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Gardasil Case 71415

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Gardasil Strategic Content and Information

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Gardasil Case 71415

  1. 1. ED KISHINEVSKY Situation: Gardasil, the revolutionary ‘Cervical Cancer Vaccine’ was beginning to hit some consumer inertia. Awareness wasn’t so much the issue, as information about the product and the category. The product was getting attention for potentially related side effects, and the category itself was information-starved. We just don’t freely talk about sex, let alone sexual health. Gardasil approached Rapp to design an ‘Enhanced Service Offering (ESO).’ The idea was to offer young adult women and moms information and resources about sexual health that would move them off their position of inertia. Case Study: Gardasil Enhanced Service Offering, Rapp Senior Strategist Strategic Development We wanted to learn what type of information was important? From which source(s)? And by which method? – email? Txt? Online chat? DM? The Process: We conducted IDI’s to gain an in-depth perspective first of the sexual health landscape, and second the input into the ESO. The Insight: From the standpoint of a consumer strategist, the topic of conversation itself is amazing. In terms of culture, our young adult female (YAF) respondents ranged in age from 18-24, and they were quite open in discussing their sexual behavior, as well as attitudes and motivations towards sex. Again, from a cultural standpoint, this discussion didn’t take place 50 years ago, maybe not even 30 years ago. That’s a consideration point.. Now, onto the details. Certainly, there was an appetite for sexual health information among both Moms and YAFs. The basics – what is HPV? How does it lead to Cervical Cancer? How do you get it? Both Moms and YAFs wanted to learn from and talk to medical experts. Now we get to differentiate – YAFs also wanted to talk to their peers. It’s sensitive stuff for a young woman. Moms wanted to learn what their kids were doing. Could we put a tracker on the teens in their neighborhoods? We’re not selling bubble gum here. So we had some basic blocks for both groups. What about the story? What’s the motivation behind the behavior. Quite simply – it’s ‘Camelot.’ For a YAF, Cervical Cancer is not an item on her horizon. But genital warts are. And what if their boyfriend sees something? Does he leave? Is the relationship over? Prospect of marriage, kids, the white picket fence? These are the major concerns of the YAF – and this is important for their mothers as well. They want their daughters happy. Camelot. Who knew
  2. 2. ED KISHINEVSKY Strategic Opportunity: This being pharma, and against a backdrop of great consumer appetite for independent content, a lot of the open-source information, search capabilities and sharing were nixed because of regulation. This being pharma. Not all the day was lost. We did have the ability to create an off-brand website designed for the YAF – that spoke to the YAF’s concern about sexual behavior and consequences in the context of a young adult woman – not from a pharmaceutical website. Case Study: Gardasil Enhanced Service Offering, Rapp Senior Strategist GARDASIL.COMWEBSITE Original Content and Functionality Aggregated 3rd Party Content q Custom content selection q Custom navigation q Chat q FAQs q Newsletter q e-Cards q Search q CoIN Physical Campus HCP Contextual Face Book Twitter You Tube Behavioral Online targeting Sexual health topics based on user preferences HCP ·∙ Two distinct customizable website experiences: YAF and Mom ·∙ Proposed architecture works for YAFs and Moms ·∙ Suggested content selections would be tailored to and reflect individual audience needs ·∙ 3RD party content aggregated within portal template for consistent look and feel ·∙ Original content and tools: DRIVERS iVillage WebMD Cosmo Mayo Clinic Oprah 3rd PARTY RESOURCES ESO  ECOSYSTEM HCP recommends portal to YAF and Moms Vaccination Creative Execution: HPV.com was a series of 20 straight-forwards facts on sexual behavior and consequences presented through video vignettes, animation and infograhics. Results: The agency won a bronze Interactive Clio. With support, traffic surged to an average of 40K visits/month for 2009-2010 and hit the key demographic of young adult women under 24 YAFs retained their level of awareness about HPV DTC messages, and increased both in their activity in learning more about the vaccine, and their intent to get the vaccine