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SafeNet: Progress and Data Gathering

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Presentation given at KB+ event by Robbie Ireland in Glasgow, 16th September 2015

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SafeNet: Progress and Data Gathering

  1. 1. SafeNet: progress and data gathering KB+ event, Glasgow, September 2015
  2. 2. SafeNet is… • 2 year Jisc funded project • ‘Service in development’ SafeNet aims to… • Improve assured continuity of access to e-journal content paid for by HE institutions in the UK
  3. 3. Benefits
  4. 4. Components • Entitlement registry – Holds actionable entitlement data about subscription data for an institution. • Private LOCKSS network – Centrally managed version of LOCKSS, no need to run a server locally, provides assurance that paid for content will be available.
  5. 5. Access Nodes: Co-Located Nodes: Institution Publisher Node 3 Node 4 Node 5 Node 6 Entitlement Registry Development of plugins & processing content Agreement to deposit content Publisher trusts library assertions but has access to a challenge and dispute mechanism Invested in the SafeNet Project and resulting service. Responsible for Publisher negotiations. LOCKSS @ Stanford Access to content is subject to defined trigger conditions Core Service Components Private LOCKSS Network SafeNet Service Metadata Full-Text Content Development and Operational Management of Entitlement Registry & Service Interface Operational Management of the SafeNet Service Node 1 Service Interface EDINA Node 2 Authentication OpenURL Routing Jisc Library supplies entitlements Co-Located Nodes provide resilience. Node Agreement defines Responsibilities Node hosts SafeNet Project funding agreement The Publisher Participation Agreement describes the overall SafeNet service, including: • Deposit/harvest of content • Conditions resulting in supply of Post Cancellation Access
  6. 6. Data gathering • Main aim: empower libraries. • Minimise duplication of work. • Focus on what it is libraries believe they are entitled to and explore the most effective ways of gathering this. • Working with Jisc Collections and KB+ • Assistance on data gathering from Leeds, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bolton, UEA, LSE. • We want more!
  7. 7. What we’re asking • Collaboration with libraries to explore their range of subscriptions and any challenges these present. • Data that libraries have available and their confidence levels in these sources to make assertions. • How time consuming data gathering may be, what stage in your existing workflow an entitlement registry would be useful.
  8. 8. Thank you For more information please get in touch: edina@ed.ac.uk