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The six worst sales traits

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The six worst sales traits

  1. 1. SIX WORST SALES TRAITS www.ebsta.com @ebstahq linkedin.com/company/ebsta THE
  2. 2.     Are you really listening or just waiting to speak again? Your prospects know the difference, do you? NOT LISTENING
  3. 3. You wouldn’t buy a car from your green grocer or vice versa. You won’t sell if you don’t know the product inside out. POOR PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE    
  4. 4.         Step away from your sales pitch, stop interrupting and listen to your prospect. Make it a two way conversation. BEING BORING
  5. 5. Turn your sales calls into a game. If you can get the prospect to speak for the majority of the call you have won. Play to their ego!     TOP TIP!    
  6. 6.         LEADING QUESTIONS A prospect knows exactly what you’re doing. Leading questions lead to assumptions. Have an open conversation.
  7. 7.         Put yourself in the customers shoes to really understand the value of the sale. Relate to their field of work and build a relationship. A LACK OF EMPATHY
  8. 8.     ASKING FOR A SOLUTION You are selling the solution, don’t ask how they want the problem solved!    
  9. 9.         SECONDS OUT! Put what you have learnt into practice and knock out your targets. www.ebsta.com  
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