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Transactel customer story

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Transactel customer story

  1. 1. TRANSACTELCLIENT OVERVIEWTransactel is the largest call center in the Central “Initially we used the eFront Community editionAmerican region and intends to become Latin which lasted a duration of 6 months and supportedAmerica’s leader in business process outsourcing 5,000 employees, then we decided to move to thesolutions through dynamic employees, innovative Enterprise edition to meet the new needs thetechnology, and best-in-class processes. company when it became part of the TELUS International Team.”“Transactel’s team is made up of 6,200 ‘heroes’ (asthey’re called internally) and the company has CHALLENGESdoubled its size in the last five years. 12,000employees were added to that headcount when “TELUS International policies required that allTransactel partnered with TELUS. Through the material be kept confidential. We needed a toolTELUS partnership Transactel is now providing that could support multiple users from multipleservices to the TELUS International Philippines call departments yet keep each department’scenter.” information private. This was the main reason we chose eFront Enterprise, and also because of thePROJECT OVERVIEW skill management and the organization structure.”“In 2010 the need for a global training tool forTransactel (able to support 5,000 employees at atime) became urgent. We looked into differentsolutions and used other open source solutionsbriefly. We needed a tool that could support thedifferent initiatives the company had as well askeep an efficient track of the scores obtained in thelessons. eFront stood out in delivering and inkeeping and tracking scores from different sources(quizzes in the tool and SCORM).”
  2. 2. SUCCESSES QUOTES“We are happy that we are able to accomplish “The eFront sales and tech team were fantasticinformation confidentiality through this LMS. From with all our demands. They provided assistancean administrative perspective it is also very useful quickly and they really cared that we were satisfiedto be able to assign courses and lessons to people with the tool both before and after the purchase.”who belong to a specific department with very fewclicks.”CONCLUSION“The eFront team really show they care aboutcustomer satisfaction. They find ways to ensureyour specific tool needs are met, even when theyare very specific.eFront Enterprise provides all the tools that the bigguys in LMS offer (but sometimes fail to provide)for a fraction of the price. Also with the eFrontEnterprise edition you not only get a robust LMSbut also a Talent Management software.”About usEpignosis provides top-of-class, affordable elearning solutions. Our main product, eFront, is a modern-age LMS bundledwith rich social & enterprise functionality. A cost-effective way to simplify training, evaluation and tracking procedureswithin the organization, eFront has been awarded for excellence in Learning Management Technology for Small-andMedium-Sized Businesses (Brandon Hall) and Elearning Magazine. Today, eFront is trusted by hundreds of organizationsaround the Globe to support their training activities.