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Becoming Community

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Living the Gospel in community is a central element of Benedictine life. Oblates (lay people living Benedictine spirituality) are not in a monastery. How can they live the spirituality of community? This is the 9th and last presentation in a series on Becoming Benedictine.

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Becoming Community

  1. 1. Becoming Community Sister Edith Bogue Duluth Benedictine Oblates 20 May 2018
  2. 2. Seeking Together
  3. 3. Coming to the Monastery: Seeking God
  4. 4. What the community is not •Not blood relatives (although possible) •Not chosen by personal affinity •The community that buries you will be almost entirely different from the community that you chose to enter.
  5. 5. Community •People joined by a single hope and a single method •Accepting of other differences •Joined by the desire to be strength for each other on the journey.
  6. 6. Community Practices
  7. 7. “Seeking God under a Rule and a Leader” •The hope and the method flow from a way of life captured in a document and its lived history. •Accepting chosen leaders within a structure of giving counsel. •Agreement on the particulars of living the document.
  8. 8. •Common Prayer •Psalms •Several times each day •Chanted and recited •Local variations •Order •Style •Hymns
  9. 9. •Common Table •Shared provisions •Suitable but not lavish •Special needs •Changed to meet •Work schedule •Season •Availability
  10. 10. •Common Ownership •All owned together •Use but not owned •Responsibility and accountability •“Vice”of ownership •Adequate at all times •Better quality for special needs. •Shared with the poor
  11. 11. Community Attitudes
  12. 12. Relationships •Love: for leader, for junior, for recalcitrant, for each other. •Respect in greeting and behavior •“Bear with one another’s frailties of body or behavior.”
  13. 13. Unity Over Individual •Choose what is best for the other, not for oneself. •Give recalcitrant person multiple ways to return good community membership. •Ultimately choose for the good of the whole community.
  14. 14. Good Zeal •Gospel living: to see Christ in each person encountered. •The possibility of goodness and eternal life for each person. •Belief and behavior organized to spiritual reality which is the most important reality.
  15. 15. Becoming Community Sister Edith Bogue Duluth Benedictine Oblates 20 May 2018