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The Role of the Salesforce Administrator

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Identify the latest Salesforce Administrator trends from our Salesforce Usage Report 2017 using data from over 1,200 Salesforce respondents.

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The Role of the Salesforce Administrator

  1. 1. FUTURE INVESTMENT IN SALESFORCE 52% of Salesforce Administrators have committed to investing more in the Salesforce platform in 2017 22% plan to invest more in the Salesforce platform Only 8% will not further invest in Salesforce 18% have no plans to further invest in the Salesforce platform SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR THE ROLE OF THE 47 ,416 - 55,4 76 109 ,816 - 129, 567 BIGGEST SALESFORCE CHALLENGES Data quality/ missing information 81% User adoption 65% Duplicate Records 28% Who’s best at tackling Salesforce challenges & improving the quality of the CRM system? x5 Companies with a Salesforce Admin are 5x more likely to accurately forecast pipeline & close rates BENEFITS OF USING 89% of Salesforce Administrators are actively using Trailhead 11% are not vs. 86% expect their salary to increase as a direct result of using Trailhead 61% expect to improve their organisation’s revenue 54% expect to improve career progression 44% expect to gain respect from management & peers DOWNLOAD THE FULL Salesforce Usage Report from ebsta.com/salesforce-report Ebsta provides intelligent email integrations designed to help you protect and increase revenue AVERAGE SALARY FOR A SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR* * Mason Frank International 2016 https://www.masonfrank.com/salesforce-salary-survey