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e-Agent customer story

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e-Agent customer story

  1. 1. e-Agent New ZealandCLIENT OVERVIEW REAA, was to provide an online“e-Agent NZ Ltd is a New Zealand alternative for delivery andbased eLearning provider, based in certification of the requiredChristchurch, but serving all of New Continuing Education for real estateZealand. We are also an eFront agents. e-Agent was approved as aservice distributor for the same provider for the first year ofmarketplace.” implementation, 2012.”PROJECT OVERVIEW“In 2008 the New Zealand CHALLENGESgovernment, under an authorizing “The project challenges included theAct, established the Real Estate requirement to deliver eLearning toAgents Authority (REAA). a very diverse population, fromSubsequently, the REAA determined technically competent to first-timethat it was in the public interest to users, in both urban and very ruralrequire annual Continuing Education settings. In addition, e-Agent neededfor all real estate agents.” to provide both online and telephone based assistanceOUR ROLE services.”“The project, for which e-Agentapplied for and was approved by the
  2. 2. SUCCESSES CONCLUSION“With a very limited per-program “The eFront platform has workedmarketing period (less than 1 extremely well and hasmonth), e-Agent with support from demonstrated its superiority, makingeFront was able to still achieve a e-Agent an elearning market leader.”significant market segment and iscurrently enrolling approximately100 new eLearners every month.Indeed, the e-Agent system has beenso well received that it has attractedsignificant numbers of enrolleesfrom other providers and thequalitative feedback has been veryfavorable.”About usEpignosis provides top-of-class, affordable elearning solutions. Our main product, eFront, is a modern-age LMS bundledwith rich social & enterprise functionality. A cost-effective way to simplify training, evaluation and tracking procedureswithin the organization, eFront has been awarded for excellence in Learning Management Technology for Small-andMedium-Sized Businesses (Brandon Hall) and Elearning Magazine. Today, eFront is trusted by hundreds of organizationsaround the Globe to support their training activities.