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Mobile game Marketing Plan                             1
• Chinese	  IOS	  Market• How	  to	  enter	  Chinese	  Market• Case	  Introduc6on• Coopera6on	  Mode• Company	  Introduc6o...
IOSMarket	  in	  China                           3
How	  Many	  IOS	  in	  China?   12,000,000         Data sources: www.tongbu.com                                          ...
IOS	  distribution	  in	  China                                        Age	  distribution          iTouch                 ...
How	  to	  enter	  the	  Chinese	  Market          (Marke6ng	  Resource)                                                 6
Mobile	  three-­‐dimensional	  marke;ng               Mobile	  game	  marke;ng	  solu;ons                     Three-­‐dime...
●	  Three	  Powerful	  Media	  Coopera6on:QQ—China’s	  Facebook                                                           ...
●	  Three	  Powerful	  Media	  Coopera;on:Sina—China’s	  TwiJer                                     Sina:                 ...
●	  Three	  Powerful	  Media	  Coopera6on:Baidu—China’s	  GoogleOver 20 million downloadBaidu:    ——Average	  daily	  Logi...
Public	  praise	  and	  Opera;on	  experience                                                                ios	  game	  ...
Coopera;on	  with	  App	  recommenda;on	  site                                                                            ...
Efficient	  push	  to	  accurate	  users  1、Mul;ple	  forms	  of	  adver;sing                                   Support	  a	...
Efficient	  push	  to	  accurate	  users 2、Wide	  coverage    Covering	  over	  200	  million,	  ie	  75%	  of	  mobile	  In...
Own	  Products	  to	  push	  each	  other                                                 15
Strategic	  Alliance	  of	  powerful	  Apps     Fishing	  Joy:                                   Mei	  Tu	  Xiu	  Xiu:    ...
Case	  Introduc;on                      17
Figh;ng	  	  of	  	  Sango                             Figh;ng	  of	  Sango:                                 Game	  name:F...
Figh;ng	  	  of	  	  Sango            2010-­‐2011                 1                                        2              ...
Figh;ng	  	  of	  	  Sango                                          Evalua;on	  text              Forum	  recommenda;on   ...
Sango	  Millionaire                  Characteris;cs	  of	  this	  game:                       1)Across	  the	  ancient	  6...
Sango	  Millionaire                        1                                               2               2012.01.09     ...
Sango	  Millionaire               Covering	  59million	  fans                                               23
Coopera6on	  Mode                     24
Coopera;on	  Mode        1      Proxy	  Chinese	  district	  promo;on               im2.0	  investment	  of	  promo;on	   ...
we can help    1    Joint issue promotion of Tencent and Sina         Joint promotion of all kinds of industries    2    r...
Company	  introduc6on                         27
I n t e r a c t i v e 	   G r o u pInnova6ve	  Open-­‐minded	  Diversified	  Excellent                                     ...
IM	  2.0	  About	  us• Founded	  at	  the	  end	  of	  2008• Head	  office	  in	  Beijing	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	 ...
IM2.0	  Capital	  situa;on• Angel	  investors            •      Cai	  Wensheng、	  Lei	  Jun• TusPark	  Ventures           ...
IM2.0	  People         资本概况                  31
IM2.0	  People         资本概况                  32
IM2.0	  People         资本概况                  33
IM2.0	  Core	  client	  Group          资本概况                                    Core	  client	  Group  Client	  Service&	  ...
IM2.0	  Goal&Belief                       35
IM2.0	  Differen;a;on                        36
IM2.0	  Differen;a;on                        37
IM2.0	  Differen;a;on                        38
IM2.0	  Clients                   39
IM2.0	  Case                                   Social	  Interac;ve	  Marke;ng  Social	  Game	  Customiza;on               ...
We	  are	  looking	  forward	  to	  coopera;ng                               	  with	  you     Rui Song |  宋锐             ...
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Chinese ios game free marketing cooperation plan

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Chinese ios game free marketing cooperation plan

  1. 1. Mobile game Marketing Plan 1
  2. 2. • Chinese  IOS  Market• How  to  enter  Chinese  Market• Case  Introduc6on• Coopera6on  Mode• Company  Introduc6on 2
  3. 3. IOSMarket  in  China 3
  4. 4. How  Many  IOS  in  China? 12,000,000 Data sources: www.tongbu.com 4
  5. 5. IOS  distribution  in  China Age  distribution iTouch other 13.30% 17.3% ipad 16.45% iphone 18~34 70.25% 82.7% Data sources:www.tongbu.com    www.iimedia.cn  Source:艾媒咨询(iimedia  research) 5
  6. 6. How  to  enter  the  Chinese  Market (Marke6ng  Resource) 6
  7. 7. Mobile  three-­‐dimensional  marke;ng Mobile  game  marke;ng  solu;ons Three-­‐dimensional  Marke6ng Three   Public   Efficient   Own   Poweful   Powerful Praise push Products  to App Media   Opera6on   Push  each   Strategic   Accurate  coopera6on experience other Alliance users 7
  8. 8. ●  Three  Powerful  Media  Coopera6on:QQ—China’s  Facebook Age  distribution 18↓ 10% 30↑ 9% Income distribution 25~29 26% 19~24 10K↑ 9% 55% 2K↓ 6K~8K 26% 16% QQ  App  Centre:      ——Average  daily  Login  user:  Tens  of            millions   2K~6K    ——Daily  download    peak:More  than  Ten  million      ——Month  download  amount:  Hundreds  of  millions 49% 8
  9. 9. ●  Three  Powerful  Media  Coopera;on:Sina—China’s  TwiJer Sina:  ——Average  daily  Login  user:  Tens  of  millions    ——Daily  download    peak: More  than  Ten  million   More than 250 million registered users Over 20 million download 9
  10. 10. ●  Three  Powerful  Media  Coopera6on:Baidu—China’s  GoogleOver 20 million downloadBaidu: ——Average  daily  Login  user:   Tens  of  millions    ——Daily  download    peak: More  than  Ten  million   10
  11. 11. Public  praise  and  Opera;on  experience ios  game  Top  Website  in  China The  first  and  largest  Chinese  on  Apple   products  and  iOS  development  net  work Most  popular  Chinese  iPhone  network 50+  Mobile  Internet  industry  partners 11
  12. 12. Coopera;on  with  App  recommenda;on  site Top  brand  of  free-­‐limit  App Top  1  in  Chinese  region  Top  2  in   Taiwan  region  Top  1  in   HongKong  region Apple’s  annual  Gold  List  34It  collect  global  Free-­‐ (leading)limit  App  and  games,  especially  in  China,8000+  5Stars  evalua6on Present  popular  sobware   app,  ho`est  mobile   game  、the  depth  of  the   trial  evalua6on  and   Rapid  discovery  of   prac6cal  skills ho`est  and  funniest   game  and  App.  Save   money,6me  and  flow   fee App  Daily  Downloads   more  than  40  million  ;mes/home 12
  13. 13. Efficient  push  to  accurate  users 1、Mul;ple  forms  of  adver;sing Support  a  variety  of  forms  of  adver;sing (banner  image  、banner  text,image  ads,full-­‐screen  animated  ads,rich  media  ads,etc.)   13
  14. 14. Efficient  push  to  accurate  users 2、Wide  coverage Covering  over  200  million,  ie  75%  of  mobile  Internet  users  in  China Integra6on  of  the  leading  WAP  site  and    high-­‐quality  adver6sing  resources  of  the  massive   applica6on  (APP) 3、Precision  Push Behavioral Geographical targe6ng orienta6on Operator Time targe6ng orienta6on Mul6-­‐dimensional  targe6ng  to  make   the  push  more  accurate Media targe6ng 14
  15. 15. Own  Products  to  push  each  other 15
  16. 16. Strategic  Alliance  of  powerful  Apps Fishing  Joy: Mei  Tu  Xiu  Xiu: Jinshan  baJery  doctor: It  was  on-­‐line  in  April  2011, App  Store  2011  years  best   Jinshan  sobware  produc6on and  ranked  top  1  in  33   product  (total  download   countries  and  regions.  And   amount  ranked  13,  TOP  1  in   More  than  6  million  people   was  the  champion  of  the   photography  category around  the  world  love  jinshan   total  income  in  16  countries   ba`ery  doctor! and  regions  and  become  an   IOS  +  Android Ranked  TOP10  on  free   essen6al  sobware  installed.   billboard  in  More  than  10   It  ranked  among  top  3  in   35  million  users countries  and  regions   major  App  market. Ranked  Top  10  on  free-­‐  tool   billboard  More  than  30   In  Mid-­‐December  2011.  It’s   countries  and  regions users  has  exceeded  37   million  ,  and  daily  ac6ve   users  were  up  to  3.8  million   all  over  the  world. 16
  17. 17. Case  Introduc;on 17
  18. 18. Figh;ng    of    Sango Figh;ng  of  Sango: Game  name:Figh6ng  of  Sango:Legend  of  Heroes Game  Language:Chinese、English、German、Spanish、Japanese、Thai Game  Type:  Tower  Defense Opera6ng  environment:iOS  3.0,iPhone、iPod  touch、iPad、android Game  capacity:76.3MB Game  Developer:im20  interac6ve 18
  19. 19. Figh;ng    of    Sango 2010-­‐2011 1 2 3 4 Dec.25th    2010 Apr.8th    2011 Jun.  30th  2011 Oct.25th    2011 iPhone  free  App iPhone    Paid  App iPad  Paid  App Android  ver.• Ranked#1  Aber   • Ac6ve  explora6on   18  hours  in  free   • Ranked#1  Aber  36   • $3.99  Ranked  #6   on  Android  market AppStore hours  in  Paid   aber     AppStore • Integrated  social  • >5,000,000   • $0.99  Ranked#1   resources  marke6ng downloads • >350,000   aber  24hours  in  Paid   downloads AppStore • Es6mate>4,000,000,• Ra6ng  4.5  star downlo-­‐ads • Awarded  the  4th   • >30,000  downloads mobile  Internet• Best  iOS  game   2010(Netease) • 19
  20. 20. Figh;ng    of    Sango Evalua;on  text Forum  recommenda;on Download  promo;on Popular  recommenda;on 20
  21. 21. Sango  Millionaire Characteris;cs  of  this  game: 1)Across  the  ancient  6me,modern  6me,and  the  Stone  Age  with  rich  maps  and   excellent  rounds. 2)Different  func6ons  of  cards  can  help  you  become  a  Millionaire  in  an  instant 3)Humourous  story  and  random  events  which  are  popular  burst  your  sides  with   laughter. 4)  With  excellent  pictures  and  Seven  unique  roles  for  you  to  choose 5)Two  modes  for  you  to  choose,  Mu6player  mode  is  supported  in  free  mode. 21
  22. 22. Sango  Millionaire 1 2 2012.01.09 2012.01.31 IPad/iPhone  ver.   Update • Ranked  Top1 • >2,000,000   (China)Aber  3days   in  free  App  Store downloads • >1,000,000, downloads  in  20days     • Ra6ng  4.5  star       More  than  ten   thousand   • Ra6ng  4.5  star praises                                 in  App  Store • More  than  ten   thousand  praises  in   App  Store 22
  23. 23. Sango  Millionaire Covering  59million  fans 23
  24. 24. Coopera6on  Mode 24
  25. 25. Coopera;on  Mode 1 Proxy  Chinese  district  promo;on im2.0  investment  of  promo;on   2 resources,Partners’  0  input 3 Coopera;on  division 4 Transparent  billing  data 25
  26. 26. we can help 1 Joint issue promotion of Tencent and Sina Joint promotion of all kinds of industries 2 resources input costs, advertising promotion Alliance of Own high-quality games pushing 3 mutually. 4 Commercial implantation of brand advertisers 26
  27. 27. Company  introduc6on 27
  28. 28. I n t e r a c t i v e   G r o u pInnova6ve  Open-­‐minded  Diversified  Excellent 28
  29. 29. IM  2.0  About  us• Founded  at  the  end  of  2008• Head  office  in  Beijing                                                         Branch  office  in  Shanghai• More  than  250  staff   29
  30. 30. IM2.0  Capital  situa;on• Angel  investors • Cai  Wensheng、  Lei  Jun• TusPark  Ventures (Early  2010)• ORIENTAL  FORTUNE    CAPITAL (Mid  of  2011) 30
  31. 31. IM2.0  People 资本概况 31
  32. 32. IM2.0  People 资本概况 32
  33. 33. IM2.0  People 资本概况 33
  34. 34. IM2.0  Core  client  Group 资本概况 Core  client  Group Client  Service&  Strategic  plans  Crea6ve  Services Media  Planning  &  Purchase Project&  Product  Management Func;onal  Expert  GroupCommunity  Marke6ng   Mobile  Marke6ng  Services     SEM  Marke6ng  Serivices Services 34
  35. 35. IM2.0  Goal&Belief 35
  36. 36. IM2.0  Differen;a;on 36
  37. 37. IM2.0  Differen;a;on 37
  38. 38. IM2.0  Differen;a;on 38
  39. 39. IM2.0  Clients 39
  40. 40. IM2.0  Case Social  Interac;ve  Marke;ng Social  Game  Customiza;on Mobile  Internet 40
  41. 41. We  are  looking  forward  to  coopera;ng  with  you Rui Song |  宋锐 Rui Song |  李琰然 Senior Business Manager Business Manager IM2.0 Interactive  IM2.0 Interactive  Mobile :+86-18611741115 Mobile :+86-13240007977 O:+86 21 65630393-8227 O:+86 21 65630393-8227 MSN : edi1004@hotmail.com MSN : aeagn24yanran@hotmail.com QQ : 56126312 QQ : 37669831 Mail:rui.song@im20.com.cn Mail:yanran.li@im20.com.cn www.im20.com.cn www.im20.com.cn 41