 11 Solutions to your Startup Problems Free and easy to use applications for Agile work environment www.beonsystems.com
  2. 2.  For Team and Task Management  Assign and Track Tasks through Boards, Cards & Lists  Can be used through Desktop, Tab or Mobile Phone 1. Trello for Team Management
  3. 3.  Share large data file rather than using Email  Provide you large space of data to store data on cloud  Can be synchronized with Desktop 2. Dropbox or Google Drive for Shared File Storage
  4. 4.  Manage the time of team members  You can export data in CSV format  Keep a record of how much time is spent working 3. SlimTimer for Time Management
  5. 5.  Set-up your personalized email address  Real-time conversation with your social media contacts  Search the Web through Thunderbird 4. ThunderBird for Free Email
  6. 6.  Send and manage Invoices online.  fastest way to track time and invoice your clients  Invite contractors to join your team and track time on projects 5. FreshBooks for Accounting
  7. 7.  Send Invoice Digitally Online  Receive payments , both online and offline  Automatic processing of reversals 6. Invoice Journal for Online Invoicing
  8. 8.  Save the cost of Microsoft Windows  Helpful if you are not using High-End Softwares  Compatible with all your accessories 7. Ubuntu for Operating System
  9. 9.  Best alternative to the Microsoft Office  Improvements to document import and export filters for MS Office, PDF, RTF, and more  LibreOffice is a Free Software 8. Libre Office for Office Suite
  10. 10.  Google Docs can be used Offline also  Support file types that can be converted to a Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation  Files can be shared with other users as well 9. Google Docs for Document Collaboration
  11. 11.  All team communication is one place  Integration with services we already use  All content is searchable from one search box 10. Slack for Team Communcation
  12. 12.  An open-source GUI Prototyping tool  Create mockups in popular desktop platforms  Pencil supports publishing the document into different types of formats 11. Pencil for GUI Prototyping
  13. 13. About Beon Systems UX for Mobile Apps UX for SaaS UX for Startups User Experience Design Company We design valuable experiences catering to all form factors - Mobile, Web, Tab & Desktop. We encompass all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the products.
  14. 14. Beon Systems design@beonsystems.com +91-7696 090727 www.beonsystems.com For queries and feedback…. Please get in touch with us at Thank You https://www.facebook.com/uxatbeonhttps://twitter.com/beonsystems https://www.linkedin.com/company/beon-systems