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Importance of sound in an opening title sequence

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Importance of sound in an opening title sequence

  1. 1. Importance of sound in an opening title sequence -Sound is what keeps the main audiences focus on the screen, sound is used to display a variety of emotions, actually being more effective on screen than the pictures itself. -The use of dialogue counts as sound, this predominantly telling the story. -Of the motion picture sound takes up 90%.
  2. 2. -The sound is always changing in the background, while there is a picture held on screen. -Ambient sound in films is normally the background sound used to charge audiences emotions and feelings towards what they are watching in the picture, the sound makes it a lot more dramatic. - Sound effects are made for the movie which maximises the films experience.
  3. 3. -Synchronous sound- these are sounds that people can relate to what they are seeing on screen. -Asynchronous sound- Where the relation cannot be seen. -A lot of films make use of a score used for the regular background music for the duration of the film