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  1. Technical Teaching Equipment NEW EDIBON PRODUCTS
  2. Technical Teaching Equipment 1. NEW EDIBON PRODUCTS List of new units: - Electronics - Communications - Electricity - Energy - Mechatronics & Automation - Mechanics & Materials - Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics - Thermodynamics & Thermotechnics - Process Control - Chemical Engineering - Environment
  3. Technical Teaching Equipment 2. Electricity/Electronics/Communications (redesign) - Furniture Electrical application Electronic and Communication LIELBA
  4. 1. List of new units 2. Electronics: ** Electronic boards. (redesign) * BS-11. Coupled Tanks Test Module. Technical Teaching Equipment 3. Communications: * EAN. Antenna Trainer. * EANC. Computer Controlled Antenna Trainer. * ESA. Satellite Trainer. * EMI. Microwave Trainer. * EMIC. Computer Controlled Microwave Trainer. * EBL. Bluetooth Trainer. * ETM. Cellular Mobile Trainer. * ERA. Radar Trainer. * ELT. Transmission Lines Trainer. * ELAN. Lan Trainer. 4. Electricity: ** N-LIELBA. Electrical Laboratory: (redesign) Electrical Installations. Domotic Systems. Electrical Machines. Electromechanical Constructions. Power Systems Smart Grid Technology ** AD40. Remote Control Station Via Telephone. ** EECFP. Advanced Power Factor Controller Trainer. ** EESD. Advanced Digital Synchronization Trainer.
  5. Technical Teaching Equipment 5. Energy * ES1G. One Gas-oil Motor-Generator Set, covering Electrical Consumption Peaks. * ES2G. Grid Back-up with Two Gas-oil Motor-Generator Sets. * ES3G. Island Grid with Three Gas-oil Motor-Generator Sets. * EOEUC. Computer Controlled Oil Extraction Unit. * EFEUC. Computer Controlled Fracking Extraction Unit. ** TORC. Computer Controlled Organic Rankine Cycle Unit. * ETMC. Computer Controlled Ocean Thermal Energy Unit. * EG6C. Computer Controlled Geothermal (high enthalpy) Energy Unit. * ECESC. Computer Controlled Focusing Solar Energy Collector. 6. Mechatronics & Automation: * PLC-IN-8. Mixing Process Application (dentro de PLC-IN). 7. Mechanics & Materials: * MFCE. Centrifugal Force Unit. * MBMR. Balance of Reciprocating Masses. * MEAL. Cam Analysis Unit. * MGI. Gyroscope. * MVCC. Computer Controlled Critical Speed Investigation Unit. * MDFC. Coriolis Force Demonstration Unit. * MESE. Geared Systems Study Unit. * MDA. Arckermann Steering Mechanism. * MELH. Unit for studying Hooke’s Law. * MARP. Parabolic Arch Unit.
  6. Technical Teaching Equipment * MART. Three-Hinged Arch Unit. * MFCS1. Unit for studying Forces in Different Single Plane Trusses. * MFCS2. Unit for studying Forces in an Overdeterminate Truss. * MFPG. Unit for studing Forces in a Crane Jib. * MEVT. Torsional Vibration Unit. * MEVLB. Unit for studying Free Vibration of a Bar. * MMEL. Winch Mechanism. * MRYE1. Wheel and Axle Unit (equilibium of moment). * MRYE2. Wheel and Differential Axle Unit (equilibium of forces and moment). * MVRE. Vibration of Spiral Spring Unit. * MTSF. Worm and Wheel Unit. * MPCO. Journal Bearing Unit. * MEMT. Tribology Modular Trainer. ** EBVR. Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell Hardness Testing Unit. * MEER. Whirling of Shafts Unit. * MFGE. Unit for determining the Gauge Factor of Strain Gauges. * MEPE. Simple Stability Problems Study Unit. * MEGE. Stain Gauge Training Unit. * MFCS3. Unit for studying Deformation of Trusses. * MDLE. Unit for studying Methods to Determine the Elastic Line. 8. Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics: ** HECA. Air Flow Studies Unit. ** HFCC. Computer Controlled Flow of Compressible Fluids Unit. * PDDR. Unit for Transient Drainage Process in Storage Reservoirs. * HMFAC. Computer Controlled Axial Flow Turbomachines Unit.
  7. * PBEAB. Pumps Alignement and Study Bench. * HCDEC. Computer Controlled Two-Stage Compressor Test Unit. * HCRC. Computer Controlled Reciprocating Compressor Unit. Technical Teaching Equipment 9. Thermodynamics & Thermotechnics: * TRAF. Water Chiller Recirculating Unit. * TGAC. Hot Water Generator Unit. * TRRC. Computer Controlled Refrigeration Unit with Refrigeration and Freezing Chambers. * TRCC. Refrigeration System with Open Compressor. * TEDT. Thermal Expansion Training Unit. * TEMT. Temperature Measurement Training Unit. * TEV3V. Three-Way Mixing Valve Training Unit. * TEV4V. Four-Way Mixing Valve Training Unit. * TSCAC. Computer Controlled Air Duct Systems Unit. * TEIS. Sanitation Fittings Training Unit. * TIAP. Drinking Water Installation Unit. * TPAP. Protection of Drinking Water Training Unit. * TELT. Pipe Cleaning Training Unit. * TSID. Sewerage System Unit. * TSAC. Computer Controlled Air Conditioning System with Climatic Chamber. * TACC. Computer Controlled Air Conditioning System with climatic chamber and water chiller. ** TMHA. Air Humidity Measurement Unit. ** TLBGC. Computer Controlled Gas Laws Unit (Boyle and Gay-Lussac Laws) . * TIAAC. Computer Controlled Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger Unit. ** TECMC. Computer Controlled Marcet Boiler Unit. * TEGVC. Computer Controlled Steam Generation Unit. * TMHC. Computer Controlled Test Bench for Hybrid Engine.
  8. 10. Process Control: * CBFSC. Computer Controlled Fault Finding in Control Systems Unit. * CMDVC. Computer Controlled Multivariable Control Unit for Vacuum Degassing. * CMDAC. Computer Controlled Multivariable Control Unit for Stirrer Tank. Technical Teaching Equipment 11. Chemical Engineering: * QSAC. Computer Controlled Adsorptive Air Drying Unit. * POAC. Computer Controlled Advanced Oxidation Unit. ** QREC. Computer Controlled Batch Enzyme Reactor. * QRALC. Computer Controlled Airlift Reactor. * QCDIC. Computer Controlled Disc Centrifuge. * PFTC. Computer Controlled Drum Cell Filter. 13. Environment * PSNC. Computer Controlled Gas Flow Classification Unit. * PSMC. Computer Controlled Magnetic Separation Unit. * PCGC. Computer Controlled Gas Cyclone. * PFTC. Computer Controlled Drum Cell Filter. * PDDR. Unit for Transient Drainage Process in Storage Reservoirs. * PHCC. Computer Controlled Hydrocylone. * PEAC. Computer Controlled Adsorption Unit. * PFADC. Computer Controlled Dissolved Air Flotation Unit. * PPFAC. Computer Controlled Activated Sludge Process Unit. * PPBC. Computer Controlled Biofilm Process Unit. * PCCAC. Computer Controlled Water Quality Control Unit. * POAC. Computer Controlled Advanced Oxidation Unit. * PPTAC. Computer Controlled Water Treatment Plant.
  9. 2. Electricity/Electronics/Communication (redesign) 2.1. Furniture Technical Teaching Equipment Main Furnitures Empty Rack Complete Unit (Electricity)
  10. Technical Teaching Equipment 2.2. Electrical application Rack with an Electrical Module Electrical Module + Base and support Electrical Module together + Base and support
  11. 2.3. Electronic and Communication Technical Teaching Equipment Rack with Electronic board Electronic board + Base and support Electronic board together + Base and support
  12. Technical Teaching Equipment 2.4. LIELBA
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