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Why eLearning in the finance industry is very important

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Banking and other finance institutions have to keep up with all the changes in this fast paced environment they work in.

eLearning can save them time.

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Why eLearning in the finance industry is very important

  2. 2. Banking is a big enabler of the business and innovation progress we’ve had in the 21st century. It's a lucrative job because of its importance for the world.
  3. 3. It’s also a demanding job where books of rules can be stacked as high as the Empire State Building and one mistake can cost billions.
  4. 4. That's why continuous training is par for the course, and an eLearning solution is a no brainer for multiple reasons we’ll delve into below.
  5. 5. Here's how LMS helps in the finance industry:
  6. 6. $ The cost factor eLearning costs less to deploy and run compared to traditional learning. Maybe it’s not a deciding thing in huge-budget financial sector but is still nice to have expenses reduced.
  7. 7. The cost factor eLearning allows employees to educate themselves at their own pace, between customer and board meetings, when and where they need.
  8. 8. Privacy and control With internet based eLearning you can deploy your courses in a tightly controlled manner with no worries about the company's secrets.
  9. 9. Privacy and control An LMS allows you to deliver training to all your locations from a single deployment which is perfect for financial companies operating in multiple offices, cities or countries.
  10. 10. Staying up to date The financial industry is the most dynamic sector of the so called knowledge based economy. With LMS it's easy to change the learning material when necessary.
  11. 11. Staying up to date Central, web based, deployment makes updating eLearning material painless, without printed textbooks, specialized instructors and a predefined lesson schedule.
  12. 12. Training Insight Instead of delivering seminars to your employees and hoping for the best, with eLearning you get insights over the status and progress of your organization’s training programs very quickly.
  13. 13. Training Insight eFrontPro includes advanced reporting capabilities that enable to keep track of courses, groups of learners and even the learning progress of specific employees.
  14. 14. Employee Onboarding eLearning and eFrontPro are a perfect tool to introduce new hires to their working environment.
  15. 15. Employee Onboarding This includes your organization’s operating procedures or sexual and racial discrimination issues.
  16. 16. Create your demo Stay in touch Contact us efrontlearning.net/demo @eFrontLearning info@efrontlearning.net Want to learn more? Contact us! Train people. Better.