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How Do I Find Books?

Guidance and tips on finding books using the Harris Learning Library's online search tool.

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How Do I Find Books?

  1. 1. How do I… …Find Books?
  2. 2. How to Find Books Using OMNI Search Begin at the Library website at www.eclibrary.ca
  3. 3. Decide on search terms.  Think of single words or short phrases that represent the main ideas of your topic.  Examples: The Hobbit, Margaret Atwood, forestry, drug abuse, children and video games  Use these as search terms in the Search Box.
  4. 4. Conduct a Search Type your information into the Nipissing Search or Canadore Search box. Insert a title, author name or subject of interest.
  5. 5. Search Results Page for “Underground Railroad”
  6. 6. Nipissing Users: For best results sign in using your login. Same as WebAdvisor credentials. Canadore Users: For best results, conduct your search and access individual items and then sign in. Same as Network Login credentials.
  7. 7. To change topics or to try other ideas add to the current search or select New Search from the top menu bar.
  8. 8. Research Tips: Join multiple search terms with “and”.
  9. 9. Try combining a topic with the name of an author.
  10. 10. Understanding the Search Results As a default Results are listed by Relevance (this can be changed in the Sort By drop down menu).
  11. 11. Modify Your Search Results  Results include various types of resources.  Modify your results to ONLY view books by selecting Books & eBooks under resource type.  Don’t forget to APPLY FILTERS.
  12. 12. Modified Search Results  Notice the results narrowed down from 35,000 + results to 35 results  Other options are available (i.e. Date range, Author/ Creator, etc.)
  13. 13. Item Information Record The Call Number is the item’s “address” on the shelves. Note the library the item belongs to, it’s current location and availability. Location tells you where to go in the library to find the item.
  14. 14. In this example, the book is held at the Commerce Court Library.
  15. 15. The location is “Standard Shelving”, which means the book is available and can be checked out.
  16. 16. The call number for this book is FC106.B6 P755 2004, which is on the third floor at the Harris Learning Library.
  17. 17. In this example, the Location indicates that the book is checked out and provides its due date.
  18. 18. E-Books “Available Online” means that the item is an e-book. Select the Available Online link.
  19. 19. E-Books The item record should provide the link to access the e-book online. Select the link to access the book online.
  20. 20. Libraries in the Search Results Harris Learning Library  Located at the College Drive campus Canadore – Commerce Court  Located at the Commerce Court Campus Available Online  Electronic access only for these items
  21. 21. Harris Learning Library Item Record Locations Where is that? Standard shelving location Regular shelves on 2nd & 3rd floors Reference material 1st floor, by Info Desk Circulation Desk 1st floor, near front doors Archives 1st floor Popular Collection 1st floor Audiobooks 2nd floor Oversize 2nd floor Electronic resource Accessible online
  22. 22. Not finding what you need? • Check the spelling of your search terms • Try variations of your search terms, such as: • Synonyms, i.e., adolescents, youths, teenagers • Closely related words, i.e., computer games, video games • Alternate spellings, i.e., behavior, behaviour • Plural or singular, i.e., women, woman • Try broader search terms, i.e., Canada instead of Ontario • Try more specific terms, i.e., anorexia instead of eating disorders Here are some tips:
  23. 23. We’re here to help! If you need any assistance using the OMNI Search or in the Library, please come to the Info Desk! You can also contact us at:  705-474-3450 ext. 4221  Or 1-800-655-5154 (choose Library)  info@eclibrary.ca