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Website Conversion Best Practices for High Tech Companies

Learn how best of breed high tech marketers leverage digital technologies to improve their customer engagement initiatives to drive higher conversion rates

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Website Conversion Best Practices for High Tech Companies

  1. 1. A Digital Solutions Firm delivering Marketing and Technology Solutions New York . Toronto . Phoenix . Los Angeles . London. Dubai . New Delhi Driving the Conversion Engine Web Site Conversion Best Practices for High Tech Companies
  2. 2. 1 1. Why does conversion matter? 2. The challenge with conversion? 3. How do you drive conversion? Agenda Our focus is on driving conversion in high tech websites
  3. 3. 2 Comprehensive Offering that Enables Needs of High Tech Digital Marketers Increase brand awareness Increase lead acquisition & conversion Lower cost of acquisition Lower cost to serve & improve customer service Improved EBITDA Site Conversion Tactics UX and IA Creative Experience Content Strategy Email Mobile Marketing Automation CMS Analytics CRM Social Media Community Demand Generation Strategy Personaliza- tion Strategy Optimization Strategy Social Media SEO and SEM Campaign Planning Strategy Experience Technology
  4. 4. 33 What is Conversion?
  5. 5. 4 In eCommerce, a transaction is treated as conversion. Our focus is on driving conversion B2B High-Tech buyers on your website…  ROI is typically measured in leads. No real ad or e-retail monetization. This makes it harder to optimize.  No impulse buying – a longer sales/buying cycle where decision is made at an organization level.  High value low volume Revenue  Examples - downloading white paper, appointment with sales, becoming a lead, etc. What is conversion? Conversion - an event that leads a prospect to take a pre-defined action which provides insight into the customer profile and eventually significantly contributes to revenue Source: eMarketer
  6. 6. 55 Why conversions matter?
  7. 7. 6 How Important are Conversions, anyway? For B2B high tech companies, conversions are still the most important analytic to measure Source of Incoming Leads Source: eMarketer  The majority of B2B High Tech companies prospects engage with the Web site.  If your Web site isn’t leading to conversions, you’re losing potential customers.  The more work your Web site can do in qualifying and nurturing leads, the more your sales staff can focus on closing.
  8. 8. 77 Challenges with Conversion
  9. 9. 8 According to eMarketer, 39% of marketers are not happy with conversion. Spend is $23 Bn, conversion is low 3%  Buyers have too many options - very little time to select and convert  Sites offer confusing and irrelevant content  Simply increasing traffic is not the answer  Lack of multi-channel engagement Website and email automation/CRM not integrated  Not enough focus on conversion. Spend on cost to traffic to conversion is 92:1 (source: Omniture)
  10. 10. 9 Most prospects are finding you through your Web site, which leaves them in control of the conversation. Web Sites have One-way dialogue  Static information repositories  Prospect searches your site until they either find the information they want/need, or they leave;
  11. 11. 10 Websites are Everything for Everyone  Prospect searches your site until they either find the information they want/need, or they Prospects have to find information through a rubble of content
  12. 12. 11 Email, Web and Mobile channels don’t work together to engage prospects  Inconsistent messaging confuses customers  Technologies don’t work together  Data is siloed
  13. 13. 12 Quality of leads is poor  Lead to customer conversion is difficult  Lack of prioritization  Friction between sales and marketing – they say its all junk!
  14. 14. 13 So what is it all about… Getting the right message to the right person at th right time…on th right device
  15. 15. 1414 Where are B2B high tech websites headed?
  16. 16. 15 1995 Informational •Brochure-ware •Webmaster bottleneck 2000 Transactional •IT-driven •Commerce •Portals •Personalization 2007 Persuasive •Marketing-driven •Focus on business solution 2012+ Engaging, Contextual & Collaborative •Social •Personal •Interactive •Mobile Changes in the Direction of Websites The content and experience of next generation websites is driven by the visitor context Engaging Websites Focus: • Relevant 1-to-1 conversations • Building Customer profile KPI’s • Deep relationships are formed with advocates Goals: • One view of customer • Integration to CRM • Online and offline automation • Up/cross sell • Effective onboarding • Increased LTV
  17. 17. 16 B2C sets the benchmark We can really learn from these guys…. they get it! Source: ENDECA
  18. 18. 17 The road to success to drive conversion
  19. 19. 18 • Under the hood of a website - CMS, Search and Analytics • CRM, Marketing Automation Digital Technology that drives conversion • The right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel Dynamic Personalized Experiences • Combining channels to drive engagementMulti-channel Engagement • Moments of truth converted to revenueCall to action • The most important driver of conversionTesting and optimization • Finding product and information on the site Website Search is a differentiator • Engage with your customersCommunity How can you improve conversion
  20. 20. 1919 Digital Technologies that drive conversion
  21. 21. 20 What technologies impact conversion Several platforms engage to drive conversion Source: eConsulancy
  22. 22. 21 Trends to watch  CMS drives personalization  Marketing suites that allow marketers to manage the experience  Multi-channel engagement – web, email and mobile  Social capabilities Web Content Management System WCMS is typically the center of a digital platform strategy that becomes the foundation for other surrounding solutions Considerations  Key technology platform  Focus on how rather what  Marketing capabilities  User expectations  Ease of use  Same features, different approach Platforms  Sitecore, Day, SDL Tridion, Microsoft, Drupal , Autonomy, Fatwire, Ektron
  23. 23. 22 Trends to watch  Solutions are providing unified search across platforms  Semantic search will quickly become common place  Faceted search is now available in most search solutions Site Search Site search has typically been included as part of many CMS platforms, but search must now work across digital platforms Considerations  Will the CMS-integrated search work across platforms  Structure bias of your content  Control over the search results  Sophistication of visitors  Out-of-the-box connectors Platforms  FAST, Coveo, Autonomy, Endeca, Lucene
  24. 24. 23 Industry Trends  Vendors focus on driving actions, not just reports  Support of integrated marketing across channels is common  Social media listening tools are gaining notice and value  Measurement of visitor engagement across sessions  Mobile analytics become an integrated part of the picture Analytics Analytics is becoming more common within CMS platforms, but cross-platform analytics may warrant an external solution Considerations  Will pre-integrated CMS Analytics work across platforms  Using platform-specific Analytics platforms  Out-of-the-box connectors  Fewer options Platforms  Omniture, Unica, Coremetrics, Webtrends, Nedstat
  25. 25. 24 Industry Trends  Testing blending into Analytics and CMS  Ability to rapidly test  Integration with Social Media Experience Testing Ability to test experiences is critical to testing conversion Considerations  A/B Testing  MVT  Optimization Platforms  Omniture, Sitecore, Autonomy
  26. 26. 25 The Tri-fecta for Richer Engagement Unifying three technology platforms delivers an customer experience based on a common context Web CMS Marketing AutomationCRM Common Customer Context
  27. 27. 2626 Dynamic personalized experiences drive conversion
  28. 28. 27 this technology is now commoditized
  29. 29. 28 Personalization Matters Users need data relevant to them. The more effective you are at delivering it, the more likely you’ll turn that visitor into a lead  When you deliver content that matters to the visitor, in real-time, visitors take notice.  The less time a user spends searching, the closer they are to converting.  When you align the data to the customer’s expectations, you’re leading them down the path to conversion.
  30. 30. 29 Do you segment and target your marketing based on an integrated view of the consumer’s behaviour? The Integrated View Top performers use an integrated view to deliver personalization across multiple channels Forbes | Insights Bringing 20/20 Foresight To Marketing 2011 What information does this integrated view include?
  31. 31. 30 Get Personal So how do you put it into practice? 1. Understand customer context, develop holistic view of the customer 2. Develop the content that matters against the buying lifecycle 3. Deliver the content and engage the customer in real- time with aligned, unified, multichannel messaging
  32. 32. 31 Contextual websites  Matching content to context  Visitor-aligned channel  Listen and then respond How context drives engagement  Informs delivery of relevant content  Informs the experience expectations  Creates a reflective dialog  Builds commitment Context drives Engagement Context places the experience in the control of the visitor, aligning to their expectations, leading them to the next steps Informational: First-generation websites that were digital recreations of brochures Transactional: Creation of web-based interfaces to business applications Persuasive: Web becomes the primary engagement channel for customers
  33. 33. 32 Visitor generated: Implicit information captured from the website journey—the “digital footprints” left by the visitor  Indicators of preference, predispositions, lead maturity Visitor supplied: Explicit information supplied by the visitor as they complete questionnaires, quizzes and other facilities  Common demographics—name, age, gender, interests Externally supplied: Information captured by external service providers, emerging context-enriched services  Location, presence, social attributes, cross-vendor buying habits How do you Identify Visitor Context? Context can be identified through implicit, explicit or external means.
  34. 34. 33 Define the buying lifecycle and wrap the website experience around it Identify content that addresses customer expectations. Consider buying cycle, segmentation, pain points and motivators Understand your Buying Cycle Segment your audience Map the Messages Implement the Platforms The main types of segmentation carried out are: demographic (39%) geographic (36%) and behavioral (33%). * *eMarketer
  35. 35. 34 When is the Best Time to Engage? Engaging customers at their point in the buying cycle, with relevant content that promotes action, is key
  36. 36. 35 Personalization Example Based on user behavior and digital footprint you can segment users… Determines user is customer depending on footprint User is an existing customer
  37. 37. 36 Personalization Example Based on user behavior and digital footprint you can segment users… User is a prospect interested in Worksmart product Navigates to a product page several times
  38. 38. 3737 Improve call to action
  39. 39. 38  Merchandise your product – make whitepaper seem like a significant item  Create Scent - Cues that people use to drive if path is interesting  Simple and persuasive content  Obvious and Engaging call to action  Simple forms  Relevance, value and what happens next Call to action tips the prospects Call to action is key to driving conversion
  40. 40. 39  Call to action buttons, offers, copy and navigation What tactics drive conversion? Simple tactics drive leads
  41. 41. 4040 The #1 way to improve conversion…
  42. 42. 41 - Several capabilities in marketing's hands - A/B, Analytics review and Segmentation are must haves for B2B marketers - 53% said it was “highly valuable” and a further - 42% said they believed it was “quite valuable”.* - MVT is not widely used despite effectiveness - If you do this – you will see improvement - “The majority of client-side respondents (70%) reported improved conversion rates in the past 12 months.” *eMarkerter Test, Test and test some more! Testing and optimizing is the most important strategy to improve testing;
  43. 43. 4242 Nurturing leads
  44. 44. 43 Importance of Nurturing Moving people from consideration to commitment is the one of the most important path of the sales process — also the most necessary Marketing Sherpa B2B Benchmarking Report
  45. 45. 44 Nurturing a Lead How do we nurture a lead until they are ready to buy?  Scoring strategy  Remain engaged across multiple channels  E-mail  Blogs  Social  Demos  Consistency and relevancy remain important.  Leverage the same tactics as Web site personalization – segment and target to ensure delivery of relevant content.
  46. 46. 4545 Multi-Channel, Multi- Device Engagement
  47. 47. 46 Relevant and adaptable engagement wherever the user is Key Tactics  Utilize web behavior data to drive campaigns  Insert dynamic recommendations in emails  Drive personalized web behavior using behavior in CRM and Marketing automation system  Test and optimize email and site content together Benefits of integration and multi channel engagement Forrester study …an avg. of 48% increase in online sales, 36% increase in customer satisfaction, a 28% reduction in operating costs, and 25% increased profitability Web & mobile Marketing Automation & Email CRM Trifecta - Key to engagement
  48. 48. 47  Leverage the same customer context from your personalized Web site engagement efforts to deliver personalized content across your other channels.  It’s important that your marketing platforms are aligned to use the same data and deliver consistent messaging. Share the Common View of the Prospect Consistent personalization across multiple channels requires that each channel has the same customer view Coremetrics and Bloomberg BusinessWeek Report on Optimizing Online Marketing 2009
  49. 49. 48 Multi-channel Publishing  Presentation of content is performed on-demand depending on the device and format  Easily add new device types as without touching content
  50. 50. 4949 Search… Improve findability
  51. 51. 50 Challenges  Customers must differentiate products and find what they expect quickly or they leave  Thousands or even hundreds of products can all “look the same” to customers  Navigation and information architecture is overwhelming to users trying to find resources and product details  Customers become frustrated quickly when search expectations are not met Findability as Differentiator Enabling visitors to quickly find products and resources is a key opportunity for manufacturing companies on the web “Instead of the search function being relegated to afterthought status, we are already seeing leading sites put search, navigation, and promotion strategies at the core of their business operations. The key to success in achieving the goal of enhanced visitor experience is rethinking the meaning of relevance.” Next-Generation Site Search: Redefining Relevance for a Personalized Era IDC, December 2010
  52. 52. 51 Type-ahead  Enable people to understand the available content while entering search terms Guided Navigation  Suggestive recommendations by integrating personalization capabilities with the user’s search experience Faceted Search  User quickly filter search results with common parameters Search Opportunities The opportunities provided by today’s search technologies and user experience design high tech organization on the web
  53. 53. 52 Investments in Search  Technology: Contemporary search platforms—including FAST, Lucene/SOLR, Coveo and others— provide type-ahead, guided and faceted search cost effectively  User Experience: Creating a client- expected experience through proper information architecture and design leverages search technology to meet customer expectations B2B organizations Eye Search Investment in search technologies and implementation are top ranking of digital initiatives with manufacturers for 2012 B2B Manufacturing Website Trends for 2012 Endeca, January 2010
  54. 54. 5353 Community
  55. 55. 54 - Customers become evangelists - Lower costs of servicing - Engagement - Drives innovation DELL - Commitment to being social as an organization - Ideastorm drives ideas - 5 million page views/month - Highest ROI Marcom touchpoint Community High tech companies are using communities to drive engagement
  56. 56. 55  Communities bring to convenience of users How do you plan your community What objectives should you set for your community
  57. 57. 5656
  58. 58. 57 1. Define your prospects’buying cycle and create segments 2. Create a dynamic personalized engaging experience that targets the buying lifecycle 3. Create a targeted content strategy 4. From the beginning think multi-channel, multi-device 5. Integrated web, email and mobile marketing strategy 6. Connect your trifecta – CMS, Marketing Automation and CRM 7. Test and optimize How do you get going.. To take your Conversion Rate to the next level, start with these simple steps…
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