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Ppls mvm2

Presented by Stuart Macdonald at the IT Professionals Forum (20/5/14) and the PPLS (School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences) RDM Workshop (6/5/14).

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Ppls mvm2

  1. 1. ITPF RDM presentation: 20 May 2014, Hugh Robson Building, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh DataShare and MANTRA Stuart Macdonald Associate Data Librarian EDINA & Data Library stuart.macdonald@ed.ac.uk
  2. 2. • EDINA and Data Library (EDL) together are a division within Information Services (IS) of the University of Edinburgh. • EDINA is a jisc-funded National Data Centre providing national online resources for education and research. • The Data Library service (established in 1983) assists Edinburgh University users in the discovery, access, use and management of research data assets.
  3. 3. • Mission statement: “We develop and deliver online services and digital infrastructure for UK research and education .. drawing upon knowledge and expertise gained through research, innovation and development.” • Networked access to a range of online resources for UK FE and HE • Services free at the point of use for use by staff and students in learning, teaching and research through institutional subscription • Focus is on service but also undertake R&D (projects  services) • delivers about 20 online services • has about 5-10 major projects (including services in development) • employs about 70 staff (Edinburgh & St Helens) EDINA National Data Centre
  4. 4. • Data Library & Consultancy • JISC-funded projects – DISC-UK DataShare (2007-2009) • Edinburgh DataShare Repository – Research Data MANTRA (2010-2011) – Data Audit Framework Implementation (2008) Data Library services and projects
  5. 5. Data Library & Consultancy Building relationships with researchers via postgraduate teaching activities, research support projects, IS Skills workshops, Research Data Management training and through traditional reference interviews. Such engagement contributes to bottom-up development of tools and services meant to serve academic community and ultimately improve both research efficiency and Effectiveness (Ref. UoE Research Data Management Roadmap) • finding… • accessing … • using … • teaching … • managing
  6. 6. DISC-UK DataShare Project DISC-UK DataShare Project – funded by JISC (March 2007 – March 2009) - a collaborative project which investigated the legal, cultural and technical issues surrounding research data sharing within UK tertiary education community • Explore new pathways to assist academics wishing to share their data over the Internet via Institutional Repositories (IRs) • Policy-Making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide - Green, A., Macdonald, S. and R. Rice, (2009). • Edinburgh DataShare digital repository – post project output – embedded into University Information Services policy
  7. 7. Edinburgh DataShare An online institutional repository of multi-disciplinary research datasets produced at the University of Edinburgh, hosted by the Data Library Researchers producing research data associated with a publication, or which has potential use for other researchers, can upload their dataset for sharing and safekeeping. A persistent identifier and suggested citation will be provided. DataShare is a customised DSpace instance with a selection of standards-compliant metadata fields useful for discovery of datasets, through Google and other search engines via OAI- PMH.
  8. 8. Edinburgh Datashare – technical development • DSpace Version 3.2 • Embargo option - coded to restrict full data download with open metadata until specified date • Open Data Commons Attribution License option • Theme aligned with University corporate style • Extension to DSpace to record bitstream downloads in usage statistics • Implementation of JACS for assigning keyword to content • Download All option (zip file of all item components) • Citation field automatically generated based on specified metadata values • Dublin Core-based metadata schema for datasets
  9. 9. Technical development cont’d Streamlined deposit workflow e.g. collapsible non-required metadata fields, clear licence information Load balancing between sites Development server enhancements – assist depositors to test functionality SWORD & batch ingesting (for large or many files from remote computers) Streaming & viewing heterogeneous content Use of DataCite DOIs Research data deposit from RSpace* electronic notebook interface into DataShare
  10. 10. Research Space (RSpace) A ‘next generation’ ELN designed specifically for enterprise deployments at Universities in order to manage experimental data and samples in an integrated online environment Collaborative functionality via Google Docs and wikis Database structure with fine tuned sharing and precise searching Messaging & notifications system allowing lab members to communicate about their research without having to leave the RSpace environment A full audit trail and two levels of electronic signatures, Research Space’s ELN is fully capable of supporting patentable research and compliance with regulations like 21 CFR part 11, so work which was previously done in the paper lab book can now be done electronically.
  11. 11. Research Data MANTRA Partnership between: Edinburgh University Data Library Institute for Academic Development Funded by JISC Managing Research Data Programme (Sept. 2010 – Aug. 2011)
  12. 12. Why manage research data? Data Deluge – exponential growth in the volume of digital research artefacts created within academia Data management is one of the essential areas of responsible conduct of research. By managing your data you will: • Meet funding body grant requirements. • Ensure research integrity and replication. • Ensure research data and records are accurate, complete, authentic and reliable. • Increase your research efficiency. • Enhance data security and minimise the risk of data loss. • Prevent duplication of effort by enabling others to use your data.
  13. 13. Grounded in three disciplinary contexts: social science, clinical psychology and geoscience Aim was to develop online interactive open learning resources for PhD students and early career researchers that will: • Raise awareness of the key issues related to research data management & contribute to culture change • Provide guidelines for good practice Project overview
  14. 14. Eight units with activities, scenarios and videos: • Research data explained • Data management plans • Organising data • File formats and transformation • Documentation and metadata • Storage and security • Data protection, rights and access • Preservation, sharing and licensing Four data handling practicals: SPSS, NVivo, R, ArcGIS Video stories from researchers in variety of settings Xerte Online Toolkits – University of Nottingham Online learning module
  15. 15. Online learning module • Delivered online – self-paced, available ‘anytime, anyplace’ • Emphasis on practical experience and active engagement via online activities • One hour per unit • Read and work through scenarios & activities (incl. videos etc) • CC licence to allow manipulation of content for re-use with attribution • Portable content in open standard formats (e.g. SCORM) available via an e-learning repositories Jorum and Xpert • An EDINA and IS Service
  16. 16. Commitment to keep the resource up to date 3rd release since launch in 2010 (by "release" we mean the accumulation of identified changes that warrant re-depositing in Jorum as a new version) Feedback from users collected on a wiki page and referenced in new release, including: • new 'further reading' resources for each unit, and link checking • minor fixes to the drag and drop exercises (such as moving some to two pages to make dragging on-screen easier) • new video clips from previously recorded interviews, either to replace existing ones or as supplement, but without substantially changing the length of each unit • revised and upgraded software handling practicals to match new versions of software • translation into other languages MANTRA Future
  17. 17. stuart.macdonald@ed.ac.uk Thanks! Links: • Data Library services: http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/data-library • EDINA: http://edina.ac.uk/ • Edinburgh DataShare: http://datashare.is.ed.ac.uk/ • Research data management guidance: http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/research- data-management • Edinburgh University data policy: http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/research-data- policy • Research Data MANTRA course: http://datalib.edina.ac.uk/mantra