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MOBILE MONEYCLIENT OVERVIEW“Mobile Money was founded in 1998 and was          In comparing our short-listed systems, wethe...
SUCCESSES                                                      CONCLUSION“We are accredited members of the Consumer       ...
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Mobile Money customer story

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Mobile Money customer story

  1. 1. MOBILE MONEYCLIENT OVERVIEW“Mobile Money was founded in 1998 and was In comparing our short-listed systems, wethe UK’s first cash log book loans company, found that the eFront eLearning solution thatproviding cash loans at a national level. Unlike SDMS provided not only gave us the ability tomost loan companies, we operate a branch design impressive eLearning Courses, but tonetwork of friendly staff and we currently have design assessments and tests and keep a33 branches throughout England and Wales.” record of all training undertaken by staff. We also chose eFront over the other system as itPROJECT OVERVIEW would allow us to design an unlimited number of courses and tests for one price rather than“The training of our staff is essential to paying per test that we created.”providing a high quality service to ourcustomers, and with over 70 staff spread all CHALLENGESover the UK, arranging face to face trainingcan be difficult and very costly. A decision was “Testing the knowledge of our staff aftermade to investigate eLearning Systems and completing online courses was a keyhow they could be used to deliver critical requirement, and eFront allows us to set uptraining to staff across a wide range of courses with several different question types -locations. making sure the assessments are as interesting and interactive as possible and to ensure that the course learning objectives have been achieved. Creating random tests from a pool of questions and using Skills Gaps Tests to identify any missing employee skills are some of the features that we are keen to start using once we have the system set up.”
  2. 2. SUCCESSES CONCLUSION“We are accredited members of the Consumer “We are excited to introduce eFront into theCredit Trade Association – this means we company and are looking forward to receivingalways follow the CCTA Code of Practice for the cost and time saving benefits of usingResponsible Lending and we will do our utmost eLearning as an alternative to face-to-faceto provide a professional service to our training.”customers. As part of our commitment as aResponsible lender, we are confident thateFront will help us comply with ConsumerCredit Regulations by allowing us to provideevidence that all staff have received necessarytraining in the latest guidelines and policiesand that they have understood these.”About usEpignosis provides top-of-class, affordable elearning solutions. Our main product, eFront, is a modern-age LMS bundledwith rich social & enterprise functionality. A cost-effective way to simplify training, evaluation and tracking procedureswithin the organization, eFront has been awarded for excellence in Learning Management Technology for Small-andMedium-Sized Businesses (Brandon Hall) and Elearning Magazine. Today, eFront is trusted by hundreds of organizationsaround the Globe to support their training activities.